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Aden boy: 15 months old

I've been slacking in recording Aden's progress. The last time I blogged about his progress was actually in mid June
Sigh, life is busy and time is simply not enough! 

Aden will be turning 15 months old this coming Wednesday. Time really flies isn't it! And by the way, I reckon the use of 'months' to refer to his age is more appropriate, easier to 'count' also, haha xD

So here's some updates on my boy.

是时候记录下 Aden 的成长篇了!

1. The last time we weight him was about 10kg+. Not sure how heavy he is now, probably 11kg or so? But one thing for sure, he's not easy to be carried. Many who carried him before commented he is quite a heavy boy (though he might not look heavy physically, perhaps it's the bones which cause the weight?).
His height din't increase much though, still around 78cm. Still wearing L size diapers, but will change to XL soon. 
现在抱他手很快酸痛!我想应该有11kg多了,这几个月不用去医院,得等到11月才再去打预防针。或许 Aden 个子小看不出很重不过抱过他的人都说 Aden 满重量级的,哈哈!xD

2. Aden still loves Pororo! So as his mum! xD 
我们都是 Pororo 的粉丝~

3. Similar to other kids, Aden loves to play too! And can play non stop til he gives up his usual nap time >.< Poor mummy has to play with him even though mummy is so exhausted~ 

4. Still likes hide-and-seek/peekabo. But not interesting to me anymore cause I know where he'd hide already, kakaka~  
还是很喜欢玩躲猫猫,也很爱玩,有时还是 non stop 的!24小时在家顾他真不容易,得陪他一直玩!他不累我累啊!所以我每个礼拜肯定回妈妈家1-2次,让妈妈享婆孙乐,而我也有时间做做自己想要做的事情,或者可以休息。

5. My boy showing his magic hands, LOL! When he is in good mood, he'll play on his own for a while. Then will started to make noise and look for us. Aden is becoming more sociable these days!

6. I think his cheeks are very 'pinch-able'! ;) Still blabbers a lot with his baby language, I think he's learning to talk, but no precise wordings yet.
Aden 有鱼蛋脸,是不是很想捏一捏阿?:p

7. Aden: Call me 'Cool Mo'! (If you watch the latest HK drama Triumph in the Skies II you'll know what/who it is la~ 
那天贪玩给他带我的墨镜,以为他会不喜欢,怎知他还蛮 enjoy 的~

8. My son has a bad temper. Just like his dad. Of course it's normal for toddlers to cry and sulk but this boy is one of a kind. When he don't get things he wants or when he kena beaten, he'll scream, and lately, sulk at the table corner for a few minutes, and sometimes, lie on the floor on his tummy throwing tantrums. Sigh~ 

I am disciplining him but I don't know if it's the right way. Sometimes he really gets on my nerves and when talking/warning don't work anymore, I will beat his hands, and then feeling guilty afterwards =_= Well, parenting is really no easy task~!
重点来了。我觉得 Aden 的脾气很坏!(十足十他老爸!)如果在他手里把东西抢过来(我们大多是拿别的东西跟他‘交换’),又或者不给他他要的东西就会在那里大哭发脾气,跺脚,甚至大喊!>.<
每天面对这样的孩子我的脾气也来了啦。。我开始会先很严肃的给警告,如果还是不听忍无可忍了就打他的手臂一下,结果就更扭计站在一旁哭博同情。要不然就趴在地上不肯起来。。阿!!!我一直觉得男宝宝比较难顾咧!为人父母真是不容易啊!(当然每次打过后,我会有一点点的内疚 :(。。。 )

9. His upper and lower lateral incisors are growing, so he has a total of 10 teeth now! Don't get bitten by him, or else you'll scream like nobody's business! Ouch~~ 

10. Able to walk steadily when he's about 14 months (though sometimes still tripped and fall accidentally). Now I am busier looking after him cause I need to chase after him, it's the 'explore' period now he's curious and interested on basically anything. 
Aden 在上个月头才正式会走路(算很稳的那种),现在的我们变得更忙了!

11. Kitchen is a good place for him as there're lots of cabinets for him to explore, including the big fridge 
>.< His latest favorite is Vitagen.

12. Enjoying his 'shopping' busybody-ing around. 

13. Though he drives me crazy, he does silly stunts which makes me laugh too! Been teaching him some new gestures lately like:
- friend kiss
- 'jiak' (peekabo)
- 'wan ta li fo 5 som' (you know the games we used to play when we were young? He'll move his hands in circles)
- sayang (lean his face towards me)
- good good (taught him to show his thumb but he shows his index finger instead xD)
- hello (by putting his palm on his ear)
- 'bao bao' (full) (by tapping on his tummy)
- 'pa pa' (scared) (by tapping on his chest)
- finish/no more (move his hands in and out)
- also able to pick things up for me when I ask him to
- and etc.

14. Being a baby/toddler is such a lucky thing! See, Royal Highness is enjoying his milk plus TV time so don't disturb ya! 
喜欢看 Astro 小太阳,看看他多 enjoy!

