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Last day of November

Last day of November!! ;0
Nothing much to blog today, just wanna wish my dear readers a happy weekend!

Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh (part II the end)

Ok,I better not procrastinate further on the continuation of the trip to Lost World, Tambun. This post I've decided to let the pictures do most of the talking ;) So, enjoy~ (Click HERE to read part I)
水上乐园游第二篇,不啰嗦了,看照片去~  ;)

Friend, Cheery and her family
The giant pail of water just gushed down! Haha xD
The kids were a bit frightened sliding down, hehe~ But wanted to play again 小孩就是小孩,虽然滑下来时很怕,不过还是要玩~
Leng ma and the kids :p

Friend Elie and her family
Our sons are just 5 weeks apart in age
I love this shot taken by daddy! 好爱这张!很温馨有没有?;)

There's a man made beach in the middle
Father and son's bonding time 

Love this group photo! Thanks to the tripod that Elie brought!

哈哈我们的表情~ >.<