Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gong xi fa cai!!

Little boys and girls would like to wish everyone a happy happy Chinese new year! Gong xi fa cai! 


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

O'right organic shampoo

I was introduced to this O'right organic shampoo by a local salon hair stylist, according to her this is the world's greenest shampoo, originated from Taiwan.

O'right has a variety of shampoo, each serves different function, but all of them have one thing in common, they are made from natural ingredients, with certified organic foaming agents

I first bought this Tea Tree shampoo to try, it's mainly for scalp care, of course it treats the hair too! And it smells very nice!
我先买了tea tree洗发精,很喜欢那淡淡又很纯的香味

The bottle has detailed information at the back
但买了O'right产品就完完全全不必烦这点了,因为O'right所采用的塑胶瓶都是100%用淀粉和纤维素做成的,只要埋在土里,里面的成分会化解 (当然需要时间啦),而瓶底的种子就会长成一棵树!这就是所谓的‘瓶中树’!真佩服创办人想得出这个idea!给他大大个赞!!=)

World's greenest shampoo, with lots of 'no', no parabens, no colorants, no sulfates and etc. It's sure a very good product for the hair!

So what you usually do with the shampoo bottle when it's empty? I guess most of us just throw them away, right?
Here's the interesting part, the whole O'right shampoo bottle is 100% biodegradable, when buried in soil, the bottle will break down over the course of about a year and become nutrient for the soil, and the seed inside the bottle will sprout and grow into a tree! That's a very creative idea from the founder! 

The shampoo is transparent in color

I've used it for few times and I notice my hair becomes shinier, not to mention my scalp becomes less oily too!

I personally am satisfied with this product. 

The shampoo cost RM 88 for 400ml. Not very cheap but it's the original green idea which attracts my attention to buy. I am a person who supports recycle and anything which is environmental friendly.
洗发精售价是RM 88 (400ml). 所谓一分钱一分货,虽然不便宜不过如果真的对头发头皮健康,同时又能爱地球,我想大家都可以接受吧?

Visit the links below to find out more:

If you would like to purchase online, click HERE. (If you're staying at Taiping, you may get this at Hair Two Hair salon).
如果你住在太平,可以到Hair Two Hair发廊购买)。

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Melt-in-the-mouth pineapple tarts

This is one of my favorite CNY snacks, been wanting to bake my own pineapple tarts since last year! :p

Anyway, this is one first attempt in baking pineapple tarts and honestly, it din't turn out to be nice (I mean the shape) cause my dough wasn't 'hard' enough so I cannot roll them nicely into a ball shaped. But thank God the taste is there! 

Now let's look at the ingredients: 
(Yield about 100 pieces)
For the pastry:
350g butter
100g condensed milk
500g flour
2 egg yolks

For the pineapple filling:
1.5kg fresh pineapple
250g caster sugar

1. Blend the pineapple using food processor (I use normal blender), without adding any water.
2. Cook them over medium heat, keep stiring.
3. Add in sugar and continue to cook until the mixture becomes thick, takes about 1 hour.

Alternatively, for faster preparation, simply use the ready made pineapple filling ;)

For the egg wash:
1 egg yolk + 1 teaspoon milk

1. Cream butter and milk, then add in egg yolk one at a time.
2. Add in flour.
3. Preheat oven to 180'C.
4. Roll pastry dough into small ball then flatten with palm.
5. Add 1 teaspoon of pineapple filling in the dough and wrap it up.
(For clearer picture please click HERE)
6. Glaze with egg wash.
7. Bake for 18-20 minutes or til the tarts is golden brown.

Fresh pineapples! It happens that I found 3 pineapples in the fridge so I decided to make my own pineapple filling...

But it takes me about 1 hour to cook the filling!! =_=" Next time, I'll use the ready made filling instead, haha xD

My end products

Though they doesn't look good from the outside, they sure taste nice! Really melt-in-the-mouth! <3

Friday, January 24, 2014

Favorite CNY snacks

*Thanks for the concern everyone, appreciate them. I am feeling better already =)*

This is interesting! I mean I know most CNY snacks are oily and fattening but I don't really know the actual calories for each of them.

