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My 'Nothing to shout about V-day' (giveaway inside)

Pardon for the lame title, haha xD

So how was your Valentine's Day this year? Mine was a very simple one, in fact it was just like an ordinary day =_=

No expensive meals, no fancy presents, just celebrated it with my 2 favorite boys, which I am truly thankful about. People say, everyday is a Valentine's day if you're with the right person, well I couldn't agree more ;)
(But I am still waiting for my belated Valentine's present, haha xD)

Anyway, I went to try out a new cafe with a friend during Valentine's Day. It's situated at Kuala Sepetang, it's a small fish village located about 15 minutes away from Taiping town. If you know Kuala Sepetang, it's famous for its laksa and curry mee, I've briefly blogged about it HERE.


不过情人节那天的下午,我撇掉老公和Aden(其实不算撇啦!老公在做工嘛,而Aden在家睡觉嘛 :p),跟一位友人来到了十八丁,主要是去这间Happy 8 cafe! 最近这间cafe很红,之前看了很多朋友分享呢!谁会想到在这么小的渔村里会有一间cafe呢!

This is the entrance to the cafe, not easily noticeable, it's called Happy 8 cafe
不过cafe很不起眼咯!没有招牌pun... 所以如果你有兴趣要试,就得跟着‘十八丁港口海鲜楼’的牌子咯!

They don't offer much in the menu though, I guess may be they're still new and still in the phase of 'test market'. Plus, who would have thought there's a cafe like this in a small fish village!
可能还很新,店主不敢冒险(我自己说的 :p) 所以菜单并没有很诱人!

Despite the lack of choices of food, I have to say the decorations are unique! Can tell the owner spent quite a lot in designing and renovating the cafe

I personally like the atmosphere in here!

The entrance

Table made from log and glass, chair made from wood and ropes, kinda special but to be honest, the chair is not so comfortable to be sit on, haha xD

The wall painted with a beautiful horse on it, probably because it's the year of the horse? Well may be they'll need to change the painting into a goat next year? :p

They also provide outdoor seating
Cafe 也有室外座位!

But surely not recommended to sit here during daytime, see the sunlight?

But I guess it'd be nice to dine at night, it's facing the sea! But be prepared to smell a bit 'fishy' cause as I mentioned, it's a fish village ma! xD

Their cake display. Perhaps it wasn't our lucky day since there're not many variety of cakes to choose from. I've seen my friend posted more varieties during her visit previously

We ordered a slice of classic coffee cake. Thumbs up for their effort in decorating the plate, rather than just serve the cake plain (which most restaurants/cafes is doing). Cake was mediocre, may be because I am not a coffee lover
Classic coffee 蛋糕。并没有很好吃,不过不得不称赞他们的用心来装饰盘子,看看那草莓!

My glass of mango avocado, yumz!

Dragon fruit juice for my friend

Chicken chop, the mashed potato is nice!
叫了一碟鸡扒来share, 我们旨在聊天,呵呵~ 

Tuna sandwich, also very mediocre
Tuna 三文治,so so 罢了

And here's my valentine for that afternoon, my pretty friend Vanus (Wonder why no hubby and Aden? Hubby was working and Aden was napping at home, kekeke :p)
这就是我漂亮的友人, Vanus, 很快升级当妈咯!;)

Ok, so guess how much is the bill? I'll send a gift to the person who can guess the closest answer!
Giveaway ends Monday 24/2/2014 1pm. Opens to Malaysian only.
截至日期:24/2/2014, 1pm

Here's some infor if you are interested to try this cafe. Don't look for 'happy 8 cafe' signage, in fact, just follow 'Makanan Laut Kang Kao' signage and you'll be able to find it.

Or another better idea, look for this eagle head.

The cafe is in this building

Overall, I love the environment of the cafe, but not so much about the food, and for your information, the food is a bit overpriced! (psst, this is actually a hint for you to guess the bill ^^)

On a side note, hubby and I went for our simple V-day dinner that night, with our boy of course.

OMG, I just realise Aden has the same expression in the 2 photos! xDD

No photos of the food though, cause they are just very ordinary food ;)
Til then, enjoy your weekend folks!



  1. See that the place is nice and also the foods is yummy yummy...

  2. At least you enjoyed two good meals outside. Mine was plain boring... we just ate at home but I'm not complaining cos it was spent with my two loved ones too :) I like Aden's blur-blur expression haha... So cute!

  3. The cafe decor and food presentation sure is nice :)

  4. 情人节跟好朋友度过几不错的!那个cafe的外面还真的看不出里头会有这么一家cafe的咯!哈哈!


