Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last day of November

Last day of November!! ;0

Nothing much to blog today, just wanna wish my dear readers a happy weekend!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh (part II the end)

Ok,I better not procrastinate further on the continuation of the trip to Lost World, Tambun. This post I've decided to let the pictures do most of the talking ;) So, enjoy~
(Click HERE to read part I)

水上乐园游第二篇,不啰嗦了,看照片去~  ;)

Friend, Cheery and her family

The giant pail of water just gushed down! Haha xD

The kids were a bit frightened sliding down, hehe~ But wanted to play again


Leng ma and the kids :p


Friend Elie and her family

Our sons are just 5 weeks apart in age

I love this shot taken by daddy!

There's a man made beach in the middle

Father and son's bonding time 

Love this group photo! Thanks to the tripod that Elie brought!

哈哈我们的表情~ >.<




Aden enjoyed dipping in the hot spring pool, so did we! Very comfy here~


Another hot spring pool

3 little men wearing similar swimsuit! Love this view~

Leaving the water park, we walked around the place before changing into our clothes. Let's see what else is in the Lost World.
玩水玩到身体phong phong了,我们就到处走走看看咯~

There's a Tiger Valley inside, but only 2 tigers, pity~
There's an animal show on 3pm that day

A roller coaster

Camping tent to rent

Haunted house

Every child's favorite, a carousel. This is located in the Amusement park

Swing me to the air~

Mini pirate ship

Ok, time to take a shower and changed into our clothes before having lunch.

The kids are hungry, milk milk time!
Remember I mentioned the food here sucks? So I din't bother to take photos, haha xD Normal la right? Usually food selling here is a bit sub standard, a bit tasteless and cold, and not cheap. We had some chicken chop, fried rice and burgers, and a bit waffle.

Then, we walked further under the hot sun to the petting zoo.


Aden likes to watch chicken, hehe~

All types of birds walking freely around this zoo, Aden is excited!

Things are quite well maintained inside

Aden was like asking me what is that mummy? So big!!
That's the alligator snapping turtle, 140 years-old, the oldest in the world!

可怜的miniature horse.. 孤零零一只~


The raccoon is so cute!

Leaving the petting zoo, we walked further into the Lost World and saw a lake where you can paddling.
Lost World 里头还有一个湖,可以喂喂鱼踏踏船。

New way of holding our kid these days, LOL!

Tin Valley, with a small cafe which serves coffee and toasted bread
Tin Valley, 小小咖啡馆,卖着香喷喷的黑咖啡和烤面包~


At this time, they have only 20% battery left

Aden你就不能配合妈咪来个可爱的表情哦?:p 还给我挖嘴巴!!

We had a ride at the carousel before leaving Lost World.

Bye daddy, since you don't want to ride so you became the camera man la! xD

Like this!

One last photo at the entrance before we head back Taiping. Aden was so sleepy and cranky already. Weather had turned super hot then, to those who just came, wah salute your guys!!

Little boy KO immediately in the car

A trip with such an active and super clingy toddler is sure no easy task, I was so tired and sleepy when on the way back. Despite all that tiredness, I am satisfied and happy that we all made the trip happened! The kids might not remember this day but as long as we enjoyed that moment and had fun, it's all worth it.

Aden你就忍耐一下,等爸爸赚多多钱一次过带你(还有我 :p)飞远远环游世界!xDD