Now, looking at this photo, which is your favorite CNY snacks? Mine will be nian gao fritters, love letters and peanut cookies! But gosh look at the calories!! :0

Speaking of CNY snacks, I'll love to bake some on my own, shall find the time to! Homemade snacks are always healthier, right?

Til then, wishing you guys a happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Was busy with some personal matter last week, followed by sis in law's wedding, all these contributed to lack of sleep, plus the crazy hot weather lately, I started to feel unwell since Monday :( Guess I cannot blog a proper post today T_T

原本想好好生文的。。结果身体不听话打败仗了 :(

Anyway, here's a glance of the bride, my sis in law and her hubby. Finally tied the knot last weekend, wish them a happy and blessed marriage! Too bad I din't get to snap a lot photos of the wedding reception as Aden was super clingy to me that night....

And here's the naughty boy, been looking forward to dress him up like this, haha xD How, got handsome or not? :p
Anyway, 这是我当晚的小帅哥,有帅吗?哈哈!外套是3T size的,结果当晚给他穿时才发现有点紧了!哎哟Aden,是时候要减肥啦!你的肚腩啊!xDD

Time to rest, don't worry, I'll take good care of myself, since CNY is just around the corner. You guys too, drink lotsa water ok?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Aden boy: 20 months old

Can't believe it's about 4 months away to his second birthday!! Time really flies! Especially when you have an active toddler at home....

My super stinky boy!

Little man 'helps' in laundry sometimes, this day he was playing with daddy's shirt, and yes you can tell he was having fun til he refused to take it off.

My little poser, getting more pro in taking pictures these days... xD

His meal and milk time doesn't change much, still with 2 solids per day and 7oz formula milk, with lots of snacks in between. 

Loves the toy cars in the mall and refused to get down, most of the time...

Aden still is very good in following what we do. Hmm but sometimes he's not helping at all... xD

Besides those words he already know (like mama, papa, mam mam, nen nen), his latest words are ball, 'kaka' (insects in Cantonese), 要,'mai'(don't want in Hokkien). Though he cannot speak properly yet, he understands most of our instructions we say

Been thinking to send him to playschool but too bad cannot find one at my small hometown, moreover most daycare centers only accept toddlers of 3 years old and above...
Guess mummy needs to hang in there for a while more..... =>

Friday, January 17, 2014

Another thank you post

Hi guys! Been MIA for a week, I know. 
Was busy in some personal matters.... 
Actually I am still busy now so I will make this a short one ;)

Received this as a winner of jolly December contest all the way from Sarawak, thank you Rose! 

And this, from wenn, thank you!

This, from SK, as I was one of the top commenter in his blog, thanks a lot!

Also to mention, a DIY autumn leaves frame from SK too!

Blogging is indeed a very nice thing to do, not only can we share about just anything, we know some very true and sincere friends from everywhere. Not to forget, we get some presents and surprises once a while ;)

Shall come back with a proper update, soon I hope.
Til then, enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 10, 2014

About y's boutique.......

...... is an online boutique based in Taiping, Perak. It's run by a friend of mine, Amanda. I went modeling (sort of...) for her few weeks ago and even though it's very tiring (we shot for 5 hours, and me posing with heels for that long =_="), it's a fun and great experience actually ;)

She has lots of nice January arrival and here I share some of the favorite pieces with you......

这篇纯粹是帮朋友Amanda打广告 :p
话说上两个礼拜做了临时不专业的服装模特儿 xDD
















So how did I look? xD
怎样?虽然我是非专业模特儿不过效果还不错啦吼?当然大家只需要把目光放在衣服上就可以了,哈哈~ xDD

Erm don't get me wrong, I am not here to giveaway those clothes :p I just wanted to share about this online boutique and in case if you're interested, you can browse for more at her Facebook (if the link fail please search for 'About y's boutique'). For faster response you may add her in wechat 'amd9111'.

