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About y's boutique.......

...... is an online boutique based in Taiping, Perak. It's run by a friend of mine, Amanda. I went modeling (sort of...) for her few weeks ago and even though it's very tiring (we shot for 5 hours, and me posing with heels for that long =_="), it's a fun and great experience actually ;)

She has lots of nice January arrival and here I share some of the favorite pieces with you......

这篇纯粹是帮朋友Amanda打广告 :p
话说上两个礼拜做了临时不专业的服装模特儿 xDD
















So how did I look? xD
怎样?虽然我是非专业模特儿不过效果还不错啦吼?当然大家只需要把目光放在衣服上就可以了,哈哈~ xDD

Erm don't get me wrong, I am not here to giveaway those clothes :p I just wanted to share about this online boutique and in case if you're interested, you can browse for more at her Facebook (if the link fail please search for 'About y's boutique'). For faster response you may add her in wechat 'amd9111'.

If you're curious about the quality and price, I can tell you the material is good and price is reasonable! Most clothes have sizes too! I say this not because she is my friend but it's my sincere thoughts about her clothes. 

About y's boutique 是一个在太平的 online boutique,大部分都是做网购生意,不过如果你住在太平可以到Amanda的店里看看和试衣。
想要知道更多就点击这里,或在面书 search 'About y's boutique'。若有玩微信的可以 add 'amd9111'。
衣服布料不错,大部分都有 size, 价钱也很公道哦!我自己也买了几件,原本打算收着当过年衣结果忍不住开包了,哈哈!xD


希望大家可以帮衬帮衬下!不买看看也好啊!^^  谢谢!

Personal experience being a model:
Like I said, it's tiring. Plus it's my first time being a boutique model, the beginning of the shooting wasn't so smooth cause I was so stiff and unnatural :p 
But thank God after a while, we all got into the rhythm eventually ;) And I realize it's kinda fun actually haha xD
After the shooting, it was shopping time for me and I did bought some clothes from Amanda. Initial planning was to keep them as CNY clothes but end up, I wore them already during the recent KL trip :p

So, hop on over and give her some supports ya! Thank you! ^_*

p/s: If you're staying at Taiping you may drop by her showroom to try on the clothes.


  1. hahaha nvm ! frst time for everything! will check her out! some looks nice~ :D

    1. Haha yea, there's a first time for everything XD

  2. fuyoh, becoming a fashion model!! this is something very interesting!! and i guess Amanda has got lots of photos of yours to print out and then show to her customers huh?? :)

    1. oh, i just went to their FB page to kaypoh a bit, and really got lots of your photos there posing for her clothes!! hahaha.. is that why you are a bit shy and did not give the direct link to the page here in this post?? hehe~~ :p

    2. 5 hours not too bad lah, quite fast also.. because i always hear models have to shoot for one whole day and even gotta stay overnight just to get a few shots done.. so this was your start lah, i am sure there will be more in the future, and you will be more 熟練 as you gained experience.. :)

    3. Haha, interesting huh? :p Nope, she din't print any photos la, just softcopies enough ;)

      Yea, quite a lot, more than 50 pieces of clothing I've wear for her. Oh, I did include a direct link here in this post, a Facebook link, can't you see?

      Haha of course, those are professional models! But I am not, so 5 hours is quite long actually, and mind you, I was wearing heels all the time there, standing and posing, it's very tiring you know! ;)

  3. 你pose起来很不错啊,笑容也很甜美~~^^

  4. Too bad far, if not would loves to drop by her showroom...

    1. Hmm yea, but you can order online ;)

  5. My daughter would love the first one.

  6. ^_^美美的模特哦!不过应该很累吧,要一直更换衣服

    1. 嘻嘻,谢谢。。
      对阿,很累,不过又很好玩 ;)

  7. 喜欢1,7。

    1. 是啊?呵呵,那件穿得很合身,我也很喜欢。

      对,不错的体验 ;)

  8. It's Ok, whether virgin modeling experience or not, you always look good and sweet in every single pic. :P

    1. Haha thanks alot!

  9. Beautiful how you put the pictures in different perspective. The cloths are also top.


  10. Beautiful model!! You look natural, dear.

    Will visit your friend's boutique soon.

    1. Thanks Rose! Hope you'll find something nice!

  11. I saw few tops that will be just nice for CNY! You look great Hayley :)

  12. Wow.... model of the year! A couple of blouses caught my eye. ;)

  13. I like 8 and 10 for chinese new year

  14. I like 8 and 10 for chinese new year

  15. 模特兒的素質不錯,掌聲鼓勵一下!!

  16. A real hot mama like you only can model for clothing lar!!!

    1. LOL, just for fun only la! I am too far away from becoming a model xD

  17. Wow... the outfits really look nice on you, I wish I have your figure.. now mine is all rounded... only selected clothing suits me... hahaha...

    1. Thanks Claire!
      Erm it's ok, I am sure you can find clothes that suit you at those shopping malls ;)

  18. Hello Hayley, You look really good in those dresses. Will drop by to take a look. Thanks for sharing.

  19. That's a great experience being a model. All those clothes look so sweet on you.

  20. Pretty mama...nice clothes n of course plus a pretty model to flaunt the clothes..

  21. Your friend picked the right model! You carried the clothing very well. Nice! :)

  22. Wao!你去做了part time模特儿!!!!厉害!!!
    网购我喜欢!有空会去看看的,谢谢介绍 =)

  23. 3和9是我的菜,如果你这里可以马上下订单该多好,最近忙到连网购的时间也挤不出~>_<

  24. phewitt!!! can model professionally la

  25. hi hayley,
    可以跟你要email address吗?知道你住太平,想问一些太平的点滴..因为会pre-wedding会在太平..Thks, Shirley

  26. OMG...u r so good in modelling. Tiring also nevermind ya...coz it is something worth experiencing.

  27. The clothes are very nice and you look great!

  28. You look gorgeous here ! Can be a part time model !

  29. I like 1, 3, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14.. they are simple but beautiful..
    Honestly, the model look really good :)

  30. Looking good! Both yourself and the clothes. I spot some very CNY mood pieces too!

  31. Love the blue Victorian style blue dress.

  32. 我喜欢第九!有加入粉丝页了XD

  33. How did you look??

    I think you really look like a Japanese model. Earlier I browsed from my phone and thought it was a Japanese from some catalogue! The dresses are nice!


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