  5. 我也是被那草莓吸引去了,摆盘摆得很美~

  6. 食物的卖相看起来还不错

  7. 哈哈哈,那他们不是很不得空,每一年都要换生肖,但话说那马画得好漂亮哦!


  8. What an interesting way to spend Valentine's day - in a quaint cafe in a fishing village. I would never have thought such a place exists. At night you had a nice time having dinner with your two favourite persons so that is something to be treasured.

    Since you say overprice, I would guess price is about MYR90.

  9. Kuala Sepetang is a small village and it's nice to have a posh place over there for a Valentine's celebration. Food there could be considered expensive for a small town. Your meal could easily cost you up to RM70.

  10. wah, such a posh cafe inside a fishing village?? i've never been to Kuala Sepetang (though i remember i have heard of 十八丁) so i do not know how's the place like, but you mentioned it's a fishing village by the river, so i think it can't be a very developed place.. so still a bit too overwhelmed that there's such a nice cafe there, haha~~

    1. the deco, the setup and everything all looks so high class.. food presentation also not bad lah (though the chicken chop and sandwich looks very 行貨 lah, haha) as i judge from the way they serve the cake.. the cakes are from freemori (i saw the logo on the menu), so i guess they just resell those cakes and not really make their own.. that was probably why you didn't see a lot of choices available but just that 小貓兩三隻..

    2. hmmm, expensive ah?? and actually do you think the villagers will go there to makan?? or most probably they target people from bigger towns and cities, because i can see they are just beside the river offering good views (though smells fishy).. so expensive food and yet so-so?? okay, i make my guess here, the total is RM105??

    3. cheh!! i typed a long comment and click publish, then google say their server got problem and ask me to retry after 30 secons!! KNN, that means i gotta retype lah~~ so irritating!!!

    4. haha, 18 photos and a long write-up for the meet up with your friend Vanus, but only 2 photos and 2 sentences to wrap up the v-day celebration with your two boys!! hey, that is so unfair lah, haha!! aiyah, should have another photo that you three took together mah, or at least one with you and your hubby only then baru got the V feel mah.. :p

    5. so i was saying.. you posted 18 photos and a long write-up for the meetup with your friend Vanus.. but then you only have 2 photos and 2 sentences to wrap up the so-called v-day celebration with your two boys, how unfair!! hahahaha.. at least have one more photo that three of you one happy family took mah, or the bare minimum you and your hubby, then baru got that V feel mah.. :p

  11. Your son really looks like the father.. same moulding.. hahaha... Next time I want to try this cafe too, the cake looks good! As for the bill, I think it is around RM50-60... to be more exact RM58? hahahaa... just for fun!

  12. 我猜包括Tax应该大约RM85-RM90
    但小渔村也卖这个价钱over-priced吧! ^^

  13. A lovely series of photos! The chicken chop and dragon fruit juice look very good. Your son is adorable! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  14. Every day is V-Day when you're with the ones you love...

  15. helo漂亮的妈咪, 我猜 花了Rm55.50, 谢谢!

  16. 想不到小渔村里也有间 咖啡厅。

  17. haha.. about the same expression for Aden! Young kid, norm will show O shaped mouth in photos.. don believe? You can start to get notice these days... :P

  18. Good ambience

    Though only open to malaysians i still want to guess for the fun of it

    I guess rm 80

  19. 撇下老公孩子跟好姐妹去庆祝情人节也是很浪漫的事情^_^

  20. 虽然没有招牌。。但是里面装潢不错,还可以看到海景

    那个草莓做成花,很美很有心思。。。看了心花怒放,哈哈 =)


  21. That's a nice place. Well, I didn't even celebrate it as when I reached home , it's very late while my wifey need to get the kids ready for replacement class the next sat.

  22. 週末愉快。

  23. Nce cafe decor and view. Hmm. My guess is around RM70 - 80.

    Haha. Aden is so cute with his mouth open.

    1. I didnt celebrate also. Just simple dinner at home with family. But I received a belated V-Day gift from hubby. A watch.

  24. 我情人节也是午餐和好友庆祝,晚上和芭比庆祝。

  25. at least u still got to have dinner with ur 2 BOYS mah...consolation lah tu...hehehe...

    i guess ur bill around RM128++

  26. Did not see the cafe when i was there last must go again to find this cafe, the place and food looks good. My guess for yr bill rm80?

  27. Hmmm that chair sure looks uncomfortable but looks damn nice.

  28. Gosh..the chicken chop looked so small size...... And I was actually shocked with the price which u mentioned in your other post.


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