Monday, March 18, 2013

A happy lovely wedding banquet

If you've been reading my blog you know I attended my friend Esther's wedding reception recently. After the tiring morning tea ceremony, we headed back home for a quick rest, before we all changed into our beautiful dresses again for the wedding dinner.

Wedding banquet was held at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort at Damansara. The ballroom is huge and classy.

Let the pictures do the talking shall we? ;)

Girls busy utilizing my camera while I was busy helping at the registration counter

Mummy Catherine and Lucas

Simple and nice stage backdrop

At 8pm, the banquet is ready to start.
Few of the bridesmaids in red walked in first by blowing bubbles and spreading flower petals on the floor, quite a romantic introductory I'd say

Then the bridegroom Sean walked in with flower boy and girl

Then all eyes set at the entrance again, waiting for the bride to walk in

Here's the bride, walked in with her mummy


Then the lovely couple walked towards the table


Ready to be seated

Crystal and I

With Ai Bee, a pharmacist friend

Love birds I

Love birds II

Happy family I

Happy family II

You might ask where is my hubby? He's tied up with works so he couldn't join me for this occasion. Well it's totally fine cause I can take the opportunity to get crazy! :p 

After a few dishes, Esther changed into her stunning red gown for second march in.

On stage for cake cutting session...

.. and champagne opening session

It's toasting time!

Then Sean and Esther walked down the stage, get ready for their virgin public Waltz performance.
They have been practicing the dance for months!

Blurry picture cause they were moving. Anyway the dance made the whole evening even better!

Then it was their mentors's turn to perform a sexy Latin dance

Loving my dress! Got this from a local boutique~

And here's the food of the night:

The whole event ended at 11pm so it was still early for us to go home :p We headed to SetiaWalk for some girls' night out.
There're a few bistros around, we ended up at The Beer Factory.

Entertained by Oppa Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake

It was a fun yet a tiring day! Anyway I was so glad to be able to catch up with my friends and have a few drinks before we called it a day

Woke up at 9am the next day, had Puchong's famous yong tau foo as brunch, then started the journey back home cause I miss my Aden so much already! :P (Ok la I miss my hubby also~) 

Thanks for reading and I hope our pretty faces photos did lighten up your blue Monday ^^


  1. wow, a lovely occasion. So awesome for the couple to perform a dance!

  2. Such a wonderful occasion.....

  3. 这里很grand真的很grand!
    喜欢你这天的晚装打扮,高贵得来又很有青春活力feel,好美哦dear! ^^ (对不起,我完全忽略其他人了 =p)

  4. 桌上放bear,很温馨很可爱!

  5. Congrats to the newly wed!

    They are such a lovely couple.

  6. wow, both the ceremony and banquet on the same day?? that's the most tiring one, but also the most common too lah..

    1. i've been 兄弟 (and also 姊妹 for some female friends) for few times and i can say the 兄弟姊妹 jobs are actually more tiring than the brides and groom lah.. cos they have so many things to do and to take care of and to coordinate.. agree??

    2. yeah, i guess better still your hubby and Aden weren't be able to make it.. else how can you enjoy yourself and have a crazy trip right?? :D

    3. lol! SK has so many time experiences being 兄弟姊妹.

  7. 你的裙子真的很衬你~~
    和好朋友,好姐妹一起真的很 enjoy, 哈哈!!

  8. Wedding dinners are FUN! It's like a big gathering, having lots to do much to play with and most important catching up with buddies.

  9. Phewit Hayley you look great, like your dress too.

  10. i love your blue dress ! Very nice colour.

    Your friend's wedding is so grand..with dance somemore....

    I miss puchong yong taufu......

  11. 你换了新发型吗?整个轮廓立体了,这个发型好看!!你好适合刘海哦~^^

  12. I love weddings! Joy abound, all the smiling faces...and the fun...and of course, the food! Yum! Yum!

  13. Awesome dinner. Both the groom and the bride has certainly put up a lot of effort for the dinner. Take the dance for an example,it certainly took a lot of determination and time to do it. Wish them happily ever after.

  14. It is always fun to attend wedding dinner, have good food, laughter, music and dance, get-together and taking lots of pictures. Thanks for sharing, Hayley.

  15. 你真的是美人妻,你老公一定很骄傲有个漂亮老婆!!

  16. 我才有问,怎么不见你老公,哈,就看到你解释了~

  17. wah so many red bomb u got eh recently XD

    lol @ your friend play ur camera haha

  18. Nice blue dress you are wearing, you look like a princess.

  19. Love the idea of walking through bubbles and flower petals. Romantic!

  20. Lovely couple. You look stunning in your blue dress.

  21. I love your dress! Hey you know what? My wedding banquet was held here too, 13 years ago. I see the back-drop design stil didn't change much hehe :)

  22. your dress is really nice! and you really look young!


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