Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are you ready?

Image taken from an online source

Last few weeks, several friends of mine posted the above photo in FB and I could quickly associated with it. Ok if you can't read Chinese, let me translate for you:
" In the coming month(during CNY) you'll probably be annoyed by these few questions:
- When will you graduate?
- Going to college/Uni?
- Have you got a job?
- Are you seeing someone at the moment?
- When are you going to get married?
- When are you going to get pregnant?
- How much is your salary?
Bla bla bla bla..............."

The 2 questions highlighted in bold are the most common question those aunties uncles would ask. I've been through it and seriously it's damn annoying. While CNY is a great time for everyone to get together, this is the part I hate the most. Elderly would never get bored by asking those questions again and again.

自从结婚过后,每逢过年一想到要面对那些三姑六婆姨妈姑姐,我都会提心吊胆很烦。这些问题肯定‘入围’滴 (尤其是那个‘你们几时要小孩啊?’), 跑不掉。加上老公那边亲戚特别多,所以当时的压力特别大。当然我是不必给他们交待啦,不过想象一下如果每个人都酱问你,难道你的头不大吗?>.<

更烦的是,不管你怎样回答,他们都会继续帮你洗脑,‘早生好啊,快快生2-3个,过后你就sinang鸟。。’ 喂你说要生就生 meh?

还有,早从几个月前人人就开始问我‘So你不打算做工料啦?’就连我的朋友们都酱问(啊你们怎么可以酱对我!!)。一开始时我还很开心的跟他们分享 ok, 就说‘看看怎样先啦,等Aden大一些再打算’。不过接下来我就开始很不耐烦了,就很简单的说‘不一定’。我咧是属于比较文静的人(吐),我不像有些人很坦白,terang terang讲话,所以我没办法直接摆臭脸。。(所以说有时我满羡慕那些勇于表达自我的人,至少可以逃过很多烦人的问题).

This year, I have Aden with me, but the elderly would sure have something else to ask, can you guess?
Yep, they would ask 'When you wanna get number 2?' and so on. It's a never ending cycles. (Well, may be I'd become like this too when I grow old, haha!)

And besides this, I knew many will also ask me 'so are you planning to become a SAHM forever?'. I just answered 'may be', perhaps some of them are concern about me but sorry, it's really annoying. Some of them would think that it's a waste for me to stay home looking after baby because I have a degree. But to me, sometimes things cannot be judged this way. 

But apart from all this dramas, I am thankful that my own family, hubby and in laws never bother me with these questions. (Erm except that my father did asked me when I wanna get a brother/sister for Aden =_=)

Anyway, are you ready for those questions this CNY?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Whitesoot: One shouldered blouse 之穿红红过年咯

After 2 months of receiving sponsored clothing from Whitesoot, I couldn't wait to choose the 3rd item this month! CNY is approaching and they have so many nice clothes just for the occasion!
Note: Want to know how I got sponsored? Hurry drop them an email at

They stocked up many beautiful cheongsam for this CNY, aka the Oriental Spring series! Honestly, I got tempted to buy but on second thought, I don't think I can fit into it :(

Anyway, after browsing a few I have set my eyes on this:

And I simply love what I've chosen! 

Nice color and material. This is also my first toga blouse, hehe.

The favorite part is the over-sized ribbon

Simply pair it with shorts...

.. or tuck it in with skirts, both looking ok, right? ;)
The blouse is slightly loose for me but that's totally ok, I prefer this rather than tight fitting top so that I can hide my fat tummy.

The whole outfit would look even better with pencil skirt, sadly I do not own one

The blouse is good to go with a pairs of jeans too!

Do I look good? Hehe. 
Ok I knew I mentioned before I seldom buy red clothes cause red can look matured, but now I take back what I've said :p

Lastly, a syok sendiri shot cause I was so in the mood for CNY already!! ^^ 

Thank you Whitesoot for the speedy delivery and the lovely piece of blouse! <3

If you've missed out my previous 2 sponsored clothing, please click HERE and HERE.

p/s: I really got a few red tops this CNY, haha! 不知不觉真的买了几件红色上衣,我看今年我一定红到发紫!!xD

Friday, January 25, 2013

New year clothes

I bet most of you have done your CNY shopping ya? I mean your new year clothes. 

