Monday, February 17, 2014

A little bit of charity during CNY

On the 4th day of CNY, I joined a local society to the old folks home and orphanage.

The old folks home located at Medan Taiping

My small yet sincere personal contribution to the elderly and orphan

The elderly were waiting at the hall once we arrived

The chairman spoke a bit before we started to distribute goods and and paos to the elderly

The lady in blue is the chairman of the society called GBBM (Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia), she is a young and energetic lady =) 

She performed a simple magic show to entertain the elderly

Then it was the goodies giving time

After spending some times with them, we took a group photo before we moved on to the orphanage. Spot me! ^^

Then we arrived at the orphanage.

2 of them performed a song using ukulele

Another 2 cute girls performed an Indian dance to show their appreciation to us

The rest joined in the dance too!

The visits was published at a local newspaper on 6th Feb
活动也有登上报纸 ;)

I bet everyone is contented and happy this day! Such a memorable and meaningful day!



  1. Spotted you, in front, green blouse, hehe...

  2. Great initiative Hayley! It's good to give back especially during festive season! :)

  3. Very meaningful activity for the festive season. Sure brought a lot of joy to the old folks!

  4. What a great and meaningful way to share the festive season with others. :)

  5. It id meaningful to do something as charitable as this. A great way to give to the old folks. My parents always donate some food and clothes few times in a year and usually on cny they will donate more. Last time when not married I will help them bring over the foods to the old folks home.

  6. Yes, agreed with Rose.. a very meaningful event.. :)

  7. What a kind hearted lady you are!!! You beat me and managed to visit both the old folks home and orphanage. Heavens will surely bless you and family with abundance of wealth, happiness and good health!

  8. 好有意义的活动!!你很有善心!好棒的活动!=)

  9. 很好!我有几个月没去老人院了。

  10. hello Hayley, how are you doing today?? wow, the weather is super duper hot today, i am sitting in my room blog hopping and i think i am sweating already.. actually just now showered, but before i could put on my clothes, i was sweating again!! hahaha.. like that how huh?? like 沒完沒了~~

    1. oh, indeed a very good deed to go to the old folks home and orphanage to pay them a visit during the festive season.. but i think they do no really want any goodies, but somebody to visit them and talk to them, especially the elderly.. they will be very happy if someone talks to them and listen to their nenek kebayan stories.. :)

    2. and i am surprise that the visit you did went on to the newspaper, haha!! actually i think all these charity deed no need to be so high profile lah.. and can really easily spot you in the photo!! so you 上報了耶!! so did you keep that newspaper and when Aden is older you can show him that you were on the paper?? haha.. wah, tell him mommy become very famous already~~ :D

    3. but i think the most meaningful thing you have got from the visits is not about the newspaper thing lah.. i am sure you had a good time spending with the elderly and the children, and i guess you also learned something from the visit?? :)

  11. We used to visit orphanages and old folk home during cny too. It feels good actually. :)

  12. 很好的活动呢,我家婆每年都回去老人院,今年我嫁过来了但是还没机会跟去!

  13. I had visited the old folks home when I was still in school. Now I hardly do so. Maybe I should one fine day..

  14. 你很棒咯,我今年都没有去到比较大型的那种,只是去了慈济的而已。。。

  15. Good of you to join this event to bring gifts to orphanage and old folks home during CNY. Well done! I couldnot recognize you in the photo until I read Sharon's comment.

  16. Well done Hayley. This is so thoughtful of you. Your good did is priceless.

  17. 这是一个很有意义的活动、你很棒,人美心美,喜欢你^_^


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