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Banana chocolate mille crepe

It's actually 'half failed half success' mille crepe, haha! Half failed because of the look (which you'll see later, but please don't laugh ya!), half success because of the taste.
I've been wanting to make mille crepe since some times ago but keep on delaying because of the tedious works on frying the crepes one by one. But my recent strong baking mojo had made me doing it at last.
Here are the ingredients needed:
For the crepe: 2 eggs (room temperature) 100g cake flour 2 tbsp granulated sugar 2 tbsp melted butter 250ml milk (room temperature) Few drops of vanilla essence
For the fillings: (There' re actually lots of options for the fillings, I adopted the easiest one) 250g fresh cream 2 tbsp sugar Nutella 3 large bananas
Steps: 1. Sieve the flour in a bowl. 2. Add sugar, eggs and mix well. 3. Add half the milk, butter and mix well again. 4. Strain the batter to remove lumps. 5. Add the other half of milk, vanilla and mix well. 6. Cover with plastic wrap an…

Some food to welcome the weekend

I think the terrible haze has gone by now in almost every states? So, cheers to the weekend peeps!  Got nothing particular to blog today but I'd like to share some easy stuff I've made over the weeks.
1. Homemade fruits popsicle. This is so easy, just place your favorite fruits into the ice cream mould, make sure they are fit snugly inside, pour in your favorite juice (I used Ribena) and place in the fridge for about 1-2 hours and viola! 

The best thing of homemade food is that we can put whatever we want, and how much we want! Such a perfect snacks for the hot scorching day! 

2. Also made fruit juice soda with Ribena, it should appear to be a 3-layered color (Ribena at the bottom, orange in the center and soda on top) but may be I poured the soda too fast so it mixed with the orange juice already. Use a chopstick when pouring the juices so that it can form layers.

3. Homemade pizza. This is a simple version as I just utilize whatever I could found in the fridge. Couldn't…

Movie review: Man of Steel (2013)

Image source
Starring: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Micheal Shannon

I am never a fan of Superman, I can't really remember if I have watched any of the Superman series before.
But this one (though it is not named Superman but it's actually Superman, confused? :p), I decided to give it a try cause I've read positive reviews from blogger friends.

End up it's not a disappointment at all! The story line is interesting (mainly on how to save mankind from big devils), and I love all the graphics of those air crafts, planets, sci-fi actions and destructions and etc! I know this is not real but who cares? Haha xD

As for the main cast Henry Cavill (as Clark Kent), I tell you he is such a hot hunk!! Look at his muscles!! Seriously can make all the girls scream, hehe....

A movie worth watching =)

Ratings: 7/10

The hair matters

Note: Haze has finally attacked Taiping! Everyone please try to stay indoor, drink more water, wash hands regularly and take care! Not sure when can we all see clear blue sky :( All thanks to our neighbor la!
For once I asked my then-boyfriend (now my husband :p) what's the first thing he'll notice when looking at a lady? And his answer is, the hairstyles ^^ (So that explains the purpose of this post, LOL! Nah just kidding! xD)
For me, the first thing I'll pay attention to is the face then the hairstyles. That means personally I care about these 2 the most, of course the rest are equally important also la!
我们女人阿真的是从头到脚都有得忙有得花钱。就单单头发都可以变很多花样了 right?
In 2008, I tried to perm my hairs with small curls like this.... 这是2008年的发型,头发满长的所以挑战小圈的卷发。结果还不错。。 Which makes me looks kinda matured, but I like it, I always believe that curly hairs creates more sense of feminine ;)

Then in 2009, my hairs returns to …

Day trip to Ipoh (Food post)

Besides visiting those caves in Ipoh, we tried some of the recommended local food as well.
For breakfast, Kim brought us to Sin Yoon Loong, located at Jalan Bandar Timah. 
There're people selling fruits, pasembor and local snacks just outside the shop 早餐来到了新源隆咖啡店,人潮满满哦!我们都站在桌子旁等。。。
Full house! We stood by the table and waited for about 5-10 minutes for the previous customers to go...
Ordered the famous hor fun (not bad, the kuey teow is very chewy) 点了它们著名的河粉,还不错,馃条很Q
Yong tau foo 酿豆腐
Siew yok and char siew, highly recommended! 必点的叉烧和烧肉
Kaya toast, thin and crunchy! 面包土司,好吃!只不过这时我们开始有点饱了。。。
Egg toast also taste nice! 鸡蛋土司也很不错!

Then we dropped by the drive-thru Funny Mountain soya bean shop, located at Jalan Theatre. 接着就驾车来到奇峰豆腐花店。
如果你像我们酱懒得找 parking,可以呆在车里等,工作人员会过来order和送上你点的东西。。很方便吧!=)
Queues are long! But we just waited in the car, the staff will come for ordering and bill, so convenient! 
Tapao 5 cups of tao foo fah and 3 big bottles of soya bean milk. The t…