Friday, February 28, 2014

A happy potluck night

Yvonne aka Ah Hua Whatsapp me one day and asked if I am free to join their potluck comes birthday celebration for our dai koh, Khoo.
After much consideration (LOL), I decided to bring Aden along. But I sorta warned him before going and asked him to behave that night :p

It was a potluck night so each of us contributed some food. There were pizza, putu mayong, satay, fried drumsticks, fried beehoon and fruits, and drinks of course :p
Guess what did I bring? No prize for guessing it right though, haha xD

The cake for the birthday man

That's the birthday man (in grey shirt) and also the host. The other 3 also celebrate their birthday in February so we asked them to join in together

Make a wish and blow the candle!

Group photo before we left. We look like one big happy family, don't we? ^^

They're actually my dear ex colleagues, with some new staffs whom I never met before. Heard that they are extremely busy and stressful working in Toyo now, that's why Yannie and Yvonne hardly blog these days........

So did Aden behaved that night? Erm not really, he din't want to share toys with Khoo's son and tend to beat him :0
I was so embarrassed and before I left, I actually apologized to Khoo for Aden's misbehave. But I guess that's what happen when toddlers play together?

By the way, I brought fried beehoon for the potluck ;) Overall, tt was short but a fun night!

Til then, enjoy your weekend peeps!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quantum Energy

Thanks to blogger Eugein, I won a set of beauty product recently! 

It's a 7-days trial kit from Quantum Energy. Here's something about Quantum Energy:
It's skincare collection is the world's first range of skincare products which infused with quantum energy. It's invented in Korea and it combines both advanced technology and natural ingredients element, how cool is that? ;)

Comes with 4 products samples and also a booklet 

The 4 products are Quantum Energy (QE) eye serum, QE sunblock, QE water drops and QE cleanser

This is the eye serum, the serum is smooth and can be easily absorbed into skin, it's a good moisturiser which lightens dark circles and relieves eye puffiness, which I like! Eye serum/eye cream has been part of my skincare regime, it's crucial to take good care of the under eye areas because the skin around this area is thin and sensitive

This is the QE water drops, this gel-like cream provide 24 hours moisturising which can also refine pores and soften skin! Perfect for us who always stays in air conditioned room!

See how watery my face looks after application?

And this is the QE cleanser, just a small drop is sufficient and can already create lots of bubbles! (Very good cause can use for a long time, save money too :p)

Bubbles bubbles, cleansing is also very important, proper cleansing can remove dirts and make up residuals from the pores and thus prevent from clogged pores which may result in acnes and other skin problems.
The QE cleanser provides deep cleansing and can act as a make up removal, it also give thorough exfoliation and nourishes the skin at the same time 

The QE sunblock, a protection againts the harmful UVA and UVB. It's moisturising and can whitens the skin, it's also a natural foundation which can be used anytime!

I love how the sunblock blends into the skin so naturally!

This is the before-after photo (with no editing) after using the products for a week. I can feel my skin is fairer now, and my dark circles seems to improve a little too! 

 I believe in the results QE can deliver, definitely a product worth trying!
Visit their Facebook page for more information!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Giveaway results

Hello hello!

Time to reveal who is the lucky winner of my recent giveaway!
And thank you everyone who participated!

The actual bill for that lunch is RM 83! (Expensive right? =_=)

So the person who got the closest answer is Eunice! Congratulations dear! Kindly provide me your email address so that I can contact you!

Eunice, 恭喜你得奖了!请写下你的email以方便我联络你!;)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My naughty Aden boy

Well, I think I have written quite a lot of my gathering lately I'm afraid you might miss Aden already! xDD
So this is a post filled with pictures of Aden (and my family)! All taken during the recent CNY.

That's how he likes to play with stuff these days, flip them over and explore 

Very expert in smart phone already, even better than my mum!

Like daddy like son?

Was doing some prayer at home and this boy went kepo around~

Yummy Vitagen!

Naughty boy is currently 21 months and 2 weeks old! How time flies huh? 

With my mum (sitting), aunties (mummy's side) and cousin

Can't help but to notice my cousin's hair, haha xD

One of my favorite picture, look at his cheeky expression!! He was trying to hate here.....=_=

Loves to conteng here and there, especially on his legs

Boy, is it so hard to take photo with mummy?

Day dreaming-ing....