15. I got to say this again, being a mother is probably the hardest job ever for me. Looking after a super active boy makes the whole job even harder! I have to be knowledgeable, patient, and fit physically and mentally. 
But, it's fun and rewarding at the same time! Though difficult but he's one of the best-est gift ever!
不知不觉当了妈咪快15个月了!其实很多朋友都问我同一个问题,‘你不打算出来做工了吗?’ 哎,老实说我被问得很闷了,甚至觉得很烦,呵呵!我知道,有些人(尤其是老一辈的)会认为一个大学生在家顾孩子会有点浪费!对阿,我承认我是很怀念做工的那班同事们,很怀念那份薪水等等。。不过我得说,全职妈妈给了我一些不一样也很难解释得来的一种心情/感觉。毕竟是自己的孩子,能够每天陪着他度过每一个阶段,看着他健健康康的成长,其实也是一种幸福!
Erm 我只能说,全职妈妈和职业妈妈都很伟大,都不简单!

哎,我也预佐料的(因为我自己也是会这样问朋友们,哈哈 xD),不过我只能说,顺其自然!=))

I love him with all my heart <3 Am still learning to be a better mum, and shall shower him with lots of lots of care and love~

That's all I can think of now. Til then, have a fabulous weekend!


  1. 你要好好照顾自己哦!别累坏了!

    1. 嗯,我会的。

  2. so I read, I recalled my kids' time when they were of Aden's age. They used to be like Aden too..hyperactive and cheerful.

    1. not easy being a mum but it's all worth it. So just be patient and give the best to him.

    2. Yea, but I think kids these days are even more active!

      Yep, thanks for the comment~

  3. Aden的样子很乖巧,完全看不出他的坏脾气。不过尽量给他耐心,我始终相信孩子可以慢慢调教,世上无难事嘛!!

    1. 呵呵,别被他的外表给骗了阿!他的脾气很坏咧~


  4. I say it all the time n I still will say it again. Your son is super adorable hahaha !! Beh tahan! Jia you hayley mama! :) as long both of u have fun in this journey together , then all will be good memories :) (even if got not so happy times, it's still time spent together memories)

  5. 哈喽,第一次来你家。当full time妈咪不简单,我觉得比全职妈咪伟大!你很棒!

  6. 现在好些了吗?当SAHM 真的很不容易,我觉得我当妈的时候比工作的时候还要常生病 =.=

    看不出Aden脾气坏呢~~我们家弟弟也是,一副可爱的样子,脾气坏到要命,老公每次都说脾气坏像我 >.<

    也是很多人说孩子大了,可以再出来做工了,我说没有打算,然后人家就会觉得我在家里看孩子很 enjoy,所以不要做工 =.=!!!

    1. 好了,谢谢你宅妈!



  7. Hah!!! The Terrible Two coming soon...but no worries, the best time of your life!!! Wish my girl were this small still, we had great times together.

  8. Aden越来越像爸爸啊!
    11kg的确是蛮有份量的。Nat Nat 现在大概有13、14kg,我也投降。

    那是superman romper吗?好可爱哦!

    1. Moon, 对咯,每个人都这样说!像爸爸~

      那不是 romper,是衣服和裤子。

  9. Wahhh, I am reminded of myself when I was at that age of 15 months ago. Terribly sociable and gorgeously quiet.

    Like what suituapui said, you might want to prepare for the dreaded Terrible Two. That's when toddlers become nastier/naughtier than ever. I do have a tip, Hayley. If you don't want Aden to be terribly active at Terrible Two, go slow on candies and chocolates. =)

    1. Haha, what a great description! Terribly sociable and gorgeously quiet.

      Yes I know, sweet stuff will makes the kids very active!

  10. 我的Alicia也是坏脾气,如果真的是无理取闹的扭计,我一般都不理她,等她冷静了我才解释给她知道原因!


    1. 对阿,我有时也是这样。顺便给自己冷静!


  11. Wish i have a chance to hug hug Aden... hehe...

  12. Aden is bigger now. I'm sure he likes to chew stuff with his 10 teeth and he'll grow up to be a superman! HAhaha! Nice superman outfit.

    1. Yes, he loves biting people too! =_="

      Yea I love that Superman outfit too!

  13. 我喜歡aden帶耳機那張,好enjoy的樣子 XD
    做全職媽媽很好啊,可以看孩子每一天在成長變化,沒有一步驟被miss 掉〜 其實我多羨慕啊

    1. 哈哈不过耳机没歌的,给他玩罢了,嘻嘻~ xD
      对阿,他们是 Pororo 粉丝~
      Erm 其实是你看我好我看你好啦。。。

  14. Aden is such a big boy now and he's getting cheekier and more adorable. This is the most fun age to play with but at the same time most tiring for the mummy, right?

    1. Yep, definitely cheekier!!
      Correct, super tiring!

  15. Hi Hayley, wow! That little Tiger of yours 15 months? Love that pic how he watches TV, ha ha, one leg up on knee. And good looking too.
    Pssst, time to have a sister for him, or a brother to fight with, ha ha.
    Happy holidays.

