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Our first family photoshoot

If you are friend with me in FB, you've probably seen this batch of outdoor shooting. If you're not, here's what we have taken 2 weeks ago =)

My initial planned date is 12th May (I din't aware it is Mother's Day that time), reason being is I want to wait til Aden is 1-year-old in order to take the photos. But the photographer is occupied and she is also busy for the following Sunday, I am left with either 27th April or end of May already. 

End up, we got to agree with 27th April (which is slightly too early) as end of May is quite late for me.

Best time for photo shooting is before 10am or in the evening (but hubby prefers morning), I did my best but by the time I am done with Aden and after breakfast, it was already 10+ when we reached the place. So you can imagine how hot it is!

而这次的拍摄我找了当时帮我拍孕照的同一个摄影师,Bayz Beh,有兴趣的可以去她的面书看看吧!
Bayz 提议可以去 Bukit Merah 拍摄,因为太平好像没什么特别的地方了~

由于老公做工关系所以我们只能选在星期日。虽然起得早不过摸到来都10点出头了!到了Bukit Merah已经是很热了,人潮也不少。加上快到Aden睡觉时间所以我们赶紧把照片拍完~


Alright, enough crapping, here's some photos I have picked to share with you~

1. Venue is at Bukit Merah Laketown park, it's a recreation park somewhere 10 minutes car ride from Taiping. The photographer is Bayz Beh, the same girl who shot my maternity photos last year ;)

2. It was a hot Sunday and quite a lot of people there. We try to make the photo shooting as quick as possible.

3. Since it was too hot, we decided to have the photo shooting under the shed, the drawback is photos might be slightly dark, so have to depends on the photographer's skills to edit the photos.

4. Will develop this into 8R-sized and frame it up. 

5. 这天小瓜不懂怎么了心情不大好。所以很多照片都拍不到他笑。。哎好可惜! 

6。原本打算在5月12号拍结果摄影师没空,在种种原因下唯有把日期提前,因为订得太急了所以我也没时间准备心目中想要的道具,也来不及瘦身 T_T

7. Due to the sudden change of date and limited time frame, I have not enough time to prepare the props I initially wanted. Only managed to grab whatever at home and DIY a bit. I don't even have enough time to lost more weight.... >.< 

8. But at least in the end I managed to use all the props on Aden ;) Too many might cause the pictures to look not so natural already, according to the photographer. 

9. I chose white clothing for the 3 of us as white tends to match with outdoor shooting.

10. Due to the hot weather and it was near to Aden's nap time, he started to become cranky, so there're only a few photos of him smiling, too bad....... 

 11。小瓜近这1-2月来就很喜欢无端端酱 'kek',家里每个人都摸不着头绪为什么。有时会kek到很用力,脸很红。。*晕*

12。His weight din't increase much since these 2 months, somewhere about 10kg now. But still feeling tired if carrying him for too long. 

13. 这张看到我好像怀孕4个月了哈哈!是角度问题啦,相信我!=) 

14. We might look relax in the photos but actually it's quite tough and tiring as we need to keep Aden entertained.... Haha. 

15. 这罐泡泡到今天都还没用完。。呵呵~ 

16. There's nothing up there, just wanna make some effects only, haha! 

17: Daddy OS: Aden 你怎么都不笑? 

18. Aden being stingy on his smiles. 

19. 摄影师要求老公单手抱起Aden不过老公怕他乱动跌下来所以还是用另一只手撑着~ 

20. Loves to show this pose now, I called it Iron Man hands, haha! 

21. Kiss kiss for our precious! 

22. The best position to pull daddy's hair xD 

23. See, told you he wasn't in a good mood. But I find this picture quite cute, teehee~ 

24. 有妈咪在所以才不哭~ 


26。Aden: Am I cool?

27. Sunglasses and tie provided by the photographer. I did bought a tie for Aden but since this red polka dots tie looks better, we used it instead. 

28. Love this but daddy's shoes spoil the picture a little bit =_= 

29. 原本打算是我俩拿着框结果小瓜也用手来拿着,哈哈。这样的效果蛮好笑的~ 
Aden framed himself xD

30. Luckily managed to find a cake at a local cake shop a day before the photo shoot. I do not want anything too special/big, cause will only use it for photo shooting purpose. 

31. Aden: I am one now! (Idea inspired from an online source ^^) 

32. Started to get very cranky so have to use hand phone to calm him down, but that also lasted for a while only. 

33. 这蛋糕跟着我们几个小时了才派上用场。。 

34。小瓜会喂我们食物. 不过也是看心情啦,有时是自己吃下去了才空手喂我们 =_=' 

35. Nom nom nom~ 

36. Last but not least! Loves the outcome of the cream on our faces~  

Needless to say it was a tiring event, plus the hot weather all of us became sweaty and thirsty. But luckily the outcomes are nice, these photos are actually 80% near my expectation. I appreciate Bayz's effort as it wasn't easy shooting my uncooperative son. 
Am now waiting for the album to be done and add into my collection of memory!

Til then, I hope you enjoy watching the photos as much as I do! ^_*



  1. Very nice portrait, very natural too. Wah can see you done a very good work preparing those tools for portrait. Love it!!

  2. awhs! hahahah very cute!! he looks very cool with sunglasses haha

  3. 很漂亮!大爱O-N-E的那张!


    1. 我也很爱那张!


  4. 原来是去bukit merah拍摄的。
    Aden越来越靓仔了 ^^

    我也觉得outdoor拍摄比较好看,比较有阳光,喜欢 =)
    aden心情好还会喂你们真好!我的b很贪吃!一定不会给我们! >_<



    1. 不用羡慕啦,你也可以阿!

