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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Frederiksborg Castle

Ello ello! I am back with a proper post now ;)
I got so much to blog but time is just not enough! Wanted to submit Aden's progress as well (he's now 17 months old by the way) but he is such a sticky boy! >.<

Anyway, I shall continue my Denmark travelogue before I blog about the recent Bangkok trip. Another 3 posts to go I reckon (with giveaway too!), so please bear with me ya!

So this post is mainly on one of the beautiful castle we visited in Denmark. I shall let the pictures do the talking, instead of writing too many wordings (I am not lazy, just a bit sleepy and tired xD)


A garden before we reach the castle

As you can tell it was drizzling this morning, and strong wind was blowing! So it was even colder~

That's the Frederiksborg castle behind us

This is the castle gardens, an English-style romantic garden

Too bad it was drizzling, otherwise we could really spent more time walking around

A more formal French Baroque garden was recreated in 1996

So beautiful isn't it?

A closer look to the castle, it's just beside the lake

Entrance to the castle

No bags allowed but camera is fine as long as we don't use flash

Our tour guide telling us the history about this castle

European castles always have magnificent paintings even on the ceiling

I remember the story behind this bed vividly. According to the tour guide, people during that time used to sleep by sitting, as they believed this will bring them good luck! That's why the bed is so short in size.

A beautiful hall inside the castle

Gowns display

When we finished the tour, it was no more drizzling

A bathroom trip before we leave the castle ;)

Relevant travelogue: 


  1. I surely love to visit castles! They made me think of fairy tales!

  2. Is this the castle in Copenhagen? When we were there it was not allowed to take pictures inside.


  3. Only castle I've been to is Kelly's. They say it's haunted... :(

  4. yalor, you have been (almost) MIA and busy travelling huh?? this year is your "travel year" i guess, see you've been to so many places just within this year.. US, Cananda, Norway, Denmark, Bangkok~~ 好羨慕!!!

    1. hahaha, guess you just have to put aside Aden's progress post for some time already.. never mind lah, make the gap longer and we shall see more progress and changes from him, at the same time miss him even more mah~~ :p

    2. wah, so cute got a little garden before entering into the Frederiksborg Castle?? hehe.. the cottage house at the background looks like a place for the servants to stay last time?? and now perhaps the maintenance/management staffs?? :)

    3. very nice castle just by the lake, if it's built on the lake then i think it will be even more special and beautiful huh?? cos by seeing the photo it seems that this castle is built on the lake.. :)

    4. i like the garden and also that walkway with neatly planted trees along both sides.. and certainly the architecture as well as those exhibits inside the castle.. good one!! typical European castle and reminds me of my visit to le château de Versailles in Paris.. :)

    5. Hmm, not sure what's the cottage house for.

  5. The antic bed frame and the sculptures on the ceiling is amaze.

  6. 外国的风景比较美!哈哈!真得很美丽!!

  7. Enchanting gardens, Hayley! Reminds me of the books I read during my younger days.. I think if I were to enter a castle, very soon I would get lost in it... :)

  8. Love the grandeur of the castle. :)

  9. Wah! Will have a giveaway soon ke? How nice. And how generous of you. :)

  10. 坐着睡觉????除非是很累,不然我会睡不着,呵呵~~

    1. 哈哈,那是他们的传说啦~

  11. Aden会很粘身吗?我的b如果只有一个人与他一起也是这样。




  12. Hi Hayley, very nice pics, well taken too.
    Have a fun weekend.

  13. I like this castle, I should ask my Denmark friend about this tomorrow, hehe!!! =]

  14. The view at the castle is spectacular! Wow!

  15. Welcome backkkk!

    So where are you packing off to soon?

    1. I think I am not going anywhere already la~

  16. Welcome back.

    I love castles. Beautiful.

  17. The architecture inside is so beautiful and detailed with murals. I love such ancient buildings with characters! Good that they allowed photography!

  18. The only castle I ever entered was Hampton Court Palace in UK and those in Japan. They do not allow any photography inside.

  19. The lion statue looked cute beside you. I would have hugged and kissed that lion!! Muahahahaha


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