This year, I managed to shop quite a lot compared to last year and I am satisfied with what I've got. Last year this time, I was 6 months preggie so I couldn't really shop too much (choices are limited), and also no mood to shop too much la cause of my puffy face =_=

So here I am, 重出江湖, and unleash my natural shopping talent again, wakakak xD
耶,今年可以发挥女人本色扮靓靓鸟~ ^^

Loots I got from the recent Penang trip

Surprisingly, I got a few pieces of red clothes without realizing. I don't really wear red because to me, red can be quite mature (Hey I am still very young!) But then some friends encourage me to wear red because I have fair skin tone.

Some pants and shirts for hubby (ok not very important :p)

Apart from these, hubby and I had already stocked up on new year clothes during our US trip 2 months ago (Click HERE to view), and I also got my Whitesoot sponsored top so we can stop buying already. 

And this year, besides spending for both hubby and I, we spent a lot for our precious too. This little boss is indeed very lucky~

Some outfits and shoes from Trudy & Teddy. Finally I get to buy Trudy & Teddy's clothes after so long! Haha actually I love this brand since I was pregnant.
之前在怀孕时就爱上这个牌子的衣服了,全部都很可爱(当然女宝宝的更cute!)不过老公说等Aden出世再买也不迟,所以每次都做‘青标’罢了 (福建话),就是只看爽不买的意思。

More clothes for him

More more clothes (据说那件Gangnam style的上衣是家公买给Aden的,哈哈,想不到平时那么严肃的他竟然会想买这件衣给他的孙。。)

And more more more clothes for Aden... These were the loots from our US trip last year, mainly from Gymboree and Osh Kosh. Baby and kids wear are so much cheaper there and I couldn't stop buying! 
So Aden has definitely got more than enough new year clothes to wear this coming CNY. 比爹地妈咪还多!

Opps, I have just realize that I got new clothes and new bag but no new shoes yet, hehehe, darling hubby, would you please................... ^^ *hint hint*

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Annual body check up

I consider myself not a very health conscious type of person but I did go for body check up every year, just to make sure I have no major serious illness, once I know I don't have any serious illness (touchwood touchwood!!), I'll just keep the reports in the drawer :p (摸木啦,谢天谢地这么久以来的body check up报告都算不错。。。)

So I went for the usual body check up last month, this time I went to BP diagnostic instead of Pathlab. Err no special reason for the change.
This time I took the RM6## package which consist of basic check-up, Hepa B screening, lipids study (cholesterol), Anti HIV screening test, audiometry test (hearing capability), pulmonary test (lungs function), osteoporosis test, ECG, muscle-fat analysis, abdomen ultrasound and some other lady-related health issue test.
(Ok you can actually ignore the tests names, totally :p)

To be honest, this check-up is a bit out of my budget. I remember the usual price range last time is between RM 300- RM 400. But since I am getting more kiasi  health conscious (well, age is catching up), I told myself nevermind (of course, hubby is my ATM machine xD).
Actually I am quite satisfied with I've paid cause this check-up is very detailed.
对我来说是有点贵&不舍得。。不过为了自己的健康,还是检查得仔细的一点比较安心。加上已经做妈妈了,绝不可以让自己有什么三长两短!(CHOI!!! 大吉利是!!干吗讲到酱严重!)

The result, everything is good, except for the annoying cholesterol level. I knew beforehand that my cholesterol level is going to be bad (预咗啦~). It exceed the normal reading about 9%! :0
不过一看到那个胆固醇reading时,差点晕过去。。。没想到会标到那么高!!以前的是高不过还算tolerable, 现在这个真是惨不忍睹。。。过后想想,也有道理啦,谁叫自己那么贪吃,因为目前还没从产后瘦身成功嘛!(哈哈,好一个自我安慰的烂理由 =p)

So, ever since that day, I've decided to control my food intake seriously. Up til today, I managed to shed off 1.5kg in 2 weeks time (well, consider a good start for myself). The saying no pain no gain is indeed very true, I have to sacrifice all my favourite sinful snacks.... T_T It's not easy since I am a food lover, but for the sake of my health and also to be able to look better this coming CNY, I told myself I can and I have to do it.

Of course besides controlling food intake, I attend the aero yoga lessons thrice a week, and invest on some slimming cream. And if things allowed, I actually want to engage in more exercises.

