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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Mount Floyen, Bergen Norway

First of all, I want to say a BIG thank you for those who showed continuous supports to my posts! Give me some times to reply to each and every of your comments k? 

By the way, some of you request for food pictures, please bear with me, I will blog about them in a single post, soon!

Leaving those countrysides, we traveled to second largest city of Norway, which is Bergen (pronunciation similar to 'burger' xD) during the 5th day, and stayed 2 nights there before leaving to Denmark.

Very sunny day, eyes can hardly open

The hotel we stayed is located strategically nearby the fish market and also Bryggen

There're a few souvenir stalls nearby....

Also a plaza with some small malls, cafes, boutiques, bars and even restaurants

Having 'afternoon tea' nearby the hotel

Cheers darling~
Behind us is Bryggen, one of the attraction in Bergen. 

Come take a closer look. Bryggen is a series of Hanseatic Commercial buildings lining in the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen

They are in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, impressive huh? Notice the buildings are all made of woods? And also slight slanting? Well that's the special thing about them.

Days are longer during summer ( thanks SK for the correction), basically sun rises at 6am, and sets at 9pm!

Bryggen at night, very nice and romantic la!

There're other buildings and a sea just opposite the hotel

I simply love these buildings! Basically Bryggen houses souvenir and gift shops now, with some pubs as well

If I remember correctly, it was slightly warmer here compared to those countryside

Standing in between the buildings

Perak branch manager of York, we actually exchanged our sunglasses here, haha xD

Bergen is always a wet city as it's near to the sea, so we bring our umbrellas all the time

On the first morning here we took a cable car to reach the top of Mount Floyen

See already drizzling when we were there.... Luckily not for long

Here we get to see a better view of Bergen just underneath us

The mount is about 320m above sea level

Getting colder cause it was drizzling

We had no idea what is that thing behind us, just pose for fun, haha xD 

Ending this post with a super fat cat we found in the hotel, so cute!

Relevant travelogue: 


  1. Honeymooon! hehe

    Is it warm in Scandinavia this time of year?

  2. oh, finally you are out of the countrysides and going into the city.. ah, nice!! looks like there are more colors and also more activities to do.. and you also took more photos, probably your mood was better because you can shop?? hehehe~~ :D

    1. nice, i love those colorful houses of Bryggen, so unique!! but then from your photo cannot see if they are slanted lah, haha, just assume they are since you mentioned, hehehehe..

    2. and nice, your hotel is just nearby.. so basically you can go there anytime and then enjoy the view of Bryggen at different hours of the day.. and hey, there is also a fish market!! did you go to the fish market?? Norway sure got lots of fresh sea produce..

    3. "days are longer during winter"??? i thought it's the other way round?? days are longer during summer, shorter during winter.. and the time you went there should be summer in the northern hemisphere right?? and being close to the arctic i guess it's even more extreme in Norway huh?? :)

    4. Bergen is really a nice place, did you have burger there?? hahaha.. and the view from Mount Floyen is equally captivating, but too bad it was drizzling and things get a little more inconvenient?? but view is surely good, a different taste of experience lah :)

    5. that "unknown" thing, could that be a wheel of some very huge vehicle or machinery?? and that cat, fuyoh, sure fat lah, cos got so many fresh fish to eat in the almost unpolluted Scandinavian environment~~ :p

    6. Yes I went to the fish market.
      Haha you are right, my mistake on that, thanks for correcting!
      Haha sadly no burger there!

  3. 白天真的很长!我喜欢!哈哈哈!那么迟才天黑好呀!哈哈!
    我也是等到食物 =p

  4. That is seriously one FAT cat! They allow cats in hotel?

    1. That cat walked into the hotel by himself, and I don't think any of the staff noticed, haha!

  5. 我很喜欢照片中的建筑屋,很漂亮!

    1. 哦不是,那个好像是在芬兰。

  6. 五颜六色的建筑物真的好漂亮。

  7. Nice view from above 320m above sea level. Love the pixz of the morning rising sun.

  8. the building is so nice! Look at that fat cat! lol.


  9. Simply love all those beautiful Bryggen! So awesome!
    haha..the cat is so cute! My girl would surely hug it!

  10. romantic during the night. love all your pictures.

  11. Is that the owner's cat? Sure is one fat cat! ;)

  12. Love the buildings that lined up the street. :)

  13. Beautiful country ..... I only read about it in books and watch it on TV, how nice to travel and enjoy what the country has to offer.

  14. 你老公和aden很像 XD。我完全離題了 !^_^

  15. Wow, look at the clear blue skies and ocean! It's beautiful!!!

    Don't worry much, Hayley. We understand that you're currently busy. In fact, I must apologize for not returning sooner.... the easiest way to explain it is that I've been pulled in different directions by different humans.

  16. This post full of nice unique building, the Hanseatic Comm Bldg really standing elegantly.

  17. I agree with you, Bryggen is romantic at night, so nice!!!!!

  18. I like this kind of town...looks so peaceful, clean and beautiful!

  19. somehow their local "afternoon tea" is beer . . . or brew . . . hahaha! Brewfest month is here! Drinking some? :P cheers!

  20. Waaah! I just realised you blogged so fast!!! Couldn't believe it! Salutes!

    I love those beautiful houses very much as their wooden structures and myriad of colours made them look so contemporary and unique. Cantik lah and just looking at them can make anyone happy!! No wonder they got listed under the UNESCO.

  21. Wah! The sun shades suit both of you after swapping!! Macam actor and actress dei. I think their sun is more glaring & hotter than ours sometimes due to the altitude. Most people had to wear dark sunglasses when passing the snow as the 'white' reflections could blind our visions.

  22. The pussy cat is so huge and friendly to let anyone carry. I noticed all Western cats are huge and heavy/ The cats in China looked like under nourished! Muahahaha

  23. The country looks great and scenic! Wish I can visit there one day! :)


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