      嗯我也酱觉得!Outdoor 真的比较自然~


  5. 终于等到你的亲子写真集!!!

    1. 没错,真的很考耐力!


  6. All the pictures are very nice and lovely. I love most of them. My two princesses already bug me to bring them for photo shooting. I may consider your photographer. Thanks.

    1. Yep Bayz is a nice photographer!

      Looking forward to see your photos!

  7. Nice. Last time, people would dress up nicely to go to a photo studio for a formal one...and then they will hang on the wall in the sitting room in the house.

  8. 很漂亮的一组亲子照!!喜欢!!

    1. 那叫你的小瓜告诉你老公。。或许他会考虑呢!^^

  9. 戶外的家庭照比較不拘謹,很自然!很漂亮的全家福!! 拍全家福是很好的纪念^_^

    1. 哦是吗?期待你的分享!

  10. Very, very nice! This is a very well-planned photography session, with props and all. I like the frame and the O N E shots :)

    1. Err not really well planned la, cause time to prepare is very short, but all in all I am satisfied!

  11. Very nice photos......all look natural and superb.

  12. 我super like这些照片~~~

    1. 谢谢你Alicia的妈咪~

      Eh 有吗?其实很多Aden都没心情看镜头咯。。。

  13. Hi Hayley, great shots.....and love that park. Must be fairly new as I only know Taiping lake gardens.
    Your Aden sure has grown....looks a real tough little guy too. And three of you look really the scenes and background of the pics.....
    Have fun,

    1. It's Bukit Merah laketown, somewhere between Taiping and Butterworth.

      Yea, tough little guy ;)


  14. 好好看,很sweet。Aden boy好乖噢!!

    1. 乖? 呵呵。。。等你看到他真人吧!:p

  15. 好温馨的(aden露点)写真!

    1. 哈哈谢谢!


  16. wow, very nice shot!! very the 幸福美滿 feel yor, haha!! love the shots as they bring out the natural and inner happiness from you.. :)

  17. yes, good choice of photo #4, it shows a very happy family.. actually there are a lot of nice photos you can develop, i bet you had a hard time choosing?? like when you did for your wedding photos~~ :p

    1. Yea very hard to choose which to develop and make into albums~

  18. i also like photo #28, this is a very sweet family portrait too!! Aden looks very cute in this photo, errrr, the expression on his face is very 另類 cute i'd say not those conventional type of cute.. hahaha!! very abstract right?? :p

  19. nice lah, you should develop all the photos and keep them nicely in an album.. one year one album, that would be such a nice memory.. and can show to Aden when he grows up later.. nice idea!! :)

    1. One year one album... Hmm... Then my hubs would nag me already, LOL!

  20. Despite the hot weather, all photos turn out to be so nice and natural. I love all of them. Aden is very cute and he is considered very co-operative already.

    1. Thanks!
      Hmm I just hope he'd more cooperative!

  21. Happy Family. So envy. stay blissful and happy always!

  22. photos normally come out lovely on a sunny day. All your photos are so beautiful. Such memorable day!

  23. Love all the photos! So lovely so nice!

  24. Love most of the photos what a happy family envy you not easy being a mother or father kudos to you two and aden is soooooooo cute

    1. Yep being a parent is surely not easy!

      Anyway thanks!

  25. Loves all the pictures, they are so nice...

  26. Very very nice family photo shooting!
    Aden so chubby and cute

    1. Thanks celine! Planning for something similar for your girl?

  27. 喜欢你们的外景啊,感觉就是一个幸福满满的家庭!让人欣羡!!!!

    1. 哈哈那张的确很特别,哭包!

  28. What a nice shooting! But I can see the weather was not helping much, I dislike hot and sweaty situation, haha!

  29. oh i love the photos, especially the ones with Aden crying and the O N E :D

  30. awwww aden is so lengchai :D haha

    and i love shot 28 the most. such a lovely family portrait :)

  31. I always love outdoor photo shooting.

    1. Yea, it's way more natural right!

  32. all the photos so nice...I especially love Aden's individual photo he is so photogetic

  33. Definitely a nice photo outing!

    Are these the final pics? Could see some unnecessary glare casted on your faces in some pics:(

    1. Not final pics, the photographer will edit further~

  34. so niceeee oneeeee!! next time when i have my own family i want take photos like these too! =DDD

  35. Nice shots!

    I also wanted one when I have my first born but we delay and delay and now I am pregnant with No 3. Hahha!

    Told hubby we must do it next year when No 3 is almost 1 year old. A real studio family photoshooting. :p

  36. Nice photos! Trust me, got sun better than no sun! :)

  37. Saw this on fb, really like the pics, awesome!

  38. Blissful family, love all the pics, as all r beautiful n meaningful. Aden without clothes but with tie, omg, so adorable!!!!
    Curious to know, did u guys eat the cake ? I bet it melt under hot son

    1. Thanks gal!

      Yea brought the cake back home and eat, no it din't melt under the sun cause it's not ice cream cake.

  39. Lovely photos! I cannot tahan shooting in hot weather with a baby lah..haha. You made it looks so easy.

    1. Actually I also cannot tahan one ar! Thats why we made it quick!

  40. Too sweet! :) such a lovely family portrait. U and your son look amazing together

  41. hmmm nope :P I didnt add u in fb lol hehe

    nice shoot :) and always stay happy ^.^


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