Monday, December 30, 2013

To 2014.........

Wow, can't believe its the second last day of 2013!! :o

2013 has been quite smooth for me in general, and one of the best bit that happened this year is my naughty son turned one! ;) We held a small party for him at home and it was a fun night.

Also, I've been to more trips this year, Port Dickson with the girls in March, then to Korea with my mum and aunties, Norway and Denmark in August, and finally, Bangkok in October. Though deep down I want to travel again, I am already very contented that I was able to enjoy my holidays ;)

Another thing which give me a great sense of achievement this year is that I've been involving in more baking, compared to last year ;)
Also, I think I've organized quite a number of giveaways this year! And speaking of giveaway, the presents I gave might not be costly but they are all my sincere thoughts. I hope you guys appreciated them and not make fun of them ok? A blogger written something quite hurtful to me lately regarding my giveaway, erm shall I say I smell teasing in this blogger's comment, I was mad but on a positive side, at least I can see and I know this blogger's attitude now, which make me more aware ;)

In general, of course there are both ups and downs this year but I am thankful there are more ups than downs ;)

Well, perhaps this is the last post of 2013, I'll like to take this opportunity to wish all my blogger friends a happy new year 2014! Also, thanks for your continuous supports!


还有,今年进出厨房的次数也多了,哈哈!虽然烘焙技术还有待进步不过我已觉得很有成就感了 ;)

Erm 今年我也举办了很多抽奖游戏来回馈读者们!虽然那些礼物不贵不过我都是很有诚意的想将它们送出去。说到礼物嘛。。。最近有位读者写了一些令我很不满的留言,在他的留言里我看到了讽刺和嘲笑,其实我已经留意很久他写留言的方式了,都是带点讽刺的。
我自问自己对每一位读者都付出诚意,也没有得罪他。不过看到了这位读者的留言,我的确有点气。真不明白世界上为什么就是有这样的人,是无聊吗?还是看我不顺眼?我是真心对待每位部落朋友结果却换来讽刺,把我的礼物当玩笑?(原本不打算提起的,结果还是忍不住写了出来,呵呵,希望没闷到你们 :p)



Here's a token of appreciation to some of you who have been commented regularly, I hope you'll like it!

明年见~ ^_*

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pleasant surprises

How's your Christmas everyone? Hope it was a nice one!
Another holiday coming soon, and we'll welcoming the brand new 2014! Time flies huh?

Received this unique Christmas card from 小影! We both thought it has gone missing since she sent to the wrong address, but after checking it at the local pos laju office, it's still here! Thanks girl~

Also received some cards from blogger friends, thanks to wenn, Ember and Sharon!
As for the torch keyring, both wenn and I also thought it has gone missing since I did not received it even after weeks. Guess Santa gave me a surprise for this Christmas! ;)

Shall come back and blog properly next week!

Enjoy your weekend folks!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

it's Coll giveaway result

Thank you everyone who commented in the recent its Coll collagen drink post.

I've included those of you who commented before the ending period and here's the eligible participants:

1. STP
2. Rose
3. Sharon
4. 珊姑娘
5. Lek
6. Claire
7. Joyce
8. SK
9. Libby
10. wenn
11. Eugein
12. Missy missy
13. Shu Cyan

And I've picked Joyce Mong as the winner this round!

Congratulations Joyce!

Do check your gmail account for my email ok? ;)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Dayre, share more, create your story

I guess Dayre is not a strange term for most of you today. It's actually an apps which helps you to blog on mobile device.
I've been wanted to sign in with Dayre when it was being introduced to the market but kept procrastinating until last week. 
Now I finally have the time to explore ;)

An apps just so convenient for busy and lazy people like me! You can write post, take/share photos or videos, add in cute stickers and also your current location, all by using your mobile device, quick and easy!

Similar to other social media sites, you can set your profile photo and cover photo

Also add a little bit of description of yourself

The setting is pretty straight forward, you don't have to spend a lot of time setting

If you have Dayre account, do follow me at and I shall follow you back ;)

Have a nice day ahead!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advanced Christmas gathering/热闹的爸妈宝聚会

Happy Winter Solstice for those who celebrate! 冬至快乐啊!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, friends and I met up for an advanced Christmas gathering ;)

The place is non other than Shin Sushi restaurant, this is the 3rd time our gathering took place at the same place, haha! The first visit was HERE, and second was HERE. And it's in the same VIP room too! xD
To be honest, I am a little bored of the same place but now, convenience is the main priority, since everyone has a toddler to look after now. The Tatami-styled VIP room is more secured and more convenient for the children to run around us to look after the children, more privacy too.

时间过得好快,圣诞节就快到了!由于时间关系所以大家都同意提早‘庆祝’圣诞节!(其实这算是普通的聚会罢了啦 ^^)

这次聚会地点还是跟上两回一样,Shin 日本餐厅。想了很久还是没想到更适合的地方了所以最终还是选了Shin 。对,太平就是那么小那么没选择!住在大城市的你们知道自己有多幸福了吗?哈哈 xD 

Now let the pictures do the talking shall we?



Very difficult to take a proper group photos of the kids! But random shots like these made me feel so happy, haha xD Look at them, so cute la!

