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BFF trip to Bangkok 2013: Of hotel, birthday celebration & the Grand Palace

I know, these 3 have nothing in common :p But I don't feel like separating my Bangkok travelogue into too many posts so here it is, I'm going to share about the hotel we stayed and how we celebrated our birthdays together this year.

After Googled several hotel reviews, we finally decided to stay at Metz Pratunam (actually Crystal let me decide most of the things). The rate is about 1175 Baht per night for week days, and 1225 Baht for Friday - Sunday. I know there're other cheaper hotels around but I personally like this hotel, cause of the location and the room (through their website).

Not a very big hotel but it doesn't matter. It's located just a 5 minutes walk from Pratunam Market, and about 10 minutes walk to Platinum Mall, and about 15 minutes walk to the nearest BTS station (Ratchathewi).

I requested for twin beds upon reserving but since the room is still unavailable when we checked in, they let us put our luggage bags in the double-bed room first, and later helped us switched to the actual room while we went out shopping

A mirror big enough for both of us to make up at the same time, haha

What I like is that the toilet and bathroom are separated, at least we don't have to wait for each other

Though the room is slightly smaller than expected, but basic facilities are provided so I have not many complains la! And I must give credits to the staffs at the reception as they are so friendly and helpful! 
I'd surely recommend this hotel to my friends.

Metz Pratunam Hotel
39/22-23 Phethburi Road,
(Soi 15) Ratchathewi Bangkok.
Tel: +6602-6564355

So if you remember I mentioned that this is our birthday trip so I had arranged a special birthday celebration for both of us, which is to dine at the tallest building in Thailand, Baiyoke Sky Hotel. We actually walked to the hotel since it's only about 8 minutes away.

Yep, same color on purpose ^^

This is the observation deck

Since we were not the hotel guest, we din't entitled special discount for the dinner... But it's ok....

According to the website, formal attires are requested in order to dine here hence we brought along a dress and heels. But to my surprise, I saw a lot of people with shorts and sandals during the dinner >.<

Anyway, here we are at the 81st floor!! We chose to sit at the outdoor area (balcony sky box) so that we can both enjoyed the stunning night view of Bangkok city

Wind was strong here, must be careful with our dress otherwise will have to pose like Marilyn Monroe :p

View from the top, simply love the beautiful night lights of Bangkok! Well, both Crystal and I are not afraid of height so dining here is nothing to worry ;)

A very romantic place! It'll be a different feel to dine here with hubby, haha

We paid 1250 Baht each for this dinner

Since we took the premium package, we can order from the ala carte menu, as well as to enjoy the buffet menu together

There're lots of international cuisine at the buffet but I din't took much photos of the food, cause it was dark outside and to snap pictures of food with flash is not my style ;)

Photo taken by the waitress and believe it or not, it was drizzling right after this photo T_T
We got no choice but to switch to indoor, sigh~
And you know I almost wanted to kill the waitress after I reviewed this photo, so blur!!! This is the only picture of us both dining here and see, langsung tak boleh pakai la!! 
Anyway, despite the short period of time dining outdoor, we had a great time dining here, eat like nobody is controlling, and chit chat a lot! Furthermore the food is yummy!

This is how we celebrated our birthday together. It was an actual birthday celebration for Crystal, and consider an advanced celebration for me then ;)
It was overall a very pleasant and enjoyable dinner.

And on the 3rd day, we visited the Grand Palace, by taxi from the hotel. Well, it's more worth to take metered taxi in Bangkok, though many taxi drivers might refused to use that and give you a price beforehand. 

I knew that no shorts are allowed inside the palace but we din't plan to go into the palace initially, I thought we could at least snap some photos on the outside then continue with the shopping trip, so we were in our shorts. But when we arrived, I realize that there's nothing to see on the outside >.< In order to snap photos, we got to go inside too!

So no choice but have to rent the cloth dress from this shop. Very good business I tell you, cloth dress is for rent and for sell too! The tauke speaks Mandarin and English fluently.30 Baht is charged to rent the dress

We din't go into the palace, just walked around the garden. It was quite a hot morning, and the crowd is crazy. Lots of tourists in groups.

So we left the palace after a short walk, and head on to do our shopping at Terminal 21. I shall conclude my Bangkok travelogue with the following shopping post, and there's a small giveaway as well, so please stay tuned! ;)

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  1. I have visited Bangkok so many times but always admired Baiyoke Hotel from outside. I knew they have a good dining place on the 81st floor. The view is splendid and your food was plenty. I will definitely visit there. The food per head at 1250 baht is worth it for the lobsters!

    1. Yes, I have positive reviews on the Baiyoke hotel too!

  2. Love the night light views!!! =]

  3. You should have gone inside the palace since you rented the clothes. It would be a nice experience for you to compare the Western and Asian palace.

    1. I know but we wanted to go shopping more, hehe~

  4. 81楼,好高哦!!

