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Annyeonghaseyo Korea: Hotels

Just to share some others miscellaneous views during my recent Korea trip, one more shopping post to go to end this travelogue. I think my readers have started to feel bored as I can see comments are getting lesser... Hmm, it's ok, I'll continue to blog anyways ;)

Yeoui-Do street, famous for its cherry blossom during Spring, as it was early Spring no sign of any cherry blossom yet so we din't get down the bus

A temple nearby the Gangneung railway station

We were here for a few minutes before we caught the train which I have blogger here


还有一些海产店,不过我都没买半样。。哈哈 xD

A huge river behind us, but it's all dry up and filled with big rocks

And this place is near Mount Seoraksan

We were at a theater in Seoul one night to catch the famous Drumcat show, it's a stage show performed by 6 beautiful Korean girls for an hour, too bad no camera is allowed in the theater


Anyway the girls were at the outside when the show ended, so grabbed to chance to take photos of them, they are very pretty and sexy right?


I was at Korea for a total of 6 nights, and I stayed at 4 different hotels. No doubt it's fun to be able to experience different hotels but it is quite tiring also as we need to pack our luggage almost every nights.

Hotel Robero, we stayed here for 2 nights in Jeju Island

A temple just opposite the hotel

1 single bed and 1 double bed, I was sharing bed with my mum while my 3rd aunty slept on her own

Simple hotel room, not many toiletries provided as Korea is very environmental friendly

Here we were inside the Kensington Flora hotel, situated at Gangwon-Do

With the tour leader Xiao An

第二间酒店就是Kensington Flora hotel



A small closet to hang our clothes

3 single beds so we slept comfortably this night

Bathroom is nice and toiletries provided are from C&E

A bit of Japanese Tatami style, have to take off our shoes

Mini fridge. We were here for a night only

The window leads to this big balcony

Luxury bathroom at the ground floor 

3rd hotel, Maremons at Sokcho-si, this is the nicest hotel throughout the whole trip


Lobby is quite vintage-looking. Wi-fi is free at lobby, actually wi-fi is available almost everywhere in Korea, quite convenient!

Too bad we stayed only a night here

Computer is provided, of course have to pay la!

This is the hotel where we saw snowing!




Another hotel we stayed is called Co-op Residence in Seoul, we spent 2 nights here.

Looking like a small apartment with pantry and all
最后一件饭店是 Co-op Residence

Lots of cabinets

But room is very small compared to the rest, as it's located at the center of Seoul


Couch provided so we could put our luggages here

Whenever I stay at a hotel, 2 main concerns are cleanliness and odorless, it doesn't matter if it's 2 star rated or 5 star rated ;)

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  1. The last time I was in Korea, I stayed in only one hotel, the Lonestar hotel. I remember its name for so long, because I kind of satisfied with the hotel.

    1. Glad that you were satisfied with the hotel!

  2. And tiring as have to carry luggage up and down and chk in and out of hotel...

  3. 那个luxury的厕所好吸引!酒店看起来好像是4星以上?

    1. 嗯,应该有咯。。。

      哈哈很懒惰 ho?不过也得生文阿!!

  4. 韩国旅游时住宿给我的感觉就是,城市的酒店比较完善,外坡地区的则较为简陋,不过只要卫生干净就好。除非你一心是呆在酒店休息,才要特别讲究。

    1. 嗯这是当然的。。


  5. true, the most important of all is the cleanliness of the hotel room..

  6. That Kensington Hotel looks like the one where I stayed long ago but it was called Hotel Lotte. Maybe changed management...or perhaps a different one. I like that windmill one, very unique.

    1. Oh really? Can recognise the hotel?

  7. 第三间饭店 - Maremons 很棒。

  8. Wow that's is so nice.....
    I have not been to Korea
    Those girl r really pretty

  9. Yes, I agree with you, the hotels are not bad.. but as you said, we dont have much time to enjoy the hotel.. just to sleep and the next morning, have to be like refugees again.. hahaha...

    1. I agree too, following tour is like refugees, haha!

  10. Wow the luxurious bathroom is really luxurious! So beautiful!

  11. Hi Hayley, love the pics here.....And Korea is a beautiful country to visit, but can be expensive too. Love the temple pic....
    Hey....I love your outfit, and your boots really nice! You always looking good with your luscious long hair and that beautiful smile of yours.
    By the way, who looked after your little Tiger while you having fun in Korea?
    Have a nice day.

    1. I agree, things in Korea are not cheap!

      Thanks, I love that pair of boots too!

      Oh good question, hehe.. My mum in law looked after my son during the trip.

  12. 去城市旅行的话,只要酒店干净清洁我就ok了,最重要location要好,当然跟团就不需要看location了,有得住比较好的当然更好!呵呵。

    1. 嗯,跟团不必烦location,呵呵。。

  13. I'm very fussy about hotel cleanliness too, and most importantly no bad smell (esp cigarette smell which i hate), even though it is only for 1 night :p

  14. 我对酒店没有什么要求,就是要干净和没有异味,反正只是睡觉而已,呵呵~~

  15. I absolutely love hotels... and have not taken to a habit of checking out our KL hotels in the absence of travelling outside:D

  16. i like that windmill thing at 雪狱山.. is it a hotel?? hmmm, how nice if you were staying there for a night huh?? and the surroundings look beautiful too..

  17. haha yeah.. you are right!! checking in to different hotel may be good in the sense that you see more.. but then when it comes to moving in and out, having to pack and unpack your luggage everyday, this is definitely not the fun part.. :p

  18. the hotels you stay were all good ones i can see.. very nice and clean room, cosy and comfortable.. sure you had very good sleep everyday during your trip huh?? :p

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