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Favorite CNY snacks

*Thanks for the concern everyone, appreciate them. I am feeling better already =)*

This is interesting! I mean I know most CNY snacks are oily and fattening but I don't really know the actual calories for each of them.

Now, looking at this photo, which is your favorite CNY snacks? Mine will be nian gao fritters, love letters and peanut cookies! But gosh look at the calories!! :0

Speaking of CNY snacks, I'll love to bake some on my own, shall find the time to! Homemade snacks are always healthier, right?

Til then, wishing you guys a happy weekend!


  1. I love potatoes cookies. Melt in the mouth type. Yesterday only managed to buy 4 canisters as the lady said sold out and not making anymore. Have to wait till next year, unless i found the recipe to bake my own. haha.... Happy weekends to you too!

  2. oh, this chart is interesting and very informative!! hahahaha.. thanks for sharing and i shall watch out all those CNY snacks..

    1. 炸年糕 and 肉干 undoubtedly lah, but i didn't know kuih kapit also that 厲害 leh.. just thin films like that only woh, but 4 pieces already over 200 calories!! wah, gotta run for like 20 minutes baru can burn that off lor.. and surprise to know that the fortune cookies are actually so low in calories, i would have thought they are high calories leh..

    2. but in recent years, i can control myself quite well not to touch those CNY snacks lah.. i will only snack maybe after CNY, because seeing all those leftovers i feel very sayang if just let them rot and thrown away.. so will eat a them lah.. during CNY, maybe just eat one two pieces lor..

    3. CNY still one week to go and you have not fully recovered yet woh, and Aden needs your 24x7 attention too, so you still can find time to bake some cookies for CNY?? hahaha.. :p

  3. I like that crispy honeycomb, but I eat one or two pieces only.....won't eat much!!! =]

    Have a great weekend to you too!!! =]

  4. OMG!!! You just spoilt my CNY mood. So bad!!
    I would snack non stop at everyone's house and often left with 1-2 tins as gifts from them! LOL

  5. Everything is my favourite in the photos. Now I am taking out the calculator to do scientific Maths and measure my waist to do forecasts!!!

  6. Replies
    1. As for me, i loves pineapple tarts the most...

  7. 你真的要好好照顾自己哦!

  8. Aiyor... want to count calories no need to chuo sing nine lor. Old people say got eat is "hock".

  9. Hello Hayley,

    Good to know that you are feeling better. Thank you for the chart. Luckily I don't eat bakwa since the calories are so high per piece. My favourite snack is pineapple tarts, if they are not very sweet and sourish.

    Wishing you and your family have a good weekend too!

  10. But nowadays I also cut down on CNY snacks a lot... because very heaty so I try to eat lesser if not will fall sick easily...

  11. I love pineapple tarts. I don't usually take too much cny cookies as they are usually too sweet.

  12. Kuih kapit, pineapple tarts and yok kon are my favourite snack for cny. But funny if I go ppl house, I seldom eat those. Takut eat till can't stop

  13. look like have to watch the calories. Didn't know that it has so high calories

  14. Home baked is the best. We can control d sugar level snd use better ingredients since its for own consumption and for friends and family

  15. Two weeks of visitation and feasting, have to watch our weight. :)

  16. Busy days ahead preparing homemade CNY snacks?

  17. I like ba-gua & prawn roll. But I am more into fried crab-sticks, fried arrowhead and fried lotus-root... yummy!

  18. 看了这个表之后我都不敢吃了,呵呵~~

  19. 各有各的好,全部都吃點,應該沒問題! 肥了再減肥! 呵呵。。

  20. 不敢看table,总之,吃了才来打算!哈哈!

  21. I decided to ignore ur post n picture
    I maoooooooo cookies cny!!!!!!
    Whatever the calories hahahah!

  22. Pineapple tarts and nien gao. Couldnt resist them. Others, I can omit.

  23. 我看了你这张图,算了我吃的卡路里,然后我默默delete这图片,漠视.......哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!

  24. Thanks for sharing this, I love all the cookies above (and the bak kwa also) but gotta limit the intake after seeing this, sobsss sobsss!!!

  25. Love pineapple tarts and bakkwa but heck the calories are scary!


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