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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Geiranger, Hellesylt and Briksdal, Norway

Okay, I've decided to speed up my Norway travelogue so I bring you this post which consists of tonnes of photos. 
So at the end of the post, you'll have more things to say so please don't be lazy and comment in more lines! xD

Now let the pictures do the talking, enjoy!

1. After the visit to the stave church, we continued on the journey to another beautiful countryside called Geiranger (pronounced as gay-rank-gay). Photo taken inside the coach, that is the ice accumulated on top of the mountain.

2. Here temperature dropped significantly as it's close to mountain and sea, my layers of fats also failed to keep me warm, so took this photo quickly and ran back to the coach :p 

3. The roads near Geiranger are very narrow and winding, basically only one car can go through at a time. I salute our coach captain for his skills and patience (he's about 50 years old), imagine driving a bus with 30 passengers inside, and also thousands kg of luggages! 

4. Stopped by a look-out point where we can see beautiful fjord (pronounced as fiot) behind us. A fjord is a long and narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion. Geiranger is famous for its many fjord. 
These are some of the gentlemen, Darren (first from left) and Elton (third from left) are the 2 tour leader from KL. 

5. Surprisingly, it wasn't too cold here at this point ;) 

6. Basically Geiranger is a small town like this. We can see the hotel we are going to stay from here. 

7. If you can see the zig-zag roads marked in yellow, that's the famous Eagle's Road. It's being called like that because there used to be eagles flying around this area hunting for food.

8. Ladies from Perak, and the gentleman Steven is one of the branch manager of York. 

9. There's nothing much to shop at Geiranger since it's just a small town, but I like it. It's so serene!

10. Here we are at Geiranger, one fine morning. 

11. What a beautiful scene behind me!

12. Waiting to check out from the hotel. 

13. I own the road!! xD 

14. The small house behind me, I guess it used to be a bathroom? 

15. With a friend from KL. 

16. Lots of waterfalls here. 

17. Shhh, do not disturb! :p 

18. That's what I was talking about, free wifi in the bus! Connection was generally strong, but of course depends on areas. Connection got weak when we were at countryside. 

19. Us with the Norway tale statue, the troll. 

20. Saw a rott weiler nearby waiting for its owner, rott weiler is supposed to be fierce but not this one. See he is so friendly and could let me pat! <3 Got expression somemore ;) 

21. Yours truly at a port, we were about to take a big ferry to another countryside called Hellesylt (pronounced as he-lis) 

22. That's the ferry behind us, it's so huge til it can load 3 buses and other small vehicles. 

23. Relaxing in the ferry, wifi is available but not strong. 

24. Love the view!! 

25. Though the ferry is huge and heavy, it traveled quite fast too!  

26. It gets more and more windy~ We got to see more fjords here. For your information Geiranger fjord is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage in 2005.

27. Act cool :p 

28. That's one of the attraction during the cruise ride, the seven sisters water falls behind us, but don't ask me where exactly is the seven waterfalls, I don't know xD 

29. Another waterfall. 

30. Spotted these buildings. 

31. Look at the reflection, so beautiful. 

32.  Almost there to Hellesylt.

33. Got down from the ferry, and ready to board the coach again. 

34. There're some houses and gift shops here. 

35. Another nice waterfall behind us. 

36. Not a happening town I'd say, but the view is stunning! 

37. Can't get enough of trolls, haha! 

38. I almost fell into the river, LOL! Just kidding~ 

39. A board of introduction about Hellesylt. 

40. Just a few minutes stop only, going to leave soon. 

41. Another great view from inside the bus. 

42. And here we are at Briksdal! Main purpose is to see glaciers.

43. Don't know what skin is that~ 

44. Yes, another waterfall, haha! xD 

45. We were on the way to see glaciers. 

46. This jeep can take up to 7 person at one go, the ride to see glaciers is about 8 minutes. 

47. Saw this huge and magnificent waterfall on the way. 

48. You can choose to walk up the hill if you have the time and energy. 

49. From far, we already can see the glacier. 

50. More glacier on top of the mountain, but too far and too dangerous to go further. 

51. Some history about glacier, but I din't go and read :p 

52. Glacier is also called Briksdalsbreen in Norwegian language. 

53. To my surprise, it's not cold here, probably the wind is being blocked by the rocks and hills? 

54. We walked a little bit further to snap closer photos of the glacier. 

55. This glacier lies 346 metres from sea level. Glacier won't melt but they are forever in motion. We are advised not to get too close to the glacier. 

