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AXA Affin 110 CancerCare: A little help goes a long way

I believe some of you had heard about this project, I myself came across this through a few bloggers who blogged about it in Mandarin, such as Eve 依芙, 宅妈 and 珍妮花. (借你们的部落一下蛤。。xD)
So if you prefer reading in Mandarin, please hop over to their blogs. Otherwise, spare me a few minutes to read the following.

AXA AFFIN, in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), are supporting cancer patients currently undergoing treatment in this campaign. AXA AFFIN will fund the NCSM daycare usage to one cancer patients for every blogger that links back to AXA AFFIN 110CancerCare website in their effort to care for cancer patients.
All they need is for you to write a post on your blog about cancer and mention AXA AFFIN or this project briefly. There’s no strict requirement for the post, as long as it is about cancer.

There have been official press releases as well for this project for additional information. Links to the press release are as below:

I am sure we all heard about cancer as it's one of the top killer these days, it takes a way millions of lives each year, and it does not just occur on adults, even young children can be affected too. But what really is cancer? In short, cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected.

Here, a short video on what is cancer:

I remember vividly how cancer took my uncle's life away many years ago. He was a hawker and my mum helped at his stall for years, I went to help too during school holidays. Hence we meet quite often and we actually chat quite a lot. He is such a nice uncle to me. But the news that he had an intestine cancer shocked us all. It was quite cancerous and no further treatment can be done, he can only rely on medicines to sort of makes him live a bit longer.
But day by day he lost appetite and became thinner and thinner, til the extend that he couldn't even sit up but had to lay down on bed all day. In the end, he lost the fight and left us all :(

Cancer can be caused by genetic and other factors, but as long as take good care, we can get it diagnosis earlier before it's too late. That's why it's important to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, watch our diet, stay away from alcohol and tobacco, and do annual check-up. 

Lastly, let's show our love and pray for the cancer patients, and give them a hope.

You can visit the website for more information, 
Or contact the person in charge, Cassie at


  1. 一起为癌症病患者出一份力=]

  2. Cancer is so scary to everyone these days as this deadly disease is on the rise. I will support your good cause later and link back to AXA AFFIN 110CancerCare website. I have helped the Hospice for years and my duty was to fetch the terminally ill patients for treatments until they passed away. Now I have to summarize their stories.

  3. 我很荣幸,尽情分享吧~哈!

  4. hmm my mom is currently on her chemotherapy too to fight for breast cancer. Wish all the patient win the battle.

  5. cancer is such a scary term to be heard of!! and yeah, you are already doing a great deed to help the others when you are drafting this post without yourself realizing it.. :)

  6. 也是我的荣幸 :)

  7. Not easy to deal with cancer having lost a young friend to cancer last year and one of my fave aunties.

  8. Recent Aug, cancer took away the life of my 2nd BIL too.

  9. Cancer is the most feared word... sigh... I hope with the latest medical technology, people stricken with cancer will not suffer so much.. .

  10. Replies
    1. Yes cancer its a scary thing. Every 4wonen, 1 will kena. :(

  11. My husband' s side of family is high risk of cancers so every day I nag my hubby to quit smoking and drinking. Cancer is common nowadays because of lifestyle, diet and stress.

  12. I've never heard about this but i surely knows what cancer is about. My Father-In-Law died of liver cancer a few years back and sorry to hear about your uncle.

  13. Lets speard the Love all around the world ~

  14. Thanks for your comments! Let's do our part to help the needed ok?



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