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Aden boy: 19 months old

1. Aden loves shopping just like his mummy ;) He gets super excited when he knows he gets to go out with any of us.

2. His ability to copy our actions is expanding, monkey see monkey do. He mimic us to sweep the floor, play the computer (even tries to type on the keyboard and use the mouse), switch on the fan using remote control and etc, and in this picture, he is trying to cut his nails on his own (of course he doesn't know how yet :p)
Aden 有样学样的能力越来越厉害了,几乎什么都会乱学一篇。现在开始我们真的要小心了,那些儿童不宜的动作千万不可以给他看到,哈哈哈哈!!

3. He is super expert in using his iPod (we utilised the FOC iPod given by FIL's company and downloaded toddler games for him). And even iPad/iPhone is not a big deal for him, he knows how to slide to see the photos, even play videos (Should I be happy or worried? =_=)

4. He is still an active boy and even though he plays a lot during day time, he doesn't seems to get tired at night. Of late his sleeping hour has been extended to after 11pm :( Mummy has a hard time to sleep now........ But luckily he wakes up at 9am most of the times, at least I can steal a bit beauty sleep time.

5。He is the only child at home so far so I know he is bored because of that, he gets very excited when he meet his playmates. Time for a sibling, I know, hahaha xD
我知道其实他在家没朋友会很闷,我更知道大家都告诉我说‘是时候生第二个了’,哈哈!我只说,一切随缘 xD

6. I've started to wean him off from his pacifier since early this week and I have to say, so far everything is good! He seems to 'forget' about his pacifier during sleep time these few days, and he never ask for that too! Yeah! Way to go my boy! 
我已经开始train Aden 戒奶嘴咯!已经是第六天了!到目前为止都进展得不错,他不会讨也不会吵要奶嘴!噢耶!原来帮宝宝戒奶嘴也没有想象中难,只要坚持一定可以!;)

7. Latest weight is 12.4kg =_= But he doesn't seems to grow taller since last month :(

8. He is not growing any new teeth at the moment, I see there're still 4 molars 'missing'.
暂时没再长牙了,还剩4颗大牙没‘报到’ =)

9. 大部分人都说他还是很像爸爸 =) 对阿,就连脾气也跟爸爸一样牛!=_='
严格来说Aden 还不会说话,不过都懂我们在说什么。目前说的最标准的是'no no no', 还会摇着手指说  =_= 都是talking tom教坏的!哈哈! 

That's all I can think of now, shall update more about Aden soon!
Til then, have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Look forward to see more post about Aden... :)

  2. 我的小侄儿也是爱看自己的照片和影片,每次自己看自己笑,呵呵,可爱极了!!! =]

  3. Time really flies... soon we will see him going to kindie! hahaha...

  4. Your account of Aden's growing up reminds me of my kids when they were at that stage. So nice to see them grow.

    1. I suppose modern mums encourage their kids to use the modern gadgets too. It should be good but at a young age like Aden, I'm not too sure.

    2. Yes, it's indeed a blessing to watch him grow.

      Yea, kids these days are being spoil like that huh? =_=

  5. Greetings from Chengdu. Your baby has grown up fast and will become an intelligent kid. I heard someone say simple baby yoga daily could help stimulate bones to grow faster.

    1. Hi TM!
      Hmm I hope he is intelligent too xD
      Oh, simple baby yoga? Interesting!

  6. Aden boy is 19-month old already.. wow, so fast and in a few more months he is going to celebrate his 2nd birthday.. maybe Mommy has already planned for the birthday celebration now?? :p

    1. he loves shopping?? hahaha, either that is 有樣學樣 or 基因遺傳 from the mommy lah.. hey, nice right?? when he is more grown up later, you 兩母子 can go shopping hand in hand together.. wah, so happy right?? :D

    2. wah, already know how to play with iPad ah?? Uncle SK doesn't even have one leh, haha.. but this is now very common right?? toddlers or even babies now are all so good at swiping and poking on their gadgets.. i am imagining, few more months later, maybe he is shopping online using his iPad and doesn't want to go to sleep early, hahahaha!! :p

    3. hehehe, being the old kid at home surely he gets excited when he got the chance to play with other kor-kor jie-jie di-di mei-mei lah.. and yes, you understand your readers so well huh?? i am just about to say, 要不要給他來個弟弟或妹妹?? good lah, maybe a little sister to 湊個「好」字 mah~~ :)

    4. photo #8 so cute lah, i like that the most!! what was he looking at until so excited?? it's like you are giving him something of his favorite and he got a surprise.. hmmm, makes me think of STP looking at his kampua noodles!! hahaha, sorry ah but cannot help to associate with that :D

    5. Yes, time flies huh SK! Haha, 2nd birthday party? Not that fast la!

      Yes, he loves shopping just like his mummy :p
      Yep, look forward to days like that~

      Hoho, come let Aden share the iPad with you! :p
      Correct, kids these days are very 'smart' in using gadgets.

      Haha, ok, 承你贵言,凑个好字!;)

      LOL, he was just being happy la! Haha yea, STP and kampua noddles, great combo! xDD

  7. Haha. Time for new sibling. Let get started and have a baby horse next year. Lol!

    Kids nowadays love to go shopping and 'kai kai', and also high tech savvy.

    1. Haha, let's go with the rhythm la! ;)

      Yep, they are so spoil!

  8. Get a gal, then one pair, super nice! haha..

  9. 小孩子的學習能力真的很強 :)
    祝aden 快好長大~ 健健康康 :)

  10. Love Aden, he is sooooooo cute!

  11. Hayley, like your latest profile picture, very sexy haha!

  12. Growing cuter and more endearing by the day!

  13. Aden的确比较像爸爸!!妈妈你唯有寄望下一胎像你好了~XDD

    1. 哈哈是噢?没关系啦,像谁都好,都是我的宝贝~

  14. 比手画脚说跌倒以前小龙也是这样。
    小龙也是爱看自己的照片然后play video><顺利戒奶嘴是好事,aden好棒噢!

  15. The picture of daddy looking at him playing the ipod, daddy looks extremely flexible with his limbs! LoL!

    1. LOL, he is tall so a bit hunchback la!

  16. Ok...i am impressed he can cut his own nails..haha

  17. Has Aden been taking enough calcium, Hayley?

    I heard that if to grow taller, the child has to take beef and milk and really, really exercise. But don't worry much; he's still young. He could probably have a growth spurt in the coming years? =)

    1. Yes, he takes enough calcium daily.

      Yep, hard to say right now. But I sure hope he can grow taller~

  18. He can mimic very well. The way he trying to trim his nail really look steady and pro leh. Yes Aden still look alike daddy.

    1. Haha, best actor right? :p

      Hehe, daddy's boy :)

  19. 看Aden的成长过程跟佟b的真的很像!!!!下次我抄你的文!哈哈哈!
    爱出门,爱kai kai xD 爱模仿,所以我们大人讲话动作要小心。
    Aden 12.4kg!一点都不像!他看起来很fit!应该是很高!

    1. 哈哈可以,没问题!xD

      Erm, 我也不知道,和你一样,算不清。。

  20. 有樣學樣的小孩學習能力超快〜!我的表姪女也是這樣〜

  21. wah so big already ^^ :)

    it is so good to see your kid playing with other kids!

  22. 现在小孩子的学习能力超强的,年纪小小就懂得如何用手机和电脑,想当年我可是上了大学才有一部属于自己的手机啊!

  23. Time flies and he is now 19 months!!!


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