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很随便的败家文/New year clothes

好啦,你地一个二个都系都po败家文,害我心痒痒也要来一篇!So 你们已经成功诱惑我啦,开心没有?:p :p

不过先说明,这篇败家文是很随便的,没有什么很整齐或很high tech的edit,事关本小姐时间不够用!不过有生文好过没有啦,right?=]

Since many of my blogger friends are posting about their new year clothes, I feel that I should join too~ 

And right after I arranged and browse through my photos, I realised that actually I got just enough new year clothes to wear, not to say a lot though. Now I feel like going for a last minute shopping, how ar?? T_T

Anyway, I did mentioned HERE that Aden has got more than enough clothes to wear this CNY, but few days later daddy got him a cute yellow traditional suits!
Haha! What a surprised daddy~ And mummy too got 2 more pairs of pre walking shoes, a pair of socks and a beret for him to add into his collection, hehe. 

As for myself, I also said I have got enough clothes and would called it a stop. But never believe it when a woman say something like this :p

I was browsing an online store few days ago and my hands eventually got itchy. So I topped up another dress:
 1. Polka dots dress in cream color. 当我亲自试了后,其实有点失望!网上的模特儿穿得好好看耶!做么我穿了看起来很胖?!又好像很老酱的?!唉,这就是上网买衣的其中一个坏处~

2. Pink satin layered dress. I asked a friend to help me buy a dress during her recent BKK trip, and she chooses this. To be honest I don't really like it but since I was the one asking for help, I took it anyway.
这件裙满‘重’的,穿起来看了整个人很‘笨重’咯。我想我还是收着先等有宴会才穿 :)

3. Sleeveless denim dress, got it from Forever 21, New York. I was in a hurry that time hence I didn't really try it properly. After I tried it at home, I noticed the dress is a bit loose especially at the armpit area =_=
 都怪自己keh gao gao没试好好,现在后悔都来不及鸟。。。腋下那一部分其实有一点松,随时会走光酱。。


4. Checkered tee from Kitschen. I hardly wear checkered clothes, so I did feel a bit odd wearing it. What do you think?

5. Turtle neck red top from an online boutique. This is by far my favorite. The short pant is also brand new.

And the lovely bow at the back makes me like it even more <3

6. This should be familiar if you have been following me. Yes, this is my first sponsored dress from Whitesoot, shall treat it as new year clothes too! And I heard that this year's color lucky for those born in the year of rat (ME!) is BLACK!

7. Blue top from Whitesoot as well.

8. And another red collection for me this year =) Also sponsored by Whitesoot. 哈哈今年真的是红红不害人!

9. Simple cut-in pink tee from Brands Outlet. Blue bottom from Voir.

10. Long sleeve printed pink tee. 

11. Knitted cardigan from Esprit. Of course this and the long sleeve tee above are not for CNY, they are reserved for my coming trip next month *wink*
新年流流天气热,这件外套和#10的长袖衣当然不适合啦 (我还没那么变态穿酱过年 :p)。这两件都是留给我下个月的trip滴~

Ok, 接下来的这几件其实你们可以skip掉(真的!),因为它们实在是简单到不行!!连我也无眼睇~ 

12. I <3 NY tee from my US trip in Nov.

13. Sleeveless grey top in stripes, also from my US trip.

14. Black tee and black shorts from Esprit. 

15. White top from Hard Rock New York.

16. Another top from Hard Rock New York :p

17. Free black tee from Hard Rock Toronto

Those are very simple tops right? Actually there were not many clothes which is suitable for me when I was at US because it was winter that time, most boutiques were selling thick winter clothing =_=

So now you understand why I said I have got just enough clothes for CNY! *blek*

Erm 今年没有买新鞋 T_T
没关系啦,帮老公省钱嘛~ (老公看我几抵锡!!) *blek*

Here I'd like to wish all my lovely readers a happy and prosperous chinese new year! Be sure to drive safe this CNY and I shall see you all soon~


  1. 1. Polka dots dress in cream color 我喜欢!!我觉得你穿不错啊~~哪里肥?哪里老?
    3. Sleeveless denim dress 很sexy, 适合你~~
    5. Turtle neck red top 我也喜欢~~

    1. 照片看不出,不过我自己看真的很胖咯!!>.<


  2. Wow you and Yan are on shopping bonanza.. yay!

  3. wow, you have got enough new clothes to wear for the whole CNY period lah.. 新年15天, 天天新款都沒問題啦!!

    1. everyone is showing off with their new clothes for CNY!! haiz, i don't have any lah, how sad!! was trying to buy a couple of new clothes, but then always come home empty handed!!

    2. scrolling your post and i think you now have more new clothes than Aden already lah!! 女人果然是比較厲害的動物, wakakakaka!! :D

    3. all also look nice lah, 夠夠膽全部都穿出去, 不要在乎別人怎麼看你!! as long as you think you are pretty, then you are!! hehe~~ :)

    4. SK, you're not alone. I only have 3-4 tops and 1 miserable shorts.

      I will return to work on the 4th day of CNY. So, it's enough for me *self-comfort*

    5. I don't buy many too as I will be back to work on the 4th day too..

    6. SK, aiyo please don't be so choosy la you... :p

      女人果然是比較厲害的動物, 哈哈,知道就好,不要讲出来嘛。。

      LOL, ok la I agree with you, be myself!

  4. Clap clap clap.... At least ur post is better than mine! Hahahhaa

    Happy Chinese New Year pretty and young Hayley, oops, not to forget to Aden :)

    1. Haha where got better than you la!

      Thanks babe! I wish you the same too~

  5. 我喜欢你的第五件和第六件!!


