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BFF trip to Bangkok 2013: Floating market and elephant ride

Hello hello how's everyone doing? Hope it's not a blue Monday!
I'm here to start my first travelogue post of the recent Bangkok trip. Been planning this since July with my BFF Crystal. We both agree to treat this as our birthday trip since we're both born in October (actually just 5 days apart ^^)

I am the one planning the itinerary and since this is a shopping trip, floating market is not in the list. Moreover, it's located quite far from where we stay, about an hour drive to be exact.
But my friend seems interested so we made an impromptu decision to visit the floating market on the second day.

The taxi driver told us upfront that the taxi fees is 1000 baht (to and fro) and the whole visit is about 2 hours, he'll drop us there and meet us again after that. But what he din't inform is that the 'entrance ticket' to the floating market is 1500 baht per person :( 
We only knew about this when we arrived at the boarding place, and the driver had already left us. So we got no choice but to pay that 3000 baht for the both of us (that's RM 150 per person!).
At this time, we felt a bit frustrated and cheated. The driver is being dishonest about this, all he wanted to do is to make business and din't bother to say things clearly. Sigh~

But come to think of it, may be it's due to mis-communication too! That taxi driver speaks very poor English, most of the time we were like playing the guessing game, try to catch what he is saying.

老早就很想去曼谷了,只不过老公一直没时间所以就想说来个姐妹trip!打从7月开始就跟好友一起策划曼谷的行程(虽说大部分都是我在搞定啦)。说起来很三芭一下,自己plan的行程和跟团真的有很大不一样!因为我之前去的团都是有赞助和有agent包办所以一点也不用操心。这次呢就很不一样,因为我们俩都是第一次去曼谷所以得上网做很多功课。不过还好朋友Annie刚从曼谷回来不久, 跟她拿了行程表参考,所以省了我很多功夫 ^^

今天就先来分享Damnoen Saduak水上市场和骑大象的经验吧!

Anyway, here's some photos of the floating market:

This is the engine boat that took us towards Damnoen Saduak floating market, said to be the biggest and main floating market here.

Just a small river I'd say, very quiet, and it's about 10km long before we reached the main market.

I din't see many boats/tourists along the way, this is when I felt a bit worried, since there're just the 2 of us, and seriously the surroundings are quiet! But I guess I think too much, this is a tourist spot and since I am here, I should just sit back and relax la! xD

So basically we sit inside the boat and passed by lots of souvenirs stalls like this, along the river.

There're residents too! I saw they bath their dogs and wash their clothes using the river water, and young children playing here as well. The water is very muddy and dirty to be honest. But I guess this is how they live........

We din't buy anything from this market cause I believe those souvenirs can be found when we go shopping in the city

There're food selling as well

Though the boat is shedded but we sweat a bit, it's hot there at Bangkok

We dropped by a souvenir house and got a chance to see how the people make sugar from coconut, and taste free coconut sugar and coconut drinks.


My partner in crime, Crystal ;)
这就是与我一起游曼谷的好友 Crystal~

Next the boat driver brought us to the main market, here we saw more tourists and stalls

Lots of vendors selling food/souvenirs in their small rowing boats here

Boat traffic jam. Boats are floating just next to each other but still managed to move. The driver reminded us to watch out for our hands though, so that we won't hurt ourselves.

Next, we had a 10 minutes stop at an Emerald Buddha temple near the floating market.

We fed the fishes in the river nearby, by paying 100 baht as a donation to the temple, this is one of the activity to do around these temples



We pakat to wear same color ;)

So after 2 hours, we were taken back to the boarding place and met our driver

On the way back, we dropped by Chang Puak Camp (which is actually just next to the floating market).

Guess you can tell what's the activity to do here by looking at their logo. Besides elephant rides, ATV and archery are available here too.
来到了 Chang Puak camp,骑大象咯!这里除了可以骑大象,还可以骑 ATV 和射箭。

We climb up here for our first elephant ride! Tourist can buy a basket of banana to feed the elephant when riding, 100 baht. Regret we din't buy!

Here comes the elephant which carried us!

