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Annyeonghaseyo Korea: Everland, Seoul

Date: 23rd March 2013

Everland Amusement Theme Park is Korea's largest and world fifth most popular park, this place is included in our itinerary and I was so satisfied with a trip there!
The park is HUGE! Even bigger than USJ in Japan. It's so huge that shuttle buses are available at the main entrance to bring tourists to the actual entrance of the theme park.


Photo taken from HERE

Bus ride is about 3 minutes. Entrance fee is about 40000 won (RM 110) for adults, all-day pass.

Here we are at the actual entrance

Very sunny day! Sunblock is a must before you come here!

Mummy and aunties

It was a Saturday, crowd is crazy! 

Group photo before we enter the theme park

As I said, the theme park is very big til I was worried we might get lost. Luckily I am good in reading map haha! xD Seriously it's big, and millions of people were there, really must follow the map.

This cute kid played with me but was shy when I took out my camera, hehe...

We queued for a short cable ride called Human Sky, to the mini zoo.

Not sure if it's me who is jakun but baby stroller is hang this way during the cable car ride, and it's very safe! Cool!
这里都好多家长带着小宝宝大宝宝来玩所以很baby friendly!就连宝宝推车都可以酱吊着坐缆车哦!(我还是第一次看到,三芭到。。。)

The ride is about 5 minutes



Then we reached the mini zootopia.


The lazy white tigers...

Sea lions..

Camel rides and so on....

Mummy and I

Our lunch! All eateries were FULL so we opted for something quick, as time is limited here. Forgot the price but food here are quite pricey, well what can you expect right? It's a tourist attraction afterall.

Pinky elephant~

There're just too many games and things to see here. European Themed World, Carribean water park, Safari Adventures and all sorts of exciting games.

The gigantic roller coaster, I SO WANNA PLAY!! But the queue was scary! In fact long queues were everywhere, I sorta expected we won't make it to any games as it was a Saturday and the crowd is crazy, we totally don't have the time and patience as we're following tour. 

See the crowd!

So we could only walked around and take photos. Couldn't visit all the themed parks/games so we picked the more interesting ones only. 

如果真的要玩就得有一整天的时间和耐心!这两样我们都没有~ 所以注定我们只能走走和拍照 (其实也ok的..)


This place is also very baby friendly.... I can see many parents bringing their kids here.

I saw on the map that there's a four-seasons garden and it looks so pretty! 

This is the garden, quite big!

My current FB profile picture ;)

Beautiful tulips! Looks fake right? But all of them are real! Tulips Festival here begins from 22nd March til 28th April. We're lucky!

好多郁金香!美到很像假的呢!都不用到Amsterdam 啦!=D

Love the mirror here! Cool or not? :p
(Aden: 妈咪你几时变到酱自恋的。。。)

So pretty until I can't stop camwhoring! :p

Secret garden

Another thing I like about Everland is all the staffs are so friendly, they'll greet you with a happy face! (Who cares if I can't understand Korean?) :p

Love this shot! 

Actually I think RM 110 is not expensive at all!

If only we can have one whole day here.......

There're tulip pots for sales here too! Too bad couldn't bring it home~

Pororo 3D Adventure! Aden's favorite! There's a Pororo gift shop and I bought some toys for Aden, will share about it soon.

Pororo, 小瓜的最爱!小小企鹅~

The Magic tree, all decorated with real flowers.

Besides the basic facilities such as washrooms, nursing rooms and lockers, there're also a mini clinic, tax free shopping, currency exchange, ATM machines, hostel and etc etc. Thumbs up for the thoughtfulness!

就快要离开咯~ 其实大部分东西都是走马看花吧了。。跟团就是酱赶咯!

We were there for about 4 hours, such a rush!

I really hope to visit Everland again! 
So see you Everland, the next time we're here, we'll come in 3, or 4.... hahaha xD

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  1. Beautiful scenery and you have flawless skin! :)

  2. You always flawless skin. Nice tulips! My fav flower!

    1. Wish you have a nice weekend dear.

    2. Hehe thanks mummy!
      You enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Everland Amusement Theme Park is Korea's largest and world fifth most popular park, bigger than USJ in Japan!! wow, good to know that.. and which are the 4 most popular park in the world??