How about you? Do you go for body check-up consistently? ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Move review: The Last Stand

Image source

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Eduardo Noriega

I din't notice this movie at all until I read about the review in someone's blog, guess I am slowly detach from the movie world >.<

Back to the topic, it was a movie date for hubby and I and we totally enjoyed it.

The movie is mainly about how Arnold, a sheriff and his team of 5 fighting against a notorious drug king prisoner and his gang, in order to protect his home Summerton.

Story line wise, there're some conversational parts which I find a bit boring. But luckily the actions and those gun fighting and the bloody flesh scenes covered up the imperfection (Yea I love watching bloody flesh scenes ^^). So this is PG18 rated movie cause it's quite violent.

One thing I need to pay respect to is the main character Arnold Schwarzenegger (Gosh I still cannot remember how to spell his family name). I mean he is now 66 years old but in the movie, he seems ok with those fighting and actions. I don't think I will be that active when I reach 66 years old, LOL! So, salute~

Personal rating: 7/10

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aden's first dip in the pool

I've been wanting to bring Aden to swim since he loves water so much. But I want  hubby to go along and the only time he is free is on Sundays. 
But weather wasn't really good in the evening, and we have to be in our swim suits if going to those public pools. This isn't a big problem for me, but hubby seems to be a bit shy on this (cheh 吃到酱大还paiseh什么?!)
其实很'浪费'因为老公很会游泳,就因为要穿泳裤所以他坚持不要下水。。(男人啊,面子真的那么重要meh??=p 如果是,那你就plan一下弄个私人游泳池啦!^^ ) 

On the other hand, my FIL is concern about the chlorine in the water.

Haiz, so due to all sorts of dilly dally, I've decided to buy a plastic kiddie pool and let Aden enjoy swimming at home, for the mean time.
Bought a set of plastic pool from an online store, it comes with all sorts of accessories and I think it's quite convenient! Here daddy is setting up the pool and my kepochi son is watching

I love this pool as it's tall enough for Aden (since he's only 70cm tall =_=). Most pools I see in supermarkets are shallow and only meant for kids/adults.

By the way a little note to hubby: Sorry I need to betray you now for posting some of your topless photos below, kakaka! (Actually nothing to see also la, LOL)
Paiseh 啊老公,以下有些照片大可能会看到你的_ _。。哎呀不用紧啦,你身材那么好,怕什么?*bodek-ing* (很会演戏的老婆)
心里话: 其实没什么好看pun xD

Aden and daddy getting ready~ 

Aden: Papa what are you going to do?? Why am I topless?

Testing testing.. He seems a bit shocked at first, but slowly getting to feel comfortable in the pool

Haha don't ask me what is this expression

Water was a bit cold, but we did pour in hot water too~

Aden is enjoying his splash splash time~

Our kepochi dog wants to join too! Speaking of dog, our pet would still bark at Aden once in a while. They will keep staring at Aden if we bring him near

Daddy enjoyed too~ And mummy enjoyed snapping non stop!


His swim diaper is quite girly, haha! But who cares! :p

The pool set comes with this neckfloat 

And a few colorful duckie

Opps getting sleepy liao~

We let him played in the pool for about 30 minutes, then quickly changed him and keep him warm. I think Aden likes it and is looking forward to more of it! (As if I can read his mind)
Wait til he's big enough, we'll bring him to the proper swimming pool.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aden boy: 8m1w

My son has turned 8 months-old last Monday, it seems like I've just blogged about his 7 months progress yesterday >.<
Obviously, time flies, he's really growing too fast! 

Anyway, this is just another mixed updates of my son.

Ok 让我澄清一下,其实偶不是懒惰,只是这小瓜越大就越坏!他超级active的,我真的要24小时盯着他看,为了不让自己分心 (以免惹来不必的伤痕,哈哈)所以就很少帮他拍照料。。怎样?这个借口理由可以吧?=]

还有,这小瓜是giat到。。。连他的老爸都beh tahan。不过妈咪我就会很开心趁机酸他说‘哼看你还要不要第二个!’ 结果他既然很豪脸说‘当然要!’  >.<" (喂当然啦!又不用你生!!)

