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Customizing your own Vanity Trove boxes

If you're my loyal readers, you'd remember I blogged about my first sponsored Vanity Trove box about 2 weeks ago.  I really love that beauty box and the products inside! I've been browsing their website regularly, adding brands and products into my account, also filling up my beauty profile.
Besides bringing new exciting brands to the subscribers, VT now introduced another pleasant news to us, we can pick and choose our own beauty samples and create our own personalized trove! 
Check this out: "(Kuala Lumpur, 10th July 2013) VanityTrove has not been resting on our laurels, we have achieved over 100 beauty brand partnerships, over 10,000 new activities on in the past week and growing! We are actively amping up for expansion plans in the regions to set up the 7th country by the end of 2013. Now that we are more than halfway through this year, we would like to introduce you to this smart system of personalizing your beauty discovery!
Introducing ALL NEW Cu…

And the winner goes to.........

Thank you everyone who participated in my recent giveaway! Really appreciate that!

Ok don't wanna waste more time, the eligible participants are:

Set 1:
1. Nicole
2. 珊姑娘
3. 宅妈
4. 美云
5. Mummy Gwen
6. Eugein

Set 2:
1. SK
2. STP

Set 3:
1. Nicole
2. 宅妈
3. 美云
4. Somewhere from Singapore (Sharon)
5. Rose

And here's my little man picking the lucky ones!

And here're the lucky winners! *drum rolls*
For set 1:

For set 2: 

For set 3: 
So a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to 宅妈,SK & Sharon (Somewhere in Singapore)!! I will email you guys soon~
You may find those gifts cheap but it's a token of appreciation from me.

Thanks again for commenting and participating! For those who din't make it this time, don't worry, just keep supporting my blog, I'll be organizing more surprise giveaway in the future! =)

Til then, have a fabulous Monday!
By the way, don't forget to thank Aden ya! Haha xD

Don't compare

Found this so meaningful, too meaningful not to share.

Look up don’t look down. Don’t belittle yourself.

Photo taken from HERE

Such a great quote to remind my friends, and also to myself.
Have a great weekend folks!
p/s: Click HERE to join my recent giveaway!~

Time to reward my loyal readers

Here is another giveaway to reward my loyal readers! Happy? ;)
I have 3 sets of freebies to giveaway this time, particularly for kids, male and female readers. 
为了要答谢那些一直支持我的朋友,我决定再来个抽奖游戏咯!这次抽奖游戏共有3份。分别是: There're:
Set 1: An English storybook for toddler/kid between the age of 2-6 (with 28 well-illustrated pages), and a bar of organic oat & raisin snack (You can win this for your kids). 第一份:一本共有28页的英语故事书(适合2-6岁的小朋友),还有一份有机营养零食。

Set 2: Limited edition Tiger FC coasters and a luggage tag (mainly for my male readers).  第二份:Tiger FC 杯垫和 luggage tag(主要是给男读者)。

Set 3: Coin purse, small sling bag and some beauty stuff for my female readers.  第三份:手工钱包,小 sling bag,还有一些美容产品(主要是给女读者)。

Here's how you can participate: 参加方法如下:
1. You're eligible to participate if you had commented 3 times of more out of my recent 5 posts (well if you're too lazy to check, just leave your comment anyway, let me do the checking ^^), which are: 如果你在我最近的5篇文章里,已经有留言3次或以上就有资格参赛了(如果你懒得算,没关系,你还是可以留言,我到时…

Fun in the kitchen

Parents in law were away for a week so the rest in the family had to makan sendiri throughout that week.  We eat out most of the times (for the sake of convenience), but I did cooked some simple dishes some days, like chicken spaghetti......
Added in lots of ingredients!
I used Prego tomato sauce
Sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top and slurrp! Cooked this for my hubs, SIL and my parents as well

Saw a blogger friend Shan shared this the other day and I've decided to give it a try, it's banana pie actually. Click HERE to see the recipe. Bought the frozen puff pastry and to be honest, I really love this frozen puff pastry! So convenient and so versatile! 

And since there're still leftover puff pastry, I've made this rose puff too!
Picture taken from FB
My ugly rose puff, haha xD Me no patience to roll them nicely like the one demonstrated, but looks doesn't matter, because they taste really good! ;)
Baked this corn layered caked, with santan. But it's a bit too swee…

开箱| Miu Miu Vitello Shine Shopping Bag

我一直以来是完全没打算买缪缪包的,因为说真的我对包包没有很大兴趣(真的啦!),我比较爱买衣服,嘻嘻~ 不过悄悄告诉你们,我倒很想拥有一个Dior包!只不过它实在太贵了。。。离我的budget太远了,所以唯有默默的希望老公中马票咯!(别再来这招了啦,听了都闷 xD)
Anyway, 买这个包主要是为了下个月的 trip ,还有就是以后出门可以 sekali 放我和Aden大大小小的东西。出 trip 拿 crossbody 包的确比较方便,肩膀也没那么酸痛。Then 做妈妈的都知道带/抱小孩出门拿 shoulder bag 会不方便,也很危险,所以呢一直很想买个 crossbody bag,只不过都没看到刚的罢了。 这个缪缪包是 shoulder bag 也是 crossbody bag,所以很符合我要的条件。
I always wanted a suitable and good quality crossbody bag, it's good and convenient especially when travelling oversea. Plus, since that I got Aden now, it's also much easier to carry a crossbody bag than the typical shoulder bag, I'd be 'hands-free' to carry him or hold him to walk.
Had been eyeing on this Miu Miu bag few weeks ago, just in time for my trip next month! And since it's our 10th year courtship anniversary next month, I'll treat this as my anniversary gift, haha xD But don't ask me what I will get for hubs, I have no idea yet, LOL! (Actually we don't buy each other gifts anymore, since N…

Ethan's 2nd birthday party

Was invited to a friend Evelyn's son birthday party over the weekend. 
The birthday boy, Ethan. Time flies!! He is now 2 years old, still remember I went to his first birthday party last year......
Photo taken last year, Aden was only 2 months plus, and I was still in the midst of losing weight, haha xD

Anyway, party this time was fun cause everyone were attracted to this..........
Don't tell me you don't know what is this.... xD Very nicely done minion cakes!! Taste good too!
And the host prepared so much to eat! Got snacks for the little ones also.
Aden behaved well that night, probably because he had grown up? LOL! He had fun playing with someone else toys
Aden and Evelyn
Friend, Nickson and his sons
My blur blur son ;) He is still that glutton, he ate so much that night, though he had already had his porridge at home
Birthday boy: Nah this is for you Aden!
Aden: Daddy see what I've got!
Aden and papa
Aden and mama
Both in orange, so coincident!
Lastly, photo taken…

Vouchers to give away

1. Zeiss lens RM 100 discount voucher, applicable at Focus Point Mid Valley. Valid til 31st August 2013.
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2. Free pouch from Kose, valid til 15th August 2013.

Kindly leave your email address if you're REALLY interested, I'll post the voucher to you. First come first serve. Thanks!