Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear God, I need helps

Being a mum is probably the hardest job on earth. Not only that we need to be a multitasker, we need to have very HIGH patience too!

Aden is 21 months old and though I think he is growing cuter, he also become more rebellious. He developed some very bad habits lately and they just drive me nuts!

Prior to bed time just now, I made him milk as usual while I continue to do my own stuff. When I turned over to check on him, he already twisted the bottle cap and spilled the unfinished milk all over his shirt and on his bed. I got so angry I shouted at him.

And whenever we bring him out for meal, he just won't sit still on the high chair. When we offer him a plate with food/snacks, even iPad/iPhone, he will push and throw everything to the floor whenever he likes! That's why hubby never like to bring him out unless really no choice. We usually just swallow our food, without really savoring them, cause Aden gets so impatient! And before heading out, I need to make sure that I've enough snacks/tricks which can keep him occupied.
Of course if this is the case, when we are outside, I will stay cool, pick up everything on the floor, and just tell him this is no good (I have learn that we shouldn't beat/scold our kids in the public).
But if it happens at home, I won't give in, regardless of who is there (yep, even if my in laws are there, I won't hesitate to scold, and sometimes beat his hands)

I have taught and told Aden numerous times that those acts are a big no no but seems like he just don't get it! When I got angry at him, he'll just sit there quietly with his innocent looks, he knows that I am angry and he knows that I am scolding him. Many times I shouted til I can't feel my throat, many times I beat him til I feel sorry and heartache at the end, but after some times he will repeat the same old acts again.

I have told myself to keep cool, but I guess I really have to surrender to his naughtiness. I know beating is not advisable at this stage but tell me how to keep calm when facing an active toddler like this!! I have seen other toddlers almost his age and to me, they can behave much better! Sometimes I wonder am I the only mother with such a rebellious son?

You know, I get envious when I read other mummies' blogs on how good their kids behave, or when I see their happy photos. Really, I did. I feel lucky for them. Yes, you guys are really lucky! How I wish to bring Aden for a family getaway trip! How I wish to bring Aden out as often as possible and that hubby and I can take our sweet time and eat peacefully!

Yes, I usually post happy faces of Aden, and I tell good thing about him, but that doesn't mean he is really that good. I mean I love him with all my heart, and there're things he does which melts my heart, but when he becomes evil, no words can ever describe how angry and how sad I am.

I know, it's just the beginning. I am sure there're plenty of patterns to come in the future. I just wish I have the strength to hold on, I just wish I have the patience to teach my son to become better.......