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Aden boy: 1y1m1w

To date, my son is already 1 year 1 month 1 week and 3 days old (Time flies isn't it?)

So I reckon it's time to submit his report card ;)


1. In the Chinese beliefs, there's this 'item picking' tradition when the baby turns one year old. Well I am not very superstitious and this is not a must for me, but I find it kinda cute and fun so I prepared some items for Aden to choose.
Shoes, book, ruler, pen, money and a calculator (This is a simplified version, a complete set of this tradition requires even more items) Each item represents different meaning, it symbolized the kid's future career by looking at the sequence of the items he picks.

Here he is! All items are new to him except for the shoes. Guess which item he first picked? ;)

First was the ruler (means he might become a designer or architect in the future) , second was a RM 50 note (means he might be very wealthy in the future!) The rest, not interested >.< And he held the note in his hands quite long... haha xD (So $$ face!)
Well I don't really believe in those things la, just wanna try it for fun~

2. During his 13th months check up, he weighs 10kg, and is 77cm tall. Still wearing L size pant diapers, 2 solid meals per day, snacks a lot in between, and 2 sessions of milk time (about 7oz each session). He is still very glutton and whenever he sees food, he'll say 'mam mam' very precisely. 
Oh he also poo a lot everyday! At least 3 times! Hence his diapers habis (finish) very fast! I wonder is this normal since he's not a breastfeed baby anymore?
13个月时打了prevenar booster针,现在Aden有10kg所以抱他是很不容易了。。
Aden 还是那么贪吃,不过吃得多也放得多!一天最少便便3次 (是正常吗?)所以尿片用得特别快!我都跟他说幸好阿公有能力要不然怎样买你的尿片啊?毕竟一包Mamypoko裤尿片不便宜呢~

3. As he is now learning to walk on his own, he is getting more active! I mean, super active! I got more tired and the most anticipating moment is his nap time. I can either nap with him or do my own stuff. Stay at home mum can be very busy also! Really envious at those mummies who have got a maid/helper at home!
Aden still naps twice a day (most of the time).  

4. His favorite sleeping pose lately, and I notice he sleeps longer with this pose, I let him sleep the way he wants although one of his hand might become numb, haha xD 

5. Become very busybody and ransack everything he can! He is also very gwai lan (means super naughty in Hokkien) these days, and is not afraid of anything/anyone in the house!
Aden 很会捣蛋!是一只名副其实的捣蛋虫!总是很爱给我做工作!又很怪兰,pattern多多!很多时候给他气到血压标高!有时喂他吃饭时就在玩口水/食物,把东西都给喷出来!越说不可以他就越爱做!阿。。。。

6. Not growing any molars at the moment, still with 8 front incisors. Able to walk a few steps on his own already. 

7. He used to scare of the toys car in the mall but now not anymore, even refuse to get out of it! 

8. He has strong arms so nothing is too difficult for him to climb these days. I used to worry that he'd fall down but looks like my worry is too much now. 
现在爬高爬低都不是大问题了!天啊,男孩真的 sipek giat!

9. Boys will be boys, Aden loves cars and wheels! 

10. Likes to play peek-ka-boo and this day, he thought I couldn't find him by hiding under my clothes but his leg betrayed him, haha my silly boy! 

11. Brought him for a photo contest the other day at Tesco, not expecting him to win, just wanna snap for fun. Loves his smile here~
He is becoming more talkative but still not able to talk accurately yet. Favorite words are still 'mam mam' and 'nen nen'. Able to recognize a few words and point to the item in the room when I say the names, like fan, books, bathroom, TV and etc.

Looking after an active and naughty toddler is really not easy. I admit I love exercising but this type of exercise seems too much now >.<
But I am thankful that at least he is active and loves exploring everything (means he is a normal child)!

Aden 也越来越爱讲话了。。虽然不知道他在说什么不过听到他在叽叽喳喳觉得很可爱!
现在每天都跟Aden在 boh eng,真的很忙很累。。不过这也是当全职妈妈的‘好处’,因为可以第一时间看到他每天不同的新进展!=)


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmm i think will be famous desgner la....make loads of money :)

    2. hey...he might win leh with such lovely smile :)

    3. Haha I also hope he can make loads of money in the future, kekeke...

  2. 我也是有给孩子抓周,不过我不迷信的,纯粹好玩,顺便做个纪念咯,呵呵~~


  3. Certain pictures look like you, Hayley! So he chose the RM50... good.. so he will be a Big Towkay next time! :p
    So nice to blog about the growth of our kids... during my time, I didn't even have a computer when I have my kids... :)

    1. Oh glad to hear that! Hehe.
      Yea I understand.. Technologies are great these days.

  4. Very cute boy. We did not play that Chinese item picking with my 2 kids. Not so superstitious. hahaha!

    Soon when he can really walk and run, Aden will lose some chubbiness. As long as he eats and drinks milk and poos daily, he is growing healthily.