还有还有,就是因为酱,我给了他一个新名,giat giat. Giat 就是福建话里的坏蛋/调皮。

1. Aden smiles and laugh a lot when he wakes up, mummy hopes he is like that all the time. giat giat 睡饱饱,心情好~

2. Aden has a lot of sleeping patterns, some very cute, some very ugly.. The cute ones are inherited from mummy and the ugly ones are from daddy, muahahah xD 
giat giat 睡觉pattern了了。。 

3. First dip in the pool at home and he simply loved it! Shall blog about it in another post. 小瓜很爱水~ 

4. Aden: Hi I am a little soldier 小小兵~

5. At 8 months-old, he weighs 8.6kg and height at 70cm. Still taking 7oz formula milk every 4-5 hours, with 2 solid per day. Wearing L size diapers. 

6. Able to climb to our bed since 7 months-old, now his latest trend is to half-kneel and rock his bottom front and back, very not nice looking (if you know what I mean, keke)
giat giat 最新pattern就是半跪然后屁股向前向后用力摇,非常不雅观!(就让你们自由发挥想象吧!) 

7. Loves to climb higher now, whenever he sees us sitting nearby, he'd crawl towards us and try to pull himself upwards. 很喜欢爬高高料。。 

8. Gu gu bought him a red deer from Ikea, of course he's still small to ride on it, but Aden loves this new partner! His toys are getting more and are all over the place. 再过不久整个客厅就是他的玩具store room料。。。

9. He is able to pull himself up and stand by holding on something, still not very stable though, so it's best to hold him. giat giat 可以扶着东西把自己撑起来,不过还不是很稳定。。

10. Poor boy has mild fever since the rotavirus and prevenar vaccine last week (2 vaccines at the same times). He never had a fever before (touchwood!). 上个礼拜一次过打针和喝rotavirus药水,可能是酱所以隔天就发烧了。不过生病料还是很giat!名副其实的一条龙!

11. Third lower incisors is coming since 2 weeks ago. I read that normally upper incisors come after the first 2 lower incisors., but his 3rd lower incisors come first. Teething is a big milestone for babies but also a suffering one for both baby and mummy. He is becoming very cranky, fussy and sticky. And also drools non stop!
giat giat的牙齿长很快, 都不懂是好还是坏。。有人说长得快就掉得快,也有人说长得快是因为 tam jiak,我看Aden是属于后者啦。。哈哈! 

12. Admiring at his own name, haha! Still sleeping on his bed beside us. Able to sleep through the night since 7 months old. 他自己的床我看再过1-2月就会不够睡料。。。7个月开始就没有讨夜奶了,不过偶尔半夜会起来eh eh eh 几声再睡。。。

13. His ugly look when crying. Now he no longer cry like a new born but use high-pitch voice to scream and cry. Way to go boy!! >.<
给你们看看他哭的丑样。哭得很可怜 hor?千万不要给他骗到!!他很会做戏的~ 现在的小朋友都很有演戏天分!

14. His most enjoyable moment. 家里最叹的莫过于Aden少爷了。。。 

15. Learning to be on all fours. 在做pumping。。哈哈! 

16. Friend admires his tanned-looking skin, said it looks healthier, LOL! 我的阳光男孩~

17. Playing superman 空中飞人 with daddy, he will look for his dad when he wants to play, and look for me when he wants to sleep (My mum and MIL are ok too). 

18. Mummy let him do what he wants...... 又来了。。。 

19. Also able to push himself from sitting position to crawling.  

20. I love his smiles! He 2 teeth are so cute~ 很喜欢他笑的时候(abo then?) 

21. His stranger anxiety is much tolerable now. He will smile and let strangers carry. I hope this is not just a phase but is an on-going trend, hehe. Aden has also started to mimic some of our lips and hands movements. 最近又可以给陌生人抱抱了,最喜欢就是看着我们在讲话和讲电话。(kepochi) 也会开始学我们大人一些嘴唇动作。

22. Started to train him on BLW (baby led weaning) and he is quite good with it! I am going to let him experience more food~

Being a SAHM is really no easy task, especially when the child is sick or becomes cranky. Many times I got so angry and lost temper by scolding him. I know it's no good but I just can't control myself. Everybody has temper and nobody is perfect, I am still learning to be a better mum.
Nonetheless I told myself to take a deep breath whenever things happen. 

Thanks for reading and time to resume my duty~