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Banana & chocolate muffins

Have been wanting to bake something since ages but time isn't enough.  Finally decided to those ditch lazy bugs in me the other day and managed to bake something for myself and the family! *hooray*
However, don't expect something big as this is just a simple bakes. But hey, better than none right? ^_*

Here's the ingredients:
3 large bananas 280g plain flour
3 tspn baking powder
1 tspn baking soda
1/2 tspn salt
100g brown sugar 
1 large egg, lightly beaten
50ml condensed milk 
75g unsalted butter
70g chocolate chips
And the steps: Pre-heat oven to 180'C. Meanwhile line the muffin pans with paper muffin cases.Melt the butter and let it cool, set aside.Sieve flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together into a mixing bowl. Mix in the chocolate chips. Set aside. Peel the bananas and mash with a fork in a bowl. Add in brown sugar, egg, milk and melted butter. Mix until well combined.Pour ingredients step 4 into step 3. Gently fold all the ingredients to form a wet batter with a…

A beautiful gathering

Attended a friend's wedding reception over the weekend and with this, I can say almost all my friends in the gang are married. Haha xD
Hubs and I decided not to bring Aden along, reason being is we'll be super busy looking after this naughty boy during the whole dinner. He isn't walking but he loves to climb up from the high chair nowadays, even his favorite snacks can't do the trick to make him sit still. So we left him at home with MIL.
上周六出席了朋友Emelyn的婚宴,就酱我们一班里差不多都娶/嫁得7788咯!呵呵~ (怎么听起来感觉我们都老了?!) 原本我打算带Aden一起去的不过老公就say no。过后想想也好啦,难得两公婆去拍拖,可以喝喝小酒 因为现在的Aden已经是坐不静了,就连最爱的mam mam也拿他没办法,就是很爱从椅子爬起来! 我很怕到时跟他 bo eng,搞到自己很狼狈。我家Aden就是那么调皮,已经开始discipline 他了,不过或许他还小吧?>.< 结果得知朋友们都没带自己的小孩呢!原因就跟我一样!哈哈!

Dinner was at Soon Lee restaurant. Sorry folks no food picts this time, only got menu, haha! I found myself getting lazier to shoot food picts. Moreover, I am getting bored of the menu served by this restaurant =_= 这次婚宴/聚会主要是扮靓靓和友人拍照所以没有拍到食物。加上我对这间酒楼的餐点已经觉得闷了,那天吃过后,更觉得他们的食物退步了阿!

Movie Review: Fast & Furious 6

Image source
Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Gal Gadot, Luke Evans

Have been anticipating for this ever since I finished watching the 5th installment! Similar to the previous installment, Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew are helping Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to catch the big evil team, leaded by Shaw (Luke Evans).
But I'm slightly disappointed at the ending...
(Note: spoiler ahead)

My favorite cool girl (Gisele) dies in the end, as she is trying to save his boy friend Han :(
But then, nothing is perfect in life la right? We cannot always expect a happy ending.

And the part when Dom jumps (or should I say flies?) and trying to catch Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) at the bridge, I'm sure many would think it's too exaggerated! 

But other than that, I love how the story goes a bit twist and turn, and not forget to mention, the hilarious moves and conversation, especially from the big black guy, Roman (Tyrese Gibson) ^^
As for the bad guy, Shaw, I personally t…

To the weekend!

It's a long weekend! I bet most of you are enjoying your day off now =) Will be slightly busy this weekend so I shall see you all next week!

Showing you how my boy started his floor exercise/split lately =_="
Happy Wesak Day and have a fabulous weekend! <3

Braised pork knuckle with black vinegar/猪脚醋

在翻看旧的部落篇时,就看到了这篇。。 突然很想念坐月餐耶!
Was browsing through my old posts and I came across this post, a compilation of confinement food I had last year.

猪脚醋,永远都是我的最爱! My favorite confinement food! Actually this is my all time favorite la!
回想起坐月时,其实还满‘享受’的。大部分东西都是坐月婆搞定,我也有很伟大的借口吩咐老公做这做那,而他也没办法 say no,哈哈!我的任务就是像头牛努力哺乳和挤奶 xD
I ate a lot of this dish during my 40 days of confinement and I even request the aunty to cook more. I can finish a bowl of it with just plain rice, it taste like heaven!  And now, I'd also request my MIL or my mum to cook it once a while =)
Obviously this is just a filler post as I am running outta topics to blog, hehe.
p/s: 补充一下,这篇很明显是我无聊没东西写而生的,并没有暗示什么蛤。。:p