It was quite an experience la! The elephant that carried us is a male, and his name is Jackpot! He's quite a big one, compared to others I see.
这只伟大的大象名叫 Jackpot!会说伟大是因为我觉得它的工作一点也不容易!每天得来回把几十甚至几百公斤的重量扛在身上!虽说我们满 enjoy 这新体验不过试过一次就够了,认真地想想它们还真辛苦的!(或许是我想太多吧?:p)

The ride lasted for 30 minutes, and it's 600 baht per person.

Other tourists on the rides. Basically the elephants walk on the narrow paths as shown in the pictures.

Then Jackpot carried us and walked in the water! Though it's less than 30 meter but I was kinda scared, what if he lost balance and we all fell into the water! Haha xD 
Anyway I guess there's a rare chance of this happening la! Can see the elephant is well trained by his instructor, and very tame too!
Jackpot 也有带我们下水!走在水里的过程有点吓人(担心我们会跌下水,哈哈)不过又满刺激的!

And half way through the ride, the instructor offered to take photos for us. He went down just like that leaving us 2 up there with Jackpot, for a few minutes! I was actually worried (again) what if Jackpot suddenly lost his temper and swing uncontrollably? We would surely hurt ourselves! :p

But all the worries are again unnecessary, we were all safe at the end :p
训练师很好,都主动帮我们拍照!不过当时只剩我们俩在上面,还真的挺担心万一 Jackpot 突然发脾气乱晃怎办啊?xD

There are about 20 elephants in this camp, according to the instructor

Though scary but we both enjoyed he ride very much! And that floating market visit, though I feel like kena cheated, but it was overall okay, at least we did some sight seeing this trip ;)



  1. Wow! The elephant was happy and carried 2 beautiful Princesses!!
    I had never been to this river to see the floating market but I sure have dipped & dunk inside such muddy waters in Thailand when I was a kid. It was mentioned in my very old blog posts. It was fun!

    1. Haha, I think the elephant sweat a lot la cause carried 2 fatty, LOL!

  2. Just for one time experience is fine, something different lo!!! =]

  3. Didn't like the Floating Market. Shopping was great but things did not last long - kind of suspicious of even the branded stuff in the shopping malls. The colour of the shirts I bought faded at first wash. What I loved most about Thailand was the food!

    1. Floating market is just so so la.
      Haha poor you! But that is within my expectation la, RM 8 for a shirt, what can you expect, right? ;)

  4. Bangkok sure is shopping paradise!
    U're so funny...worried this and that...
    But is normal since both of u are 1st

    1. Ya I thought the same way too. Since scared of this and that but still you gals already in BKK, nothing to worry lar. Guess the most worried person will be your hubby. Muahaha....

    2. I like the way you pakat with Crystal that both of you will wear the same colour....nyek nyek!

    3. Celine, yes, anyhow, safety first!

      Angeline, haha, better be safe than sorry ma!! You'll never know wert~

  5. Although like what u mention, feel like kena cheated, at least an experience there...

  6. 水上市场的船票好贵哦!期待你的血拼篇。

  7. bff trip一定很好玩。

    1. 我记得我在khaosan road买去水上市场的来回车票一人才马币50块。司机从曼谷市中心起程〜

    2. 对,故意的,嘻嘻~


  8. uiks...special blogging style like SK wor

  9. uiks...special blogging style like SK wor

  10. Borong a lot ka?

    Never ride on an elephant before. Hmm...dont think they are ganas type la.

    1. Quite a lot, haha!

      Yala, got the instructor there, should be ok la~

  11. Rm 150好贵啊



    1. 你也觉得贵吼?



  12. 最近好多人去泰国哦,呵呵~~
    骑大象好像很惊险,我也很怕会掉下来,而且还这么高 =.=

    1. 呵呵是吗?

  13. Looks like a fun experience despite you feeling shortchanged earlier.

    But then again, I guess the taxi driver assumed that you knew?

    1. Well, this we din't know. But he really din't inform us though we asked him a few times, '1000 Baht for everything?'

  14. 可以和好朋友去旅行是最爽的啦!!!

  15. it's time for your BFF BKK travelogue!! not really a blue monday but when you were writing about this "kena cheated" trip to the floating market, did you feel the blue?? haha~~

    1. nice planning a trip with your BFF to celebrate your birthday.. i have been to BKK twice and only twice so far.. both also on company - one was training and the other was company trip, both in the same month somemore!! ah, i shall do a revisit post for this soon.. :)

    2. the floating market is so famous and i think there are more than one floating market around BKK.. anyway, i have not been to floating market before.. and i also shocked about having to pay 1500 Baht for the entrance fee!! that is very expensive, and kind of put me off about visiting it.. errr, you got kena 砍菜頭 or not ah actually??

