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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Bergen's fish market

So you wonder where is the food? So here's the food ;) But only about 40% of the overall foodie I had during the trip, shall blog about the rest in another post.

As I mentioned, there's a fish market nearby the hotel we stayed at Bergen. Basically they open at 3pm til late evening.
Though it's a fish market but it's very clean and odor free (well of course the floor is wet la), unlike what we usually see here, hehe~

Quite a lot of stalls here but most of them are selling similar stuff

Bottled caviar, but since I am not a fan hence I din't buy any

Well I think you know Norway is famous for its salmon! I ate quite a lot of salmon fish this time cause I am a salmon fan ;) Even buffet also served generous amount of salmon, to them it's so common but to some of us, consider quite 'high class' already, LOL!

Competition is on going here as they sell almost the same seafood, so all of them are very friendly, you can hear them greeting you whenever you pass by the stalls

Look at the beautiful color!

Lunch sets are available too, about RM 70 per set, averagely

Live king crabs in the tank

Giant lobsters too!

See, very clean, right?

These were our 'tea time'

'cha cha cha', the boss busy preparing those seafood for us~

As we had just taken our lunch, we only tried a small portion just to taste

Very fresh and yummy! Totally forgot about the cholesterol! xD
Din't know how much overall as our tauke besar paid for it ;)

There's also another indoor fish market nearby, and a cafe

Mr waiter welcoming me ;)

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  1. I bet the seafood is very fresh!!! And the market is unbeliveable clean! haha.

    I would eat all the salmons as much as I can. lol

  2. 看起来真的很干净,那个是长脚蟹?看起来很yummy!

  3. Went to some place like this in Auckland. Loved it, despite the fishy smell in some parts. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. Wooo~~~ Norwegian Salmon is super famous!!! Damn jealous now!!!

  5. Norwegian Salmon is pretty popular; in fact, that's the only type of salmon I'm willing to eat now.

    Well, the government officials there in Scandinavia stress on the importance of hygiene, I guess? =)

  6. so much nice food! and indeed the market is so clean..

  7. I am a big salmon fan too :) My mum also went to a similar Scandinavian trip last year and told me she ate salmon everyday haha! She bought back some caviar spread (packaged in tubes)...very yummy leh.

  8. 看到海鲜我就疯了,哈哈!!

  9. I heard that the wet market in Europe is clean. Now that you said it, so confirm la the market there is clean. Nice view over there.

    Have a nice day yeah? Eh I noticed that I didn't see your presence in my blog. What happened?

    1. Willie, I comment at each and every post of yours leh!!

  10. wow...the lobsters attracted me!! So did you get to taste any of that?

    1. Yep! But not from that fish market.

  11. I just love fish markets. Just published about such a market in Venice but yours in Bergen is a lot better. I remember the market we visited in Helsinki and that was also fabulous. We also went to the Tokyo fish market.


  12. I love walking in markets when I visit a new country, there's always a lot to explore and try. Local fruits, local taste, and gosh, I love seafood. I am drooling while scrolling your blog LOL

  13. ah, i just knew, i just knew!! can't be possible that you didn't go to the fish market, furthermore it's just nearby your hotel!!

    1. i have watched a variety show from TVB and this was exactly the fish market introduced in that show.. nice one, and yes, very clean and tidy and also very colorful.. so different from our Malaysian version of market huh?? haha..

    2. the show presenter went to try all the seafood samples and then he was done, and things there are surely not cheap also.. i guess probably they paid the owners some money behind the scene lah.. so you tried the samples and also at least bought something, good girl!! hehe.. :p

    3. just looking at those photos, without even tasting the food, i already can see how fresh and juicy and flavorful and yummy those seafood are!! wow, a real good experience and cool "el fresco" dining there huh?? i will also want to do this if i've got a chance to go Norway one day.. :)

  14. wah! their small portion to taste is big portion wei! (or is it got many people wanna taste? hahah!)

    anyways! it looks like Scandinavia is seafood heaven!

  15. 好多海鲜!!
    你们的tea time吃得很过分!!!

  16. super fresh leh..,nice/ Your taukeh besar very generous leh

  17. I love this post....... all are my favourite food... fish, crab, mussel, prawn... arrrrgghhh, i am hungry now!

  18. 食物看起来都好fresh。

  19. I don't like salmon last time but I love it now. The seafood looks so fresh and the market is very clean! And I bet the price is high too.

  20. Awesome tea time selection. Hmm I wonder if anyone in KL is offering seafood for teatime...

  21. 如果世上没有胆固醇这回事,那些海鲜每样都吃,多好哇!

  22. The food in UK and Europe are so expensive that even their folks complained the same thing. I will definitely pack some cup noodles in my luggage to save time and money for one meal per day. Sometimes I would just buy bread and dip into hot soups. What a cheapo like me!

  23. I tried eating caviar many times but I found the taste plain and not worth eating for its exorbitant prices! I think they looked pretty to be sprinkled as decorations.

  24. I like to eat foreign crabs because they have longer legs and body. more sweet meat inside. I always got rashes when I ate too much crabs!

    Lucky you, got tauke besar to take the tabs!

  25. Seafood, seafood! My fav. Too bad I don't really fancy salmon! Just eat a little only! :P

  26. OMG! hahahahhaha this type of tea time so atas!!! XD

  27. You are lucky..get to eat fresh seafood for free.


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