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Movie Review: G.I. Joe Retaliation

Image from HERE

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis, Adrianne Palicki

Been anticipating for this movie as it was supposed to be shown last year. End up, a bit disappointed :( My leng zai hero Duke (Channing Tatum) dies so early in the movie! I thought there'll be surprise towards to the center/end of the show but NO! How come?!

Anyway, storyline wise, also mediocre only, I prefer the first installment though.
But I like those new faces, Lady Jaye (Adrianne Palicki) is so hot!

Since Duke dies so early in the movie, I am going to rate this 3/5 :p

p/s: Am drafting my Korea travelogue, stay tuned!


  1. No, thank you...but I hear it's a good movie.

  2. i have bought the tickets to watch this on Sunday.. well, didn't hear a lot of great review about this movie, but then still, i am going to watch it, haha~~

    1. Oh so early bought already?
      Yes going to watch also la!

  3. Muahaha, you rated this movie 3/5 because the hero only appears in the beginning of the show?

    1. If he stays alive until end of the show, then are you going to rate it as 4.5/5? :p

    2. Haha, or may be 5/5!!
      (Just kidding la! Actually this time the storyline is really so so only...)

  4. G.I.Joe第一辑相当成功!我对第二辑抱着期待,毕竟加入了这么强的演员阵容!期待你的韩国游记~^^

    1. 嗯,我还是比较第一的!

  5. Will stay tune to your Korea travelogue...

  6. 你还是一直看电影!很羡慕!*其实我家婆可以帮忙看,但是我就是不舍丢下他去看电影@_@
    GI Joe我要等DVD了>_<


    1. 哈哈你连澳门都可以自己去料,看戏都不舍得??


  7. 我旨在留言,飘过~

  8. 我等下载,哈哈!!
    期待韩国游记!! ^^

  9. Hayley, I'M more interested towards your Korea Travelogue

    1. Yeap, I didn't read any good review for this G.I.Joe movie too.

    2. Haha yea I know! Everyone is waiting for my travelogue!

  10. Hi Hayley, you really impress me with your movie reviews and seeing movies often.
    How many cinemas you have where you are?
    I have not steeped into a cinema ages.
    Last 2 movies I saw was, Last Samurai, and Memories of a Geisha. I love movies about Japan.

    I don't even know about this latest movie. Surprised you enjoy these kinds of movies.
    Hugs to baby.

    1. Lee, only ONE!
      Oh, those were very old movies already la! :p

      Thanks and you take care!

  11. movie not really keen. Looking forward to your post about your trip

    1. Go Hayley go! faster sort the photos and draft the post

    2. Thanks and I am doing now!!

  12. 第一集的GI JoE超好看的,我跟阿老明晚去看。=)


    1. 其实我也期待了很久!

      Enjoy你的movie date吧!

  13. Duke die early yet you rate 3 eh? means The Rock still attract u ah? XD


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