    1. aiyoh, you were there for only 4 hours, what a rush!! usually you have to allow one whole day for all the amusement theme parks lah.. but then seeing such a huge crowd there, also not feel like staying long right?? RM110 is so much cheaper than our lousy Legoland and Sunway Lagoon huh??

    2. really a lot of things to see and to play lah.. and i can see they really did a lot of things to make the place looks beautiful and interesting!! those flowers are good examples, sure that already cost them a lot to bring in fresh flowers everyday..

    3. eih got Pororo!! hehehe, i also like that lah, not only 小瓜!! but then only that signboard ah?? no real mascot going around the park taking photos with the tourists meh??

    4. SK, 4 most popular park in the world are......... Please go google then also tell me :p

      No choice, because we needed to head to somewhere else so couldn't allocate too much time for us. Yes, wayyy cheaper and worth!

      Eh you also like Pororo ar! Hehe..
      No, I also wish there's real mascot...

    5. I gotta agree RM110 is cheaper than our Legoland!

  4. 真的很大的地方咧~~
    那个cable car 我也是在电视里看过而已,没有坐过

    1. Erm 不会恐怖啦,不是很高罢了,而且这种‘开蓬’的不会走很远所以还好~

  5. yea, 4 hours is too short..need a whole day there.

    1. love the picture with the giraffe..

    2. Thanks wenn!
      Yea, wish to spend whole day there!

  6. We skip this from our itinerary...and we change to shopping time if bring along kids..sure will come here..

  7. 原谅我没有好好留言你的韩国游记,不好意思。真的没空,但是我有看哦~~~~~~

    1. 蛤。。那么忙吗?


  8. For me the pictures with the water display are the best and unique.


  9. Lovely place. Name sounds pretty close to Neverland.

    1. Haha yea, but it's totally different! xD

  10. I wonder you guys can finish the park in one day! Really a huge one!

  11. Nice place but the huge crowd is really scary. It would be better if the tour had arranged for you all to come here on a weekday. But then just walking around is just as fun. Love the pretty flowers there :)

    1. Yea but no choice la, we have to follow whatever they arranged.

  12. My first time visit to Everland also in March and I saw so many beautiful turnips just like you. Second visit to Everland was in November and no flowers at all..

    1. Hmm then I'd definitely want to go in March, haha xD

  13. 爱宝乐园我喜欢!!!我要去!呜呜呜!
    那个宝宝推车也可以坐缆车我也是第一次看到,一样山芭lol 还是本地的都没有所以我们都不懂啦!

    1. 哈哈是hor,我们都很三芭!不过那里真的很baby friendly啦!




  14. Oh my favorite, gee not enough time to ride on the giant roller coaster at all and not talking about second round

  15. I went here before during Spring and still remember the colorful tulip flowers there. Ride on the Pirate Ship and it really scary haha.

    1. Yes those tulips are so pretty isn't it?

  16. Look at the crowd!! So sardine-packed like!

    1. But I can see the park is beautifully maintained.

      Theme park is a must-stop for all those with young heart, haha!

    2. Yes Yvonne, the crowd is crazy!

      But worth a trip la!

  17. I missed this place also in my last trip. We went to Lotte World only. This place looks great for kids.

    1. RM110 entrance fee isn't expensive at all. You look great in all pictures.

    2. Lotte World, never heard of it.

      Yep very worth the money!

  18. 我来啦!


    1. 哦哦哦。。


  19. RM110...pricey but there are so many things to see and do. so worth going

    1. crazy crowds.....i think i will pengsan if i went there

    2. Yes worth a trip!

      Ha pengsan? Won't la! ;)

  20. this is one of the must visit place when travel around in Seoul heheh

    at running man got go this place for casting one of their episode . . . dam cute le > . <

    1. Yea, great place for kids and adults!

  21. Really a huge theme park. Walked until leg also 'suan' but at least the weather there is cold. No sweating.

    1. Yea, no sweat but did feel a bit hot...

  22. 喜欢那个花(海?),魔法树好美!这个地方好童话~~

  23. I think I will need at least 2 days at the theme park. First day to experience everything then the second day to return for the ones that I like.

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