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Movie review: Iron Man 3

Image taken from HERE

Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle

Similar to the previous installments, Tony Stark continues to fight the bad guys and this time, the target is a terrorist called Mandarin.
Apart from very high end technologies, this movie also filled with some hilarious scenes which I think is a thumb-up!
And there're not only one Iron Man, but a lot more! Of course, the original one is still the coolest la! ;)
Too bad I guess it's the last episode already~

Definitely a worth-watching movie, I give a rating of 8/10!

Annyeonghaseyo Korea: Snow & the Beautiful Nami Island

I think it'll take me forever to finish my Korea travelogue >.< Am doing my best to quickly finish them up so please continue to support me, haha xD
Though it was winter when we visited Korea but it was already the end of snowing hence none of us would expect to experience snowing during the trip.  We could only played with the snow on the roadside.
The coach driver stopped us by the roadside one fine morning for us to take some photos
虽说我之前去旅游都是在冬天不过还没真正看过雪。。所以这次超兴奋的哈哈!(原谅我就是那么三芭 xD)
Then during the 5th day of the trip we woke up to a cloudy and rainy morning.
Wait!! That's not rain, that's snow!! *hyperventilates*
It was really snowing this morning!! We were staying at Maremons hotel at Sokcho-si, and our room is facing the sea, tour leader informed us to wake up early if possible to watch the beautiful sunrise. End up, no sunrise but snow! Tell me which is more worth? =D
这天一睡醒就看到下雪了耶!我在FB说过这是最好的'早餐'阿,不用吃光看也饱了!(哈哈我就是那么三芭怎样?xD) 其实阿…

Annyeonghaseyo Korea: Skin Anniversary, Sheep Farm & Railway

Not sure did I mentioned, but the very first destination after touched down is to Skin Anniversary, a beauty town. The tour management must have think that we din't get a good sleep on the plane so it's time to pamper ourselves with a relaxing facial treatment before we started our sight-seeing. How thoughtful is that?!
其实离开机场后第一个地方就是去Skin Anniversary美容城,据说是世界上最大的美容城哦!(应该吧,韩国都是出名美容/整容的,有一个这么炫的城也不出奇)^^
The center has just opened when we arrived, as early as 9am. But all the staffs were ready to welcoming us
The beauticians will start off with a quick analysis on our face, then given us the proper mask type from the brand Nuganic, and off we went into the big treatment room, and enjoyed a 20 minutes facial treatment. They were so efficient and professional! While I was enjoying my facial, I could hear some tour members started to snore........ xD  拿了适合自己的面膜后就开始敷面膜咯!虽然是简单的facial不过个个都很享受这种韩国风格的面部按摩~
Walked around the center after the facial, you can also purchase Nuganic products…