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Beautiful Mama Blog Award

Not intended to blog today but since I am so lucky to receive this award from a blogger Rose, I better get it done before Mother's Day ends =)

I was told to:

  • Click the above award image, save it and use it in your acceptance post
  • List 3 things you love about motherhood
  • Nominate other deserving mamas; you may choose as many as you like (And let them know of the nomination!)

Ok now the main points, 3 things I love about motherhood, it's tougher than I thought actually, haha...
Anyway I have come out with these 3...

1. It trains my patience, and how far I'd go in order to learn to be better, for the sake of my child. And to be honest, I am pretty amaze at what I can do now, after being a mummy.

2. It makes me proud =) Being a mother is not easy, be it working mum or full time mum. It's a profession everyone respect. The truth is I know my husband appreciates me more now, so all the hard work is worth-while.

3. It is a good form of exercise. While my son is growing I have to watch him 24-7, chase after him, play with him and so forth. Plus the crazy weather these days, I'll sure burn some calories everyday.

Thanks Rose for the award and here I'd like to nominate the below mamas to receive the award:

It's ok if you don't do tag, just wanna let you guys know you're a great mummy blogger I know =)
And sorry I can't really list out all the mummy bloggers, cause if I do the list will be long :p


  1. wow congrats beautiful mama award! hahah

  2. oh, thank you so much for the award. Guess all mothers are beautiful in one way or another. Happy Mother's day to all mothers!

    1. Congratulations to you, Hayley! You deserve it!

  3. Congrats for the award!!
    and thanks for the nomination~~

    Happy Mother's day!!

  4. Humph!!! No papa award... Sobssss!!!!!

    1. Don't be sad STP, there's such award I think, only that I din't know, hehe.

    2. Hayley, when Father's Day come, award suituapui with an award, wkakakaka....

    3. Haha, hmm if I can find those awards online, I might let him know!

  5. wow~~ congratulations on the beautiful mama blog award!! you are surely one beautiful blogging mama we have seen!! :)

    1. Heh heh paiseh paiseh, but thanks ah boy!

  6. yes, you should be proud of yourself for being a mother, and specifically mother for the cute Aden boy.. he is what you have spent time and effort and love in growing him up :)

    1. Yes, I am proud of being a mother, though everything is not easy...

  7. Yes! To a wonderful mama!!

  8. 我懒惰玩tag了,但是谢谢你tag我!我喜欢这个奖,哈哈哈!!!

    我们都要做beautiful mama ^^

    1. 我就知道你不玩tag的!不过没关系,我们都是 beautiful mamas!哈哈 xD

  9. You deserve the Beautiful Mama award. Congrats.

  10. Your deserve this award. Congrats!

  11. 飘过~~~~~XD

    我想说,我觉得Aden boy的妈妈也很赞哦!哈哈!!

  12. Wow~
    You really deserve this award, dear Hayley!

    Thank you for the nomination too!
    "Beautiful Mama Blog Award" is really a nice award to all of us.

    I want to be a beautiful mama forever!
    hehe ^^

  13. 谢谢你给我颁了这个奖,让我准备下得奖台词。。。呵呵!!

  14. Congratulations with the award. It is deserved.


  15. Congratulations hayley you deserves the award and i love your family photographs the photographer also did a good job plus your hard work


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