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Annyeonghaseyo Korea: Skin Anniversary, Sheep Farm & Railway

Not sure did I mentioned, but the very first destination after touched down is to Skin Anniversary, a beauty town. The tour management must have think that we din't get a good sleep on the plane so it's time to pamper ourselves with a relaxing facial treatment before we started our sight-seeing. How thoughtful is that?!

其实离开机场后第一个地方就是去Skin Anniversary美容城,据说是世界上最大的美容城哦!(应该吧,韩国都是出名美容/整容的,有一个这么炫的城也不出奇)^^

The center has just opened when we arrived, as early as 9am. But all the staffs were ready to welcoming us

The beauticians will start off with a quick analysis on our face, then given us the proper mask type from the brand Nuganic, and off we went into the big treatment room, and enjoyed a 20 minutes facial treatment. They were so efficient and professional! While I was enjoying my facial, I could hear some tour members started to snore........ xD 

Walked around the center after the facial, you can also purchase Nuganic products here, and enjoy manicure/pedicure (but we don't have extra time) 

There's a small make up room and all of us can use those samples for free

Face so smooth and clean after the facial!

Many Korean celebrities came here to do their facial treatment too!

For example, the handsome sexy Choi Si Won, seriously his body can make all ladies scream out loud!!


There's a small art gallery on ground floor...

And a mini teddy bear museum


According to the tour leader this Skin Anniversary is the world largest beauty town!

Hmmm but I wonder what does teddy bear has to do with beauty?? :p

Some toys are for sell but luckily I din't buy from there cause it's more expensive than the teddy bear museum in Jeju Island

虽然不便宜不过这些泰迪熊真的很可爱啦!女孩子都爱bear bear嘛!(小朋友上身

There's a small cafe too!

In the bus with mummy! Leaving the beauty town and proceed to our next stop~

Remember the DIY cheese experience I blogged before? It's situated at Daegwallyeong sheep farm, so definitely there're sheeps here.


See the sheeps behind us? They were so excited when they saw us walking in, they must have thought we brought them some food but no, we din't feed the sheeps that day.. So they could only continue to 'meh...meh...meh...'

Snow boarding time!


Weather is perfect this day!! Just nice~

Spotted this handsome dog at the sheep farm!
我妈不爱狗狗不过连她也忍不住要和这只帅狗拍照呢!(Erm 其实我不知道它是雌或雄,paiseh 哈哈 xD)

Heard of sea scenic train? We boarded this train during our Korea trip and we saw some fascinating sight and scenery of the coastline. 

Jeongdongjin station, world closest station to sea shore


It was so cold here!! The wind was blowing so strong!


Quite love this shot! Don't worry no train is coming from my back or front that time :p

Simply love the scenery here!

我最亲爱的妈咪,有没有像脸?嘻嘻 ;)



After 10 minutes of waiting the train is here! Let's go!

Mummy and I in the train, the ride is about 10 minutes leaving Gangneung, our bus is already there when we arrived at the next station

Thanks for reading and wishing you guys a great weekend ahead!

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  1. so nice....can have facial somemore.....

  2. 想念韩国,希望能在重游。。

  3. 世界上最大的美容城!這個很吸引我!


  4. Cool, you had a good time.

    Its scary to see you standing in middle of the Railway brave lady :)

  5. wah, not bad at all woh the itinerary planned for this trip.. a lot of varieties of activities to help the tour members really experience the life in Korea.. good!!

  6. hahaha, i am sure the tour guide will not miss out bringing all the ladies to this Skin Anniversary lah.. just like other group tours are being brought to souvenirs and crafts shop like that, but this is more high class, to the facial treatment city!! haha~~ only in Korea?? :p

    1. Haha ladies enjoyed what they do best, and the men also enjoyed the treatment, hehe...

  7. this place is patronized by many celebrities?? so did you bump into any that day?? aiyoh, that Choi Siwon, i cannot recognize him in the photo lah, the makeover is too much already haha!! and i guess all K-pop celebrity also have very nice body one, it's a requirement is it?? of course, PSY is not in the picture~~

    1. Yes that's what the tour leader told us la!

      Hmm sadly, no... Din't see any celebrities~

      PSY, haha may be he is in the picture gallery but I din't noticed? :P

  8. hey, that dog looks like a very expensive breed lah.. is that a Tibetan Mastiff (藏獒)?? or maybe just a normal shepherd dog?? it looks very friendly lah, see it's trying to go closer to you when taking photos..

    1. Oh I am not sure what breed but the fur is so nice right?

  9. aiyoh, world closest railway station to sea shore?? and you had the chance to take the rail for a couple of stations?? how nice.. reminds me of my very first trip to Singapore during standard 6, the teacher brought us to take the MRT for two stations and the school bus picked us up there, haha!!

    1. Yep, it was a nice experience, really very close to the sea...

  10. 哇!世界最大美容城!喜欢;)

  11. Choi who? I'm not into K-pop, so dunno any of them. you ladies prefer him to all those cute teddy bears, eh? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

    1. Haha you may be right! But me personally prefer the cute guy, LOL!

  12. I always want to visit the mini teddy bear museum you are so lucky!

  13. Wah! I din't know that you guys can go for a skin care while on tour? That's cool....

  14. wow, your trip was full of fun..mine was just so-so..

  15. I could see you are enjoying your trip. Nice photos!

  16. wow...your skin is already so nice, with this super facial, Im sure it's lagi pretty! :)

  17. 在美容城有大收获吗?嘿嘿~:p

    1. 呵呵没有耶,因为只卖一个牌子 Nuganic。。想说接下来去免税店再扫货!

  18. free facial and part of the awesome is that. Your Korea tour itenary is not bad.

  19. 那只狗让我很有兴趣呢!阿老说,是大白熊?XDD

  20. 美容城!!我很有兴趣!呵呵!



    1. 嗯没错,趁机养神一下~


  21. Reading this post make realize that there are so many skin care outlets in Korea. I went to another one, they also sell the different brand.

  22. Reading this post make realize that there are so many skin care outlets in Korea. I went to another one, they also sell the different brand.

  23. I'm surprised that they let you go on the train tracks to take photos. So nice to be able to go holiday with your mummy alone. I don't think I will ever have this chance :(

  24. wah lau eh yao leng chai wor....

  25. Hey hayley,

    Did you book any driver when you went to Nami island from Seoul?


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