    1. Hey I am not superstitious too, just do it for fun, hehe.

  5. cute! i didn't let ashley choose anything last time because i didn't know. wish i knew earlier cos it's fun...hahaha. i wonder can still do it now?

    1. Hmm I don't think so... cause she can recognize all the items now, so the results might not be accurate, hehe..

  6. I didn't know bout this item picking tradition until I read other mummies blogs. Next time I will let my baby pick something haha.

    Aden has potential to win the baby contest coz the photo is very nice. Wah he poos a lot lah. Did you give him lots of fruits/veges?

    1. Yea do it when Faith turns one!

      Erm yes, veges definitely got... Fruits, about once every 2 days.

  7. 我没有给我佟b抓周,因为。。。我不懂这玩意!!>_<

    男孩真的sibeh giat hor!哈哈!那个躲猫猫的好好笑,发现他的脚。



    aden加油哦^^ 很棒了!你一定很感动有没有。


    1. 哈哈,我是看到别的妈咪弄我才懂的!

      对,很累~ =_=


      对,超感动的 right!

  8. 抓周抓到尺,是要做建築之類的工嗎?

    1. 对,要不然就是设计师。。不过这是长辈的说法啦!

  9. oh, 13 months and 1 week old today?? that means Aden boy's birthday is one week before me la (of course not considering the year lah, hahaha!!) so exactly on 10th June??

    1. No.. His birthday is on 7th May, hehe..

  10. eih, i am not superstitious too but i find that thing rather interesting and really no harm to do that lah.. afterall i don't think what he chose to grab will decide what he is in the future.. :D

  11. good lah, ruler and RM50 notes huh?? that means can be a very rich professional lah.. BTW, did you put a few different types of denomination of notes, and see whether he will chose the smallest or the biggest?? then you can tell how $$ face he is from that~~ :D

    1. Haha not yet, but may be can try that soon! ;)

  12. hahahaha!! hey, i like that peek-a-boo photo!! so cute only see his small little leg stretched out from the clothes.. but aiyo, got fan and shaver/hairdryer (??) there leh, very dangerous woh~~

    1. Haih you don't know, he likes all dangerous stuff!!

  13. sure it's tiring but then a rewarding being a full time mommy.. but i think you have been a great mommy all these while lah.. keep it up and ganbatte!! :)

    1. Thanks a lot!
      I am doing my best~

  14. Aden is growing well..he's so cute!

  15. Haha it's like that lor...taking care of an active toddler is certainly not easy! By the time Aden is older and easier to handle, his didi or meimei will come along already hehe ;)

  16. LOL!!! No worries! He'll grow up...and it will get boring. This is the best time of your lives. Have fun!

  17. cute! You are enjoying his years of growing up!

  18. I like to listen to the blabbering of kids, I donno, find them utterly cute :D

  19. What a cute baby! It was interesting that he picked the right items for his future. He will be wealthy I am sure $$$$!!

  20. 他的车车好美啊,古董车对吗?

    1. 对,古董车~


  21. Glad Aden sits still on the weighing machine. My elder sister during her first child birth witnessed a shocking experience when her baby and weighing pan fell off the weighing machine. The nurse did not place the pan properly. Lucky no damage and the baby is now a healthy adult.

    1. OMG! That's too bad!
      Now that he's sitting, soon he'll be standing on the weighing machine already, hehe...

  22. aden跨步走的时候你有感动吗?我第一次看小龙跨步走我好感动呢!

    1. 有有!!很感动呢!不过只是一下而已所以还没来得及录下来呢~
      Erm 其实working mum也有它的好处啦~

  23. lol...[sipek giat]
    可以考虑用training paint就能省下部份尿片

  24. Well that's why I heard a lot of mums telling me the just lost the weight automatically...

  25. I love reading Aden's progress, so interesting and funny. Hayley, I look at Aden, I know you are doing so well as a new mom. Gambateh!

    1. Thanks Yan!
      Doing my best, still so much to learn!

  26. 很少看见Aden笑,不过他却是酷脸得来又相当可爱的宝宝,尤其是那两坨肉脸,chubby极了!!

    1. 是咯,他在玩的时候笑比较多。。拍照等等就很难抓到笑的样子~

  27. hmmmm 尺和钱 . . . . 我想到"量地官"咯 :x

  28. Smart boy! Hold money long long:P

    Hmmmm...not sure why but I call that position sleeping like an ostrich.


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