    1. Lee, yes, time flies and he is now 15 months old!

      Thanks, you take care too!

  16. Aden is getting more handsome. Mummy likes Chi Lam.hehe? The walking stage is very tiring man..yeah terrible two lagi susah. I can see Faith is going to be an active and stubborn toddler not like Gwen who is very gwai at that age.

    Oh I like how he sulks at the corner of the table..very cute.

    1. Yep I like Chi Lam cause he is so handsome! Hehehhe...
      Yea, I tell you baby these days are super active and stubborn!

  17. Hi....from sabah...a
    Sahm for 3 little angels age 19 mths to 10 yrs.

    1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by!

  18. ooooh, 15 months old already!! this Aden boy is surely growing fast at 11kg now huh?? good, meaning you have been feeding him with all the best thing lah.. hehe!! :)

    1. hahahaha, so cute likes to play hide and seek with you, and always hiding at the same place?? hmmm, for you that would be better lah.. you can take few minutes off to do your personal stuff (while pretending to find him), and after that just get him in the wardrobe (and pretending to look surprise)~~ :D

    2. oooh, i like the one he is wearing bow tie and strap, so cute and so little gentleman lah!! of course his cheek is always so "pince-able" like you said, hahaha!! :D

    3. really enjoy scrolling the page to see Aden everywhere on the page, hehe!! so cute and i think everyone just feels like carrying him (albeit being a little tiny bit heavy), and also play peek-a-boo with him (because no challenge at all, so can be very easily satisfied).. and i also think i would like to buy snacks and feed him with the mum-mum and see his happy face, hehehehe~~ :D

    4. SK, yes I have been feeding him well, and he is super tam jiak too!

      Huh, don't think I can do anything within that few minutes when he is hiding....
      Pretending to look surprise? Yea, I did that all the time!

      Yep, gentleman ho? ;)

      Ok you said one ha, remember to buy him snacks if we are going to meet someday.

  19. I love 1st picture...look at his cheeks! >3<
    The picture he cry at corner table cute too...haha

    1. Haha thanks mummy! Your baby doing ok?

  20. Aden 和佟b 一样都有鱼丸脸,真想捏下去。。哈哈!



    1. 嗯,我赞成。不要给他们习惯!

  21. 小孩真的很爱躲衣橱 =.=

    1. 对咯,加上我的衣橱没门的所以更好躲!

  22. It's pretty fun looking at a boy growing up! I haven't got a chance cos all I have are sisters and now my other half's niece... All girls! I bet boy must be a little harder to manage! But Aden is sooooooo cute!!!

    1. Haha, then you'll know when you have a son in the future!

  23. 哈哈哈,我也常被问几时要生第二个,哈哈!说真的,我不会说顺其自然,哈哈,我都会计划好才去开始这“顺其自然”,呵呵!
    Baby boy都比较难照顾hor ,我觉得特别好动,但是其实他们也会听话的,就一直要跟他们沟通咯。
    哈哈,aden跟佟b一样有鱼蛋脸,呵呵,很喜欢捏他们的脸蛋hor =p

    1. 哈哈,大多数都是说顺其自然嘛,懒得回答得那么仔细~




  24. dont worry. you are doing fine as a mother.

  25. aiyoh... Aden is such a cutie. So cheeky some more.

  26. Like his chubby face, feel like wanna gently pinch on his cheek.
    Bad temper, I guess many toddler like this because wanna express himself, what he want and what he dislike. Can try using time out method, dun under estimate his. After few trying he surely understood the TIME OUT method.

    1. Yea, I guess so.
      I did try the time out method! Thanks for the comment ya!

  27. Parenting is the hardest task, it requires high patience, really high.

    The second last pic, truly a big boss at home hahahaha

  28. I love him in bow tie photo. Do print n frame up

    1. Get ready to loose 10kg Hayley. He is gonna b one very active boy

    2. Haha yea I like that bow tie romper too!

      10kg? Haha sure thing!

  29. I think Aden's look is getting cheekier by the day!

  30. 要好好照顾自己哦~ 男孩子总是比较顽皮的,跟着他们跑,他们不累,我们已经累了。哈哈哈!

  31. hahahah pororo mummy and aden is so cute XD

  32. kids need to teach slowly, until the age that really understand words.

    got 1 time my friend punya kid come and ask keropok from me, and they are very cute also la (girl girl) then I give 1 pcs. Then the parent (my friend) tell them to say "thank you", then they will really say "thank you" geh heheh, everything it depends on age :)

    1. Oh that's for sure, that's why it requires high patience lo!!

  33. Aden is getting so adorable now. I love reading his progress. That picture of him hiding his face and sulking, so cute. Don't beat him la! Just be stern and consistent. Don't expect kids to change over night.

    我承认我是很怀念做工的那班同事们 - I read this and hope you are talking about me. Hahaha! I miss you too, Hayley. You are indeed a very nice colleague of me.


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