Aden likes to show of his big tummy lately =_="
Aden 最近学会了秀肚腩!每当问他‘哪里饱饱’,他就这样了!xD

Group shot of all beautiful mummies and their babies

Must not forget daddies cause they paid the bills! xDD

And here's some of the food we had that night, din't manage to take photos of all the food as I was too busy entertaining my son.
带孩子出门就预佐会很忙所以我也没拍到当晚所点的食物,只有这几张交差。。(算很好了ok? :p)

Food here are nice but slightly expensive compared to the local Sushi King, but as long as everyone enjoyed, nothing else matters ;)

Shin Sushi Japanese Restaurant
No 61-79, Jalan Kota,
34000 Taiping, Perak.

And since it's Christmas I've prepared some small gifts for my dear girl friends.


And got some back in return, thanks ladies!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

its Coll collagen drink

I've been drinking Fabula collagen drinks for months and personally I am satisfied with the results, plus it's ready-to-drink so it's very convenient.
But I was tempted to try other brands of collagen drinks so I thought I'd give this brand a go, its Coll.

It comes in a pack of 15 sachets for RM 168, which is RM 11.2 per sachet, slightly expensive than Fabula

How to consume: 150ml of water to mix with 1 sachet, take 1 sachet every morning before breakfast for the first 7 days.

Some information one needed to read before consuming any health supplements, especially one with health problems

It has a sweet taste of orange

One of my strategy to beautiful skin ;)

You can get this from The Princess Room in FB.

And now I am rewarding my dear reader with 'its Coll' sample, hmm consider a Christmas gift from me ;) Just tell me what you know about collagen, I'll select one lucky reader this weekend, opens to all Malaysian and Singaporean (and even male readers can participate), giveaway ends 3pm 21/12/2013.

Good luck! ^^

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For my dear mummy

It was my mummy's lunar birthday last week and my brother is back from Sg to celebrate with her, well just a simple one though.

We bought red velvet cake from Secret Recipe, it's been a while since I last had something from Secret Recipe. The service at SR Taiping is not good and professional, that's why I hardly go to SR Taiping. But I have to admit their cake is good!

Little glutton boy can't wait to eat the cake already!!

My parents and brother, and of course my naughty son

Aaammmm, mmm yummy!

He wallop most of the cake in the end =_=

Though simple but we enjoyed this family moment. Mum always prefer to be 'low profile' and always told us not to buy her anything during her birthday or whenever we go oversea. She is that considerate.

Though mummy don't read my blog but I still wanna wish her a blessed birthday here. And I wish her abundance of health and happiness, I love you mummy! <3

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Aden boy: 19 months old

1. Aden loves shopping just like his mummy ;) He gets super excited when he knows he gets to go out with any of us.

2. His ability to copy our actions is expanding, monkey see monkey do. He mimic us to sweep the floor, play the computer (even tries to type on the keyboard and use the mouse), switch on the fan using remote control and etc, and in this picture, he is trying to cut his nails on his own (of course he doesn't know how yet :p)
Aden 有样学样的能力越来越厉害了,几乎什么都会乱学一篇。现在开始我们真的要小心了,那些儿童不宜的动作千万不可以给他看到,哈哈哈哈!!

3. He is super expert in using his iPod (we utilised the FOC iPod given by FIL's company and downloaded toddler games for him). And even iPad/iPhone is not a big deal for him, he knows how to slide to see the photos, even play videos (Should I be happy or worried? =_=)

4. He is still an active boy and even though he plays a lot during day time, he doesn't seems to get tired at night. Of late his sleeping hour has been extended to after 11pm :( Mummy has a hard time to sleep now........ But luckily he wakes up at 9am most of the times, at least I can steal a bit beauty sleep time.

5。He is the only child at home so far so I know he is bored because of that, he gets very excited when he meet his playmates. Time for a sibling, I know, hahaha xD
我知道其实他在家没朋友会很闷,我更知道大家都告诉我说‘是时候生第二个了’,哈哈!我只说,一切随缘 xD

6. I've started to wean him off from his pacifier since early this week and I have to say, so far everything is good! He seems to 'forget' about his pacifier during sleep time these few days, and he never ask for that too! Yeah! Way to go my boy! 
我已经开始train Aden 戒奶嘴咯!已经是第六天了!到目前为止都进展得不错,他不会讨也不会吵要奶嘴!噢耶!原来帮宝宝戒奶嘴也没有想象中难,只要坚持一定可以!;)

7. Latest weight is 12.4kg =_= But he doesn't seems to grow taller since last month :(

8. He is not growing any new teeth at the moment, I see there're still 4 molars 'missing'.
暂时没再长牙了,还剩4颗大牙没‘报到’ =)

9. 大部分人都说他还是很像爸爸 =) 对阿,就连脾气也跟爸爸一样牛!=_='
严格来说Aden 还不会说话,不过都懂我们在说什么。目前说的最标准的是'no no no', 还会摇着手指说  =_= 都是talking tom教坏的!哈哈! 

That's all I can think of now, shall update more about Aden soon!
Til then, have a fabulous weekend!