    1. 哈哈,那里的虾都很大只的!

  5. hehehe, very true and very smart lah.. split into too many posts then readers won't be bored, or even yourself also won't be bored lah, haha!! errr, so is this about to conclude your trip?? or at least one more lah, the one with giveaway is it?? :D

    1. i've only been to BKK twice lah, and have not been to Baiyoke Sky also, how ulu!! but i've have been to the grand palace, on my own, taking the boat along the chao phraya river, surely it's more interesting than taking taxi :)

    2. not bad huh your research for hotel and the birthday dinner.. not expensive woh, the room is nice and convenient, and the dining at Baiyoke Sky surely is a nice experience!! nice food on top of the nice view, i like~~ :)

    3. nothing to see from outside the Grand Palace lah, really have to go in.. and i actually spent quite sometime inside, though i was lucky it wasn't as crowded like your visit there.. i also take a boat to go to the other side of the river, there's another temple called Wat Arun which is very beautiful..

    4. ladies can wear same clothes and people would think they are very close sisters or buddies.. guys cannot do that, else people will think they are gays~~ haha!! how unfair but so true :p

    5. But you've done it or not SK? Hehehe

    6. Haha, you are right! Tha's why I blog quickly! :p

      Haha, of course taking the boat is more interesting but have to depends on time constraint also la~

      Yep, not too expensive, it was a great experience.

      Haha I know, but we just wanted to snap some photos of the palace, then continue on with the shopping, kekke~

      LOL, you are so funny! But quite true, seldom got guys wear same clothes together, kekeke :p

      lina, I wonder too!

  6. 庆生吃多一点不是罪过。。况且那边的食物有很多,看到你的虾真的很大一只哦!

  7. yer你去了那个skybar! 那里看夜景真的很美!!(虽然我没看过!)但是看过朋友去那里,真的很美hor! 生日在那里用餐很浪漫也,虽然是女女浪漫晚餐,也不错!总觉得曼谷就是要跟女子去比较爽哈哈哈!
    你们还一起穿了同色连身裙,感觉就很赞! ^^

    1. 对!真的很美!如果不是下雨我们还真的不想走呢!!


  8. 哇,旅店不赖,食物看起来非常可口!庆生好特别喔!

  9. 超级喜欢那个skybar!!!! 还有气氛 环境 都很赞。


    1. 对阿,真的很棒!

      没错,早就pakat了 ;))

  10. My son is going end of the year.. will let him know about this hotel.. How I wish I could go with my BFF too...good friends are real hard to come by.. :)

    1. Claire, yes you are right.
      Why not plan a trip there? ;)

  11. I like the chairs at the skybar, neon colours very nice and very nice view too! Waiting for your giveaway post.

    1. Yes I like their chairs too!
      The giveaway post is out already!

  12. So nice your friend lets your decide most of the things.

  13. My bestie also lets me decide most of the things whenever we go travel. How nice of her!

  14. Budget hotel, great views and food, and the Royal Palace, what more do you want?


  15. sky bar我去过,其实我比较想去lebuan,更漂亮。。

    1. 哦 Lebuan,我也有去survey过,不过好像更贵!


  16. Like sisters... Must have been an enjoyable trip, great getaway!

  17. What a dinner birthday dinner!

    So special! :)

  18. Skybar,很美,我喜欢你和你朋友的姐妹装 ,好看。

  19. 81楼,很高啊,我应该会怕,哈哈


  20. Bangkok Bangkok, probably will going on next year v my mummy :)

    U super syok! Keep travel non stop!

  21. Baiyoke Sky我住过3次,可是每次都遇不上时间到顶楼享受自助餐,酒店入住者会有优惠。我常被曼谷街头食物拖住了脚步,就是经不住街头便靓正的小吃诱惑!!!

    1. 对阿,酒店客户都有优惠。

  22. Hi Halley, Sawatdee. Wow! Bangkok! I have always loved Thailand....
    And you and friend sure look absolutely stunning!
    Love the well taken pics here....and the food sure look deliciously exotic!
    You are really clocking up air milage, ha ha.
    Have fun,

    1. Haha, we sure love Thailand don't we? ;)

      Thanks for the compliment Lee, you too, have fun and take care!

  23. 81 storey, very high, i dare not look down, haha...

  24. Looking at your beautiful photos, tempted me to visit this place again.. will see.. plan plan sin! :)

  25. wah fine dining at the tallest building. The weather on the day you visited the Palace is quite gloomy hor. I remember last time I went there, hot till cant even open fully my eyes.

    1. Yep, it was rainy season there during the trip, but luckily it din't rain during the visit at Grand Palace....

  26. the fine dining place super nice n romantic!!!!
    noted down noted down hahahah!

  27. How can travel alone with your BFF..haha. I could only dream hehe.

    Wow..the food and the ambience really awesome. Both of you look gorgeous. :)

  28. Such a lovely view! Love dining at high places...only if the food is good!


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