Fabula Collagen Max Bright

To be honest, I have been taking care of my skin inside out since years ago. And ever since I became a mother, I spend even more times, effort (and money) on my skin. Well you know, lots of physical and mental changes happened after childbirth (if only you can understand), plus as age is catching up (I hope I don't sound too old :p), things are obviously unlike last time.
打从在念大学期间我就很注重自己的皮肤保养了,虽说一开始我的肌肤也没什么大问题(ehem, 清清喉咙)不过所谓世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人,保养要趁早才有效嘛(哪个女人不爱美呢? ) 当了妈妈之后的我更注意保养了。虽然每天忙着顾孩子搞到身心疲倦,一天24小时也不够用,不过无论怎样我都不会skip掉保养这一块。
Collagen drinks hit the market some times ago and initially I was skeptical because it's something we drink into our bodies and I am not sure about the side effects it will give.  But one day I was at a local pharmacy stocking up my health supplements and I took the chance to ask the pharmacist what is it so good about collagen drinks and is it really safe to consume? I know I am asking the right person, but could also be the wrong person because she'll…

Aden boy: 1y1w

Yes, Aden boy is 1 year 1 week old now ;)
不懂为什么突然很想记录一下Aden的近况!呵呵~ 正确来说,小瓜已经是1岁1星期又4天大了!(要算得那么准吗?)
To be honest, his face doesn't change much compared to new born time (except for being chubbier la!) Majority still says he looks more like his dad, well hubs and I have no idea actually, haha xD But it doesn't matter la, as long as he's healthy and happy. 大多数人都说他像爸爸。。Hmm 像谁都好,他永远都是爹地妈咪的心肝!
Loves water as usual, bath time have been increases to twice daily (sometimes thrice, blame the crazy hot weather!), and had started to train him to brush teeth since he was 11 months old and now he knows (actually I think he just wanna bite that toothbrush LOL!) Bath time is super hard these days cause he won't sit still in the bathtub anymore, loves exploring the floor, touch the toilet bowl and etc, poor mummy has to chase after him, also having a hard time putting on his clothes >.< 现在要帮他洗澡换衣换尿片实在不容易!超好动顽皮的!!不过没办法啦,这是必经的阶段,我只好当着是在家里的一个小运动~ (人人都说好动是好事来的!)
If the weather is go…


上次在韩国败回来的美容品大部分都是UGB牌子。虽然自己对美容牌子有研究不过UGB我还是第一次听到。在旅游第4天导游有送我们一份UGB样品(很厉害,可以顺便帮UGB打广告),里面有面膜一片,一小包润肤霜(aqua cream)和peeling gel。当晚就用了觉得不错,所以有打算去shopping时买一些回家。
UGB的产品主要以高丽人参精华为主,还有植物提取成分。 大家都知道人参对我们体内体外都有一定的帮助。刚开始我还以为那些产品肯定会有很重的人参味(我可以接受不过如果太重就很难顶),结果用过后觉得还好耶~
在UGB柜台买到的产品有:(左到右)rejuvenate eye cream,peeling gel, bb cream, collagen mask, nuganic hydro gel eye & spot patch, nuganic o2 bubble foam. 当时的优惠是买5送1,这一组产品大概花了我500块左右。说真的要说很便宜并没有,可能是人参的关系所以比起其他韩国美容牌子会来的贵一些。个人觉得说如果真的适合自己的皮肤又好用,贵一点也无所谓啦!=)
Rejuvenate eye cream,送的。我每次买眼霜最主要的是能对付眼袋问题。自从顾宝宝以后睡眠不足,眼袋真的一天比一天深阿!黑眼圈也找上门了!所以真的要好好照顾眼睛周围的皮肤。还没正式开来用,不过感觉会不错。

Peeling gel,也是它们热门的产品之一。可以彻底清洁皮肤去除脸上的污垢。
BB cream,还没开来用所以没什么好分享 :p
主角来啦!Collagen facial mask. 我买的一盒有8片,一片大概8块左右。有淡淡的人参味,还有闻了很舒服的花香,我大爱这个!整片面膜就是很湿很重,有满满的胶原!大家都知道胶原蛋白的好处就是保持肌肤有弹性和年轻嘛!(真正就是我现在所需的啦!)
Nuganic hydro gel eye & spot patch (好长的名字),也是大爱。一罐里总共有90片眼膜,就是说可用…

Our first family photoshoot

If you are friend with me in FB, you've probably seen this batch of outdoor shooting. If you're not, here's what we have taken 2 weeks ago =)
My initial planned date is 12th May (I din't aware it is Mother's Day that time), reason being is I want to wait til Aden is 1-year-old in order to take the photos. But the photographer is occupied and she is also busy for the following Sunday, I am left with either 27th April or end of May already. 
End up, we got to agree with 27th April (which is slightly too early) as end of May is quite late for me.
Best time for photo shooting is before 10am or in the evening (but hubby prefers morning), I did my best but by the time I am done with Aden and after breakfast, it was already 10+ when we reached the place. So you can imagine how hot it is!
老早就打算在一岁时来个外景家庭照(算是家庭写真集吧?)。个人比较喜欢外景多过studio式的,我觉得外景几时都比studio的来得自然! 而这次的拍摄我找了当时帮我拍孕照的同一个摄影师,Bayz Beh,有兴趣的可以去她的面书看看吧! Bayz 提议可以去 Bukit Merah 拍摄,因为太平好像没什么特别的地方了~