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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Bergen's fish market

So you wonder where is the food? So here's the food ;) But only about 40% of the overall foodie I had during the trip, shall blog about the rest in another post.
As I mentioned, there's a fish market nearby the hotel we stayed at Bergen. Basically they open at 3pm til late evening. Though it's a fish market but it's very clean and odor free (well of course the floor is wet la), unlike what we usually see here, hehe~
Quite a lot of stalls here but most of them are selling similar stuff
Bottled caviar, but since I am not a fan hence I din't buy any
Well I think you know Norway is famous for its salmon! I ate quite a lot of salmon fish this time cause I am a salmon fan ;) Even buffet also served generous amount of salmon, to them it's so common but to some of us, consider quite 'high class' already, LOL!
Competition is on going here as they sell almost the same seafood, so all of them are very friendly, you can hear them greeting you whenever you pass by …

Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Mount Floyen, Bergen Norway

First of all, I want to say a BIG thank you for those who showed continuous supports to my posts! Give me some times to reply to each and every of your comments k? 
By the way, some of you request for food pictures, please bear with me, I will blog about them in a single post, soon!
Leaving those countrysides, we traveled to second largest city of Norway, which is Bergen (pronunciation similar to 'burger' xD) during the 5th day, and stayed 2 nights there before leaving to Denmark.
Very sunny day, eyes can hardly open
The hotel we stayed is located strategically nearby the fish market and also Bryggen
There're a few souvenir stalls nearby....
Also a plaza with some small malls, cafes, boutiques, bars and even restaurants
Having 'afternoon tea' nearby the hotel
Cheers darling~ Behind us is Bryggen, one of the attraction in Bergen. 
Come take a closer look. Bryggen is a series of Hanseatic Commercial buildings lining in the eastern side of the fjord coming into Berge…

Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Sogndal, Flam and Voss, Norway

Sogndal is another small town we visited during the trip, we stayed a night here before departing to Flam.
Very quiet town. Nothing much to see here
Spotted a nice cafe nearby the hotel
With the help of the front desk staff, we found a mini market nearby the hotel. Bought some snacks from Rimi. The guys wanted to buy some beer (beer is slightly cheaper here compared to Malaysia) and drink at the rooms, but then only we realized no alcohol is served at all convenient stores in Norway after 8pm during weekdays =_= Something new and interesting for us to remember
And payment is done very efficiently here where consumers swipe their own credit card and sign, and collect their own balance at the coin slots. Something like self service la!
I am amazed at those houses on the hill
While on the way to Flam, I saw this from inside the coach, nice right?
It's another one fine morning
This is Mr Beyond, our coach captain and Darren our tour leader. Both are professional in their career
Hubs …