    3. so i don't think you bought anything from there huh?? haha, just for that once in a lifetime experience lah, at least you have been to the floating market lor.. and you also paid 600 Baht to ride the elephant.. hmmm, guess lots of first times right?? :p

    4. not really a good experience on your second day huh?? shall wait and see you posting about your shopping later, haha~~ :D

    5. SK, LOL, even if I were to feel blue, that was also few weeks ago la!

      Haha, see I gave you idea on what to blog next, should thank me lo! xD

      Yes, 1500 Baht is really expensive!!

      Yep we din't buy anything from the floating market.
      Ya, everything has its first.

      Erm actually second day was ok also la, just the morning spoil a bit, hehe~

  16. 真的很佩服你更新游记的速度。

    那时候我都没有去到floating market,姐妹们只是去疯狂的扫货。哈哈

    1. 哈哈谢谢支持!


  17. wow, it must be a great experience to sit on the elephant. Both of you look lovely in red.

  18. We are all Libras..hehe. So nice to go on a holiday with your BFF. It's ok lah..kena cheated but it was still a good time you know what to do.

    Oh..the elephant ride looks exciting. Yeah..I would be worried too if the instructor left me alone with the elephant haha..

  19. My sister also tried the elephant ride in Phuket.

    1. Haha yea, elephant ride is sure popular around Thailand.

  20. The elephant ride must be fun!

  21. I had been to Bangkok once only, that was in 1996! That was like 17 years ago, wahaha!

  22. But I enjoyed my Bangkok trip very much at that time.

  23. My father told me elephants are very intelligent animals and have very good memory too, if you hurt their young kids, the adult elephant will come and revenge.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I must say Bangkok is really a great place to shop, many things to buy from bags, shoes, clothings to accessories etc etc, do share your shopping loots from Bangkok with us ok?

  26. yea到曼谷游记了^^


    1. 对,有好有坏啦其实~


  27. wow..both of you are very brave! I dare not went up the other time... yes, quite expensive to go on the ride.. entrance fees in some places are quite high too..

    1. Haha thanks!
      Yep cause it's a tourist place, sure expensive...

  28. 没看清楚还以为是双胞胎呢。。。

  29. Don't feel cheated la. It was still a good and fun experience at the floating market, right? But one thing for sure, I will worry about the same thing as you too haha, esp regarding the elephant going amok while I'm riding on it. Animals can be quite unpredictable at times!

    1. Yep, at least something new.

      Haha that's what I am talking about!

  30. 你的挪威游记落幕了?我都还没来得及追呢!!你们姐妹淘是约好穿红色的吧?也对,你们身处热情如火的曼谷耶!!:D
    我要看你的血拼收获!!come on~

    1. 对阿,落幕了!你当然来不及啦!你都在游玩嘛~


  31. Wow.. wearing same color with your good lady pal, so nice and sweet!

  32. Looking forward to my Bangkok trip in 3 weeks time!

  33. well, he probably wanted to earn some bucks since you guys are tourist ! Both of you looks great in the pixs !

  34. The floating market is actually a tourist scam. We kena conned also. Best is to arrange the tour with the hotel instead of getting offer from the taxi driver.

    Nevertheless, it's all good. When we travel, we always learn new things.

    1. Yep that's why I have warned my friends to be careful.. hehe~

      Of course, travelling is a way to learn new things!

  35. A nice place for holiday, shopping and food!!

  36. my singaporean cousin been there every year. She loves Bangkok so much. Every times she and hubby go to Bangkok light and easy, and go around themselves aa they are familiar with the places. Hope to follow them next year. They would be my good tour guides. :)

  37. Nice experience for the floating market. A must go place in Bangkok hor. I tried the elephant ride before. But yours walked in the water seem scary but it look so cool.

  38. I am looking forward to visiting the floating market!

  39. hope the elephant got treated nicely . . . :/ (been reading some elephant got abuse dunno in which country)

  40. Hi!

    How near is the floating market to the elephant camp? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie.

      I would say just about 5-10 minutes walk away.


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