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My naughty Aden boy

Well, I think I have written quite a lot of my gathering lately I'm afraid you might miss Aden already! xDD
So this is a post filled with pictures of Aden (and my family)! All taken during the recent CNY.

That's how he likes to play with stuff these days, flip them over and explore 

Very expert in smart phone already, even better than my mum!

Like daddy like son?

Was doing some prayer at home and this boy went kepo around~

Yummy Vitagen!

Naughty boy is currently 21 months and 2 weeks old! How time flies huh? 

With my mum (sitting), aunties (mummy's side) and cousin

Can't help but to notice my cousin's hair, haha xD

One of my favorite picture, look at his cheeky expression!! He was trying to hate here.....=_=

Loves to conteng here and there, especially on his legs

Boy, is it so hard to take photo with mummy?

Day dreaming-ing....

One of our family shot during CNY

With my dear parents <3

And my dear brother

With aunties (daddy's side)

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the photos!

By the way, please pardon me for not able to reply to your comments recently, but rest assured I read every single one of them! 


  1. time really flies and Aden is a big boy now! I suppose he can speak more now?

  2. Aden 大个仔了,呵呵~~


    1. 嗯!


  3. hahaha, really?? you have not been blogging about Aden lately?? i remember he appears everywhere in this blog, haha!! or maybe he is always on my mind?? hahaha.. aiyah, this little boy so cute, i think everyone who has seen him before sure cannot forget him lah.. :p

    1. i was counting the photos before i can comment, photo #9, i also love that photo very much!! haha, he was trying to act "hatred" but seems like he was more joyous lah, haha!! such a natural shot, and his cheekiness actually adds to his charm lah..

      p/s: i wonder if it would be good if you consider labeling your photos with numbers?? so that it would be easy for us to reference to when commenting, especially when you have a lot to share.. :)

    2. wah, very clever boy lah.. good with gadgets and also can kepoh about praying, haha!! both high tech things and traditional rituals he also can, that's amazing really!! haha.. and oh, flipping the chairs to try to inspect and repair them also?? geez, this boy~~ :p

    3. looking at your family photo, i actually observed something.. your mum, you, your brother and your son - all have that same chin!! good lah, makes your face looks more V and then overall more slimmer.. what a good inheritance from your mum!! :)

    4. Haha, I did blogged about him but not many photos like this post ma!

      Yep, that hatred look is indeed cheeky!
      Oh, I did number my photos sometimes, anyway thanks for reminding!

      Yea, this boy, really beh tahan him right? xD

      Oh same chin, really? Haha xD

  4. Oh yea I love that photo of cheeky Aden too!

    I know it isn't easy to take care of a small boy at Aden's age but I think you are doing good so far! :)

    1. Thanks! I hope I can cope with it better in the future!

  5. Aden overload today cute boy !

  6. Yes, that cheeky look on Aden's face is priceless. Really nice family photos, can frame some up to put around the house.

  7. cute! Such a sweet smile. I actually think that he looks more like you!

  8. I like the picture on Aden day dreaming-ing.... hehe...

  9. Mak oi...Aden is such strong boy. Can carry the chair

    1. I wonder what he dreaming about in his dreamy look. Must develop this photo. He is so cute here

  10. 我好像觉得aden比较像你?!

  11. 可爱的Aden!!!

  12. 他们俩父子真的很像,加上他们又看向同样一个方向!!! =]

  13. aden的脸很chubby,越来越肉了。

  14. 可能男孩都比较好动吧~

  15. all babies are curious. haha..... Cute little boy. Am sure he is growing up fast and soon, you will miss his baby times.

  16. 男孩都是比较俏皮的呀, 正常正常!

  17. Going to be 2 years old soon. Another bday celebration coming??

    He is growing handsomely.

  18. 知道知道!你现在在KL enjoy shopping着哈哈哈!!!!
    Aden真的长大了!我们的孩子都长大了!时间过得很快hor!我到现在都还记得我照顾婴儿时候的他的画面,现在已经是boy boy了!
    我那个也是对smart phone还有ipad很厉害了,虽然我们没有特意给他玩但是他看着我们玩也学会很多,现在会给他看ipad 唱歌,画画还是用磁铁板哈哈。 

  19. Actually Aden is a mixture of you and your hub. :)

  20. Wow! Aden's grandma is so young looking! She uses SK-II kah?

  21. Your boy will grow up very well and healthy in your hometown. You know lah KL is quite a stressful and expensive place to live. Aden can enjoy the life of normal teens in the greens of a safer environment too. Thumbs up!

  22. That cutie pie of yours will be breaking hearts very soon!

  23. 我有发现,男小孩都喜欢把车,桌子等,翻过来研究。。哈哈

  24. Your boy really look like his father. I love the family photo as always =)

  25. Time really flies. Aden is a big boy now! But you look gorgeous as ever!

  26. Still looking so cute Aden *muacks muacks*


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