One of our family shot during CNY

With my dear parents <3

And my dear brother

With aunties (daddy's side)

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the photos!

By the way, please pardon me for not able to reply to your comments recently, but rest assured I read every single one of them! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

My 'Nothing to shout about V-day' (giveaway inside)

Pardon for the lame title, haha xD

So how was your Valentine's Day this year? Mine was a very simple one, in fact it was just like an ordinary day =_=

No expensive meals, no fancy presents, just celebrated it with my 2 favorite boys, which I am truly thankful about. People say, everyday is a Valentine's day if you're with the right person, well I couldn't agree more ;)
(But I am still waiting for my belated Valentine's present, haha xD)

Anyway, I went to try out a new cafe with a friend during Valentine's Day. It's situated at Kuala Sepetang, it's a small fish village located about 15 minutes away from Taiping town. If you know Kuala Sepetang, it's famous for its laksa and curry mee, I've briefly blogged about it HERE.


不过情人节那天的下午,我撇掉老公和Aden(其实不算撇啦!老公在做工嘛,而Aden在家睡觉嘛 :p),跟一位友人来到了十八丁,主要是去这间Happy 8 cafe! 最近这间cafe很红,之前看了很多朋友分享呢!谁会想到在这么小的渔村里会有一间cafe呢!

This is the entrance to the cafe, not easily noticeable, it's called Happy 8 cafe
不过cafe很不起眼咯!没有招牌pun... 所以如果你有兴趣要试,就得跟着‘十八丁港口海鲜楼’的牌子咯!

They don't offer much in the menu though, I guess may be they're still new and still in the phase of 'test market'. Plus, who would have thought there's a cafe like this in a small fish village!
可能还很新,店主不敢冒险(我自己说的 :p) 所以菜单并没有很诱人!

Despite the lack of choices of food, I have to say the decorations are unique! Can tell the owner spent quite a lot in designing and renovating the cafe

I personally like the atmosphere in here!

The entrance

Table made from log and glass, chair made from wood and ropes, kinda special but to be honest, the chair is not so comfortable to be sit on, haha xD

The wall painted with a beautiful horse on it, probably because it's the year of the horse? Well may be they'll need to change the painting into a goat next year? :p

They also provide outdoor seating
Cafe 也有室外座位!

But surely not recommended to sit here during daytime, see the sunlight?

But I guess it'd be nice to dine at night, it's facing the sea! But be prepared to smell a bit 'fishy' cause as I mentioned, it's a fish village ma! xD

Their cake display. Perhaps it wasn't our lucky day since there're not many variety of cakes to choose from. I've seen my friend posted more varieties during her visit previously

We ordered a slice of classic coffee cake. Thumbs up for their effort in decorating the plate, rather than just serve the cake plain (which most restaurants/cafes is doing). Cake was mediocre, may be because I am not a coffee lover
Classic coffee 蛋糕。并没有很好吃,不过不得不称赞他们的用心来装饰盘子,看看那草莓!

My glass of mango avocado, yumz!

Dragon fruit juice for my friend

Chicken chop, the mashed potato is nice!
叫了一碟鸡扒来share, 我们旨在聊天,呵呵~ 

Tuna sandwich, also very mediocre
Tuna 三文治,so so 罢了

And here's my valentine for that afternoon, my pretty friend Vanus (Wonder why no hubby and Aden? Hubby was working and Aden was napping at home, kekeke :p)
这就是我漂亮的友人, Vanus, 很快升级当妈咯!;)

Ok, so guess how much is the bill? I'll send a gift to the person who can guess the closest answer!
Giveaway ends Monday 24/2/2014 1pm. Opens to Malaysian only.
截至日期:24/2/2014, 1pm

Here's some infor if you are interested to try this cafe. Don't look for 'happy 8 cafe' signage, in fact, just follow 'Makanan Laut Kang Kao' signage and you'll be able to find it.

Or another better idea, look for this eagle head.

The cafe is in this building

Overall, I love the environment of the cafe, but not so much about the food, and for your information, the food is a bit overpriced! (psst, this is actually a hint for you to guess the bill ^^)

On a side note, hubby and I went for our simple V-day dinner that night, with our boy of course.

OMG, I just realise Aden has the same expression in the 2 photos! xDD

No photos of the food though, cause they are just very ordinary food ;)
Til then, enjoy your weekend folks!