56. Saw this cute boy hiking with his family ;) 

57. Must snap snap and snap! 

58. Saw lots of stones stacked up like this, said to be the marking for the hikers. 

59. I got thirsty there xD 
For your information, all pipe waters are safe to drink in Norway, not to mention water from the waterfall. In fact, according to the tour leader, pipe waters are even more pure than mineral water. You know a bottle of 600ml mineral water there cost about RM 13? >.<

60. One last photo with the glacier before we leave. 

61. Most house got grasses on the rooftop, it can keep the house warmer during winter, and cooler during summer. 

62. Waiting for the jeep to come! 

63. Going down the hill already~ 

64. Stopped by a gift shop when we left Briksdal. 

65. Journey continued to another town called Sogndal (which I'll blog later). But before that, we saw another beautiful fjord along the way.

66. It was a nice evening! 

67. Just a 10 minutes stop before we hit the road again. 

Phew~ I think I hardly uploaded these much photos in a single post! I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. You went on a group tour? Would be fun if with a good group but at times, some very selfish individuals can spoil everything for everybody.

    1. STP, yes I have mentioned actually, a group tour.

  2. wow, this is humongous lot of photos you have uploaded!! while we gotta spend half an hour reading, i guess you also spent like half an hour writing this post?? :p

    1. the first few photos ok ok lah, but when i scrolled down to Photo #6 i was like OMG!! this is such a beautiful place, just like a 人間仙境!! i really wouldn't mind staying here for a couple of days albeit there is nothing much to do, it's just a perfect place to rest and relax and rewind and get rejuvenated.. LIKE!!!

    2. Geiranger is a small town, and looks like a very quite town also.. didn't see anyone or vehicle on the road and places you went?? or probably you waited for everyone and every vehicle to be out of your way before you snapped those photos?? :p

    3. Helleyslt is also a nice little town, and that ferry trip was awesome seeing so many sceneries that are so tranquil.. but i guess perhaps Geiranger is better since you only stopped by Helleyslt because you are going to see the glacier at Briskal.. :p

    4. ahhh... the waterfalls and the glaciers!! amazing and impressive.. i feel so refreshed by looking at the photos and i guess you surely felt as if you were purified being there right?? fresh air, fresh water and everything felt so afresh right?? cool.. :)

    5. SK, I spent one hour uploading photos and blogged about it!

      Haha it's actually small quiet town with little crowd so you din't see anyone there lo.

      Yep, everything is so fresh, I hope can bring back those fresh air, hehe..

  3. Wow~ Geiranger looks like a painting or something, so beautiful!!!

  4. 风景真的很漂亮。。天气也好好呢~

  5. The view is so breathtaking.

    Though look kinda chilly that day. ;)

  6. Norway is simply too beautiful. I love all the pictures.

  7. How I wished we have such a good water supply here in MY T_T

  8. Love picture 10 (so romantic!)
    ...and the one with the rottie!

  9. 很美的风景呢!
    看到你穿短裙or短裤? 以为不会冷.

    1. 看地方,有些地方会比较大风。。

  10. 这个国家真的很美!!每一处的风景都很美!!

  11. European countries seem to have lots of glaciers and waterfalls. I simply love them. They really make the place so serene..

  12. 湖光山景,实在太有电影中的画面,漂亮!!相信你亲身和亲眼体验这些真实风景,一定感动无比。

    1. 哈哈是咯。。不用验DNA 了。。xD

  13. the natural scenery looks awesome~ =D

  14. love the pics of the fjord...must remember to keep norway in my wishlist of places to visit

  15. 觉得去那里就是欣赏大自然景色,就已足够!美!

  16. many nice photos.
    Geiranger really very beautiful small town....

  17. So beautiful! Reminds me of our trip to Milford Sound in New Zealand, which is also a world-famous fjord. We really scooped water from the waterfall and drank and even filled up our water bottles...recommended by the tour leader hehe :p

  18. Wow! Wow! You posted so many lovely and exciting photos. Thank you so much for taking so much time to upload so many to share with us. You should get a gold medal for this effort.

    I like the photo No.59 which is so creative yet funny!

  19. The rocks and rivers are really awesome and very unique. I never knew they had such interesting sites as i have seen other photos which showed something else. Maybe they didn't get to visit these exotic places like your group.

  20. Love your striped hooded cardigan, Bananaz got a few dark colored hooded ones just like those usually worn by serial killers muahahaha *evil laughter*.

  21. 好美丽!感觉空气好清新。

  22. Love all the pictures but I super love the 6th picture the most!

  23. many beautiful photos. which one to comment first ya.

  24. I love photo 11 of u n your hubby. hmmm....makes me feel like going too

  25. Nice pair of shoes.... Neon color... (okok, I knew, I am out-of-topic)

  26. I love photo 10, 32, 35 and 36.

  27. I wonder if the people who live in these quiet town will feel boring with not much entertainment.

    1. Yea I wonder too, but I think they used to it already..


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