    1. 哈哈谢谢。。那件是Whitesoot的,我还没正式穿出街kok~

  6. Em, I also think the BKK dress doesn't suit you, as it makes you look mature.

    1. Dress #1 is nice and cute.
      Dress #3 is sexy with bareback.

      And I like your turtle neck red top, very 'ong' for CNY.

    2. yea, the red turtle neck top is so sweet..

    3. Yvonne, ya hor you also think like that!

      Yea, CNY must ong ong one.. ;))

  7. There is never enough for tshirt collection. Easy going and good to go with shorts or jeans. Nice tshirt you have there!

    1. Yea, those are simple but at least very comfy, right? =)

  8. Have a prosperous, healthy and wealthy year ahead. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family, Hayley!

    1. Thank you Ah Hua!

      I wish you and family the same too~

  9. Didn't buy any. Lots of t-shirts my friend ion NZ gave me... Sin Nien Khuai Ler!

    1. Good for you STP!

      Yes, xin nian kuai le!

  10. Turtle neck red top 很美!我的颈很短,肯定穿不美的哈哈~

    whitesoot的我都很喜欢,你选到很适合你自己的 ︿︿


    1. 你也买很多好不好!!=))


  11. Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family...

  12. Hayley, I would say your clothes are nice enough for a new baby mother like you. You need to wear loose, casual and comfortable as you need to carry Aden most of the time when you are out.

    1. I still remember I had only 2 CNY clothes on April first CNY. I bought it very last minute also.

    2. This year, I really a bit over buying. Previous years, I was still able to count my CNY clothes, this year I totally lost count.

      I am showing off, wokay!

    3. Hehehehe! Nevermind la! As long as happy la! May be my kids are bigger now, and I can have more time to dress up more. You will have your turn, Hayley. This is the cycle of life.

      Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

      Gong Xi Fa Cai.

    4. Yan, yes, at least those are quite comfortable to wear.

      And yes, you really bought ALOT this year!!!

      Thanks Yan. I wanna wish you family gong xi fa cai too~

  13. Dear, 今天我跑了很多家的败家文,看了好爽!哈哈!!

    Polka dots裙子很美,你都已经很瘦了,那裙子的腰部设计关系吧,或许修改腰部那里给它小点。

    红色我喜欢!新年要ang ang哈哈!!


    dear新年快乐!恭喜发财!huat arrr!!!! ^^

    1. 珊,哈哈是咯。。每个都在po败家文~

      Hmm 我也觉得是腰部的设计,也可能是布料的关系吧。。


      好的,谢谢你 dear~ 我也祝你们新年快乐~~

  14. 大家都狂show败家品。哈哈~

    哇,那个denim dress大露背,好!哈哈哈~我其实还蛮喜欢露背,因为前面没有什么看头只好后面耍性感,哈哈哈。

  15. That's a lot of new clothes la! I only got a dress and a skirt for CNY. I think you look younger with the checkered shirt. Eh, you macam lost weight already.

    Wishing you and yr family Happy Chinese New Year!

    1. Mummy Gwen, yes I did lost some weight ^^

      Thanks and same to you and family~

  16. Polka dots dress in cream color
    我有买一件 POLKA DOTS 裙子,有点类似你的款式(不过没有腰带)
    和你处境一样是网购,不晓得是不是同一个卖家 CLOSETMINO ?

    特别喜欢你那件 Sleeveless grey top in stripes


    1. Sock Peng, 我看了,很像hor不过是不一样的,嘻嘻。。


      Happy new year too!

  17. So many new outfits for CNY!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  18. Wow! That's a lot. Elegance, nice, simple and daring.

  19. Hi Hayley, Holy Smoke! you really going to have a new outfit for everyday of the new year.
    You sure looking sensational in all the outfits!
    None of us here even bought any new clothes for the new year, ha ha.
    Wishing you and family, Kong hei fatt choy and all best wishes.
    Best regards.
    ps, we're experiencing a very bad snow storm now. My car is buried under snow! Temp -14'c!

    1. Haha thanks Lee!

      What? -14'c?? That's crazy!! It must be a chilled new year~ Do keep yourself warm ya~

      Take care and happy new year to you!

  20. You look nice in all of them :) Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family :)

    1. Thanks Barb! Same to you and family~

  21. I like the long sleeve printed pink tee, so nice!

  22. I also like the polka dot cream dress.

    1. Oh, that one is only so so to me :p

      Anyway thanks~

  23. So many new clothes!!! Jealous!
    BTW, I think you look really cute in the first dress! Love that dress!

  24. *spill water* Malaysia so hot, dun buy too many long sleeve cloths ok :P

  25. Jealous, you got so many new dresses and t shirts!! I like the red one from whitesoot.

  26. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wah, lots of CNY baju. You look great in all the outfits! Pretty Mama!

  27. Hi Hayley, wishing you & your family a very Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of snake brings good health & good wealth to you all. Gosh, it has been ages since I last visit you. Months back ! I've been busy too with works. However, your boy is soooooo adorable. Ehhh...I wanna to pinch his cheek~leh ! haha.... He got his father's look. Charming indeed. haha... Only found out that you already a stay at home mom since year ago. 恭喜你做黄脸婆了也!哈哈 I've been through those days. It's hard but fun & exciting. I mean spending time growing up together with the kids is priceless. I will never be able to do it the 2nd time. Only once in your life time. So be very thankful that you've a chance to do so.
    Take care & enjoy life.
    Best wishes, Kristy

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