Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy National Day!

This is a schedule post.

Hi there everyone!! Hope you're having a good day as it's holiday tomorrow!

I am now enjoying my off days (I think so :p) as a mummy. Despite having fun, I miss my naught boy A LOT! But everyone deserves a break once a while right?

Here wishing everyone a happy Merdeka day!!

Take care!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

VT: My first curated trove

Received my first curated trove the other day!! Must thank Valerie and Winnie from VT for the generous news, also their helps!
Let's take a look at the box shall we?

Inside the pretty box, there are a total of 6 beauty items which I have chosen

1. off with those heads, from b.liv
This is such an effective product to kill those stubborn blackheads! Most importantly, it's painless! It also keeps excessive oil secretion under control and thus skin irritation will never rule again. 

2. Hydrance optimale light hydrating cream (5ml), from Avene
I always love Avene products, especially the spring water, it is a very good hydration agent, so I believe this hydrating cream would deliver similar results too!

3. Repair mask (30ml), from SP
The hair mask is able to repair hairs up to 100% with just one application, just right for me cause I've just colored my hair last week.

4. Pure essential oil lavender (1.5ml), from Heaven on earth
We all know the goodness of lavender oil right? This oil can be used in many ways, which is the reason why I chosen this. It can be during massage, facial steam, inhalations, baths and etc. The smell of this oil is just nice to me!
(RM 50 for 5ml)

Comes with a leaflet which contain some guides on essential oil and instructions......

Also the contact! How thoughtful is that?

5. Lunasol skin fusing powder foundation
The color is very natural and I can feel the smoothness of my face after application, it also has SPF 20PA++ which is very important these days

6. etre belle Sensiplus + hydrasilk gel tonic (2ml)
This moisturizing gel tonic normalize the moisture content and PH value, a great factors to a beautiful delicate skin. The cream is easily absorbed too. 

So here's something new and exciting about VT.

VT is teaming up with the famous Cosmo to put together a beauty box worth over $80, each containing a surprise selection of award winning beauty products from Cosmo Beauty Grand Prix 2013. Another great news for all beauty lovers out there!(applicable to Singapore only though)

Also, they are having this Wish & Win contest on FB every week, and it's so easy to win! It'll grant members a full sized item! Yes, full size!

For more details, please head on to VT's website, or visit their FB page, or their Twitter.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back, and am leaving again

Thank you everyone for the kind condolences. It has been a hectic week, rushing here and there for all the ceremony, and there's still prayers tomorrow as it's the 7th day (Quite an important ceremony, according to the Chinese) since grandma's passing.

Needless to say, everyone is tired, including myself. But thank God I have a great mum who can help me to look after Aden while I was busy.

I'll be MIA again soon. Won't be visiting your blogs so frequent for the coming 2 weeks, but will try my best to leave you comments whenever time allows.

Thank you for still visiting my blog!

You guys take care!! Miss you!

Here's a photo of Aden, in case if you miss him =)
No photos of mummy cause she looks super exhausted >.<

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bye for now

Hubby's paternal grandma just passed away this evening at the age of 83 years old. I managed to see her one last time. In fact all her closest family members were there with her when she caught her last breathe, and I told her I'll surely take good care of Aden (her only great grandchild), and she left peacefully.

It's not easy to see any of our loved ones leaving us. Though she is not my own grandma, I couldn't control my emotion and cried in the hospital :(

But thinking at the bright side, she now no longer needs to struggle from any illness, and I am sure she is now living at a better world, watching us from above.

Ah Mah, we love you. May your soul rest in peace. And you'll be dearly missed.


Will be busy for the following days, take care you guys!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kiwi, bacon and cheese muffins

Read about this at missyblurkit's blog and so tempted to try!

Let's waste no more time and straight to the point shall we?

Here're the ingredients needed:

• 75g butter (melted)
• 2 Kiwifruit 
• 250g flour 
• 2 tsp baking powder
• 75g caster sugar
• 75g cheddar cheese
• 1 egg
• 125ml milk
• 1 tsp oregano
• 125g bacon 

1. Cube bacon and fry them, drain and set aside.

2. Mash the kiwifruit. 

3. Mix dry ingredients together (flour, sugar, oregano and baking powder). 

4. Mix melted butter, half the mashed kiwifruit, milk and egg together. 

5. Make a well in the dry ingredients and pour mixture #4 into it.
6. Mix until well blended. 
7. Once well mixed, add the bacon, cheddar cheese and the other half kiwifruit. Combine well. 

8. Spoon into the muffin cups. Fill it about 3/4 full. You can put in some kiwifruit on top as decorations too.

9. Bake under 190'C for about 20 mins.

Opps, I hope you're not feeling hungry if you're reading this at 11.50pm, hehe~

Anyway, I have to say, the whole thing smells absolutely good during baking, and after baking. But to me, I don't quite like the taste, I mean, the sweet sour kiwi with bacon? Hmm....
But I am glad that at least I tried, never try never know, right? ;)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Of a short gathering and Penang trip

We did not go anywhere during the long Raya break, as hubby needed to work on Saturday, but I think it's a good idea to stay at Taiping to avoid the crowd.

