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Annyeonghaseyo! 我肥回来啦!

Hello hello!! I am finally back! And I miss all of you so much! Did you miss me too? ^^
I was away to Korea for a week plus with my mum and my aunties. It was a last minute decision, as they signed the tour package during a travel fair at Mid Valley last year. And I only joined them 2 days later, hence I paid a bit more cause the fair was over already, they charged me slightly higher.
Anyway, this is not the point. The point is, I  WITNESSED SNOW!! *jumps*
Haha pardon me for my suaku-ness :p But I've always wanted to play and experience snow! We were lucky enough as it was snowing for only that few hours at Sokcho-si, plus it is now early spring already we din't expect to see snow at all!



Shall come back with more of my Korea trips! Til then, have a nice w…

Away notice

*scheduled post*

Hey folks!

I'll go MIA for about a week or so hence I won't be visiting your blogs and leaving comments temporarily! And also not free to reply to your comments here. (sorry!)

I am going for a trip with my family and gosh, separation anxiety already hits me days before I leave... But I am sure Aden will be in good hands when I'm away and with video calls and all, I can still see my precious everyday ^^

Til then, have a great week and see ya soon!

A happy lovely wedding banquet

If you've been reading my blog you know I attended my friend Esther's wedding reception recently. After the tiring morning tea ceremony, we headed back home for a quick rest, before we all changed into our beautiful dresses again for the wedding dinner.
Wedding banquet was held at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort at Damansara. The ballroom is huge and classy.
Let the pictures do the talking shall we? ;)
Girls busy utilizing my camera while I was busy helping at the registration counter
Mummy Catherine and Lucas
Simple and nice stage backdrop
At 8pm, the banquet is ready to start.
Few of the bridesmaids in red walked in first by blowing bubbles and spreading flower petals on the floor, quite a romantic introductory I'd say
Then the bridegroom Sean walked in with flower boy and girl
Then all eyes set at the entrance again, waiting for the bride to walk in
Here's the bride, walked in with her mummy
Then the lovely couple walked towards the table