If you're curious about the quality and price, I can tell you the material is good and price is reasonable! Most clothes have sizes too! I say this not because she is my friend but it's my sincere thoughts about her clothes. 

About y's boutique 是一个在太平的 online boutique,大部分都是做网购生意,不过如果你住在太平可以到Amanda的店里看看和试衣。
想要知道更多就点击这里,或在面书 search 'About y's boutique'。若有玩微信的可以 add 'amd9111'。
衣服布料不错,大部分都有 size, 价钱也很公道哦!我自己也买了几件,原本打算收着当过年衣结果忍不住开包了,哈哈!xD


希望大家可以帮衬帮衬下!不买看看也好啊!^^  谢谢!

Personal experience being a model:
Like I said, it's tiring. Plus it's my first time being a boutique model, the beginning of the shooting wasn't so smooth cause I was so stiff and unnatural :p 
But thank God after a while, we all got into the rhythm eventually ;) And I realize it's kinda fun actually haha xD
After the shooting, it was shopping time for me and I did bought some clothes from Amanda. Initial planning was to keep them as CNY clothes but end up, I wore them already during the recent KL trip :p

So, hop on over and give her some supports ya! Thank you! ^_*

p/s: If you're staying at Taiping you may drop by her showroom to try on the clothes.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Doraemon secret gadgets expo/多拉A梦expo

So I mentioned I went to the Doraemon expo at Viva Home last week and it was a bit disappointing. Not because it was crowded or it's hard to take photos, in fact not many people that day since it was a Thursday, also the first day of school reopen, I purposely choose this date to avoid the crowd, smart huh? :p

I guess probably because I am not a big fan of Doraemon, it's not that interesting than what I expected in the beginning (or perhaps I was expecting too much? :p) 
Ticket is RM 25 (a bit pricey) for adults and RM 15 for kids between 4-12 years-old. And strictly no sitting no touching on most of the Doraemon statues. Even if you stand slightly close to them, the staff will walk towards you already =_=

Anyway, I better don't post too much spoilers, this is just my personal thinking. You might want to go there and experience yourself to judge ;)

Nonetheless, I took quite some photos, and my little man was pretty excited in the expo. Let the pictures do the talking shall we?


其实我并不是多拉梦a爱好者,我爸妈更不是 xD 这次纯粹是想带Aden去走走看看。结果,并没有我想象中的有趣,所以有点小失望咯。。而且我觉得门票有点贵。里面的工作人员很多,也管得很严,大部分的多拉a梦头像都不可摸,也不可坐在板上,只要你稍微走近点,他们都会立刻出现stop你。还有一点,要他们帮忙拿相机拍照也不可以!哎哟哟。。真的有点失望。
Erm 结论是,你自己去看看才来评估吧!(哈哈有没有很欠扁 xDD)


The expo is quite huge




There's this 'Do not sit' and 'do not touch' signs everywhere. But erm, Aden broke the rule here, haha xD


There're a lot of Doraemon statues with all sorts of expression and props

Little fella crawl a lot this day =_= Don't ask me why, I have no idea too

My dear parents and their grandchild <3


Wanted to take off his smelly socks

Can't help but laugh at this photo. I was telling Aden 'Doraemon is so sad and he is crying, how?'
Then Aden went lean his cheek towards Doraemon and sayang him, haha xD


There's also merchandise area selling everything Doraemon! But as expected, they are quite pricey ;)

Aden admiring the Doraemon bed set xD

Well though the merchandise is expensive, I bought Aden a bag, and a small phone accessories for a friend's daughter. 
Guess how much is the bag?

Aden with his cute Doraemon bag, he is a happy boy now!

Aden: Let's go mum! ;)

By the way, the bag cost RM 55.90 =_="