Met up with a few friends on the second day of Raya.

Naughty boy was there too!

This is Lucas boy, my friend's son, kinda shy in the beginning, even Honey Star also failed to make him smile (If you remember, he joined our girls trip to Port Dickson March this year)

But Lucas got 'warmed up' eventually, hehe~

Lucas and my boy, they are about 6 months difference in age 

l-r: Annie, Lucas and mummy Catherine, Aden and yours truly

Crystal joined after that.
Both Crystal and Catherine are working at KL. Actually most of my girl friends are working outstation, they hardly come back, and I hardly go there so it's quite hard for us to catch up. Only during certain big occasions like CNY or wedding, so I really treasure every gathering, even though they are just a short one. We are all school mates by the way ;)

Gathering took place at Blackball cafe. Here's what we had:

I am satisfied with the desserts, cause I am an all-time dessert lover! But I want more of the gathering!

On a side note, hubby and I went to Penang for a day trip 2 weeks ago. The main reason is that I wanna take photos with the cute UBAH bird!

Image taken HERE

Friend has been there and by looking at the photos, I thought it's located near Gurney drive hence I did not made any further inquiries.
End up, we went home without seeing the bird! Cause it's not at Gurney drive, it's somewhere around Sg Pinang. The traffic was terrible that day so hubby decided not to search for it anymore.
Sigh, no fate with UBAH bird already, it'll be swimming away after 31st August.

Anyway, we visited the newly opened mall, Gurney Paragon.

Aden and daddy

Love this corner, very artistic!

Too bad lots of shop lots are still vacant

Why so moody Aden?

My little big boss

Wanted to go H&M but it opened on 7th August =_= But still lots of people cause of the cosplay contest there

Lunch time! Din't buy a lot this time, cause I wanna save the money and shop in my upcoming trip! =)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Formula milk for Aden

Aden has been drinking Dumex Mamex formula milk ever since I stop breastfeeding. Thank God he is ok with it all this while, hence we never thought of switching brands for him.

But things changed lately as some of the baby's formula milk were being recalled, due to contamination, and Dumex Mamex is one of it :( 
I can't tell if the tin at home was affected but for the sake of Aden, I decided to stop feeding him that and went survey/study other brands immediately. 

Was shocked when I read about the news! 
Well, as a first time mum, I think it's no surprise that I am so worried about it! Though Aden is still doing ok, I want to be safe than sorry, who can guarantee things will be fine right?

But at the same time, I am in dilemma whether to buy another tin of the same brand or take this opportunity to introduce Aden to other brands. Switching formula milk for a baby/toddler can be a good thing, but also can be a nightmare, I personally believe it's a type of 'knowledge'. We have to watch out for any tummy upset, change of color/frequency in stool, and even skin allergies. Since Aden is doing fine with Dumex all this while, that's why we never thought of switching.

Anyway, I asked opinions from other mummies friends and after much consideration, I decided to give Bellamy's organic milk a try.

Couldn't find this at my hometown so have to order online, thank God their service was fast, I received it the next day.
Aden has been taking this for 3 days now and so far, nothing unwanted happens (touchwood!). But the only changes I noticed is the frequency of his bowel habits. He poops 3-4 times per day (sometimes even more) when he was with Dumex, but only 1-2 times these few days. I wonder does it have to do with the new formula milk?
Hubby suggested to switch back to Dumex, well, I don't know! Perhaps I shall monitor for a few more days?
Well mummies out there, mind to share your thoughts on this? Appreciate that!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lunch gathering on Raya eve

Hello guys! Guess many of you are enjoying your holidays now!
Speaking of holidays, I don't have any, but at least hubs will be at home for 2 days so we can sort of take turns to look after the naughty boy ^^

Just came back from a short meet up with my dearest ex colleagues, my naughty boy was tagged along...........

Just cannot sit still.......

And in case you miss the author of Angeline's side story, From Taiping with love and Blog with Yan, I can tell you they are doing fine! ;)

With Angeline and her kids

With Yvonne aka Ah Hua, and Celine

With Yan!

Angeline, together with Lorita and her daughters, also my naughty boy

We had the restaurant's set lunch, which include:

Mushroom soup,

Garlic bread as starter

As for main course, we can choose either...

Chicken with rice

Black pepper chicken chop

Or fish n chip (Guess which one I ordered? No price for guessing right though :p)

And desserts are:

Single scoop ice cream

and coffee or tea!

And all this cost RM 10.50 only! So cheap right!

Though only a short meet up and I was kinda busy attend to Aden, we had fun chit chatting! I truly appreciate their effort for remembering me, though I had left the company for more than a year now.
Thank you ladies! <3
Planning for another gathering without our kids! xD

Nagaria Steak House
61, Jalan Pasar,
34000 Taiping,

Tel: 05-8069032

Til then, be safe on the road, and enjoy your holidays!!