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Of great food and great friends

On the 6th day of CNY, I had the second yee sang with some friends at a local restaurant called Sin Bee Guan.

Followed by some very yummy dishes.......

Very nutritious chicken soup

The restaurant's signature tofu, it was so good we actually ordered second plate ;)

Assorted greens with sea cucumber

Another signature from the restaurant, pineapple prawns

Fresh steamed fish

The food was overall very nice! There was suppose to be a dessert but somehow the staff forgot to serve, we also forgot to ask =_= 
Anyway, it's not just the food, it's the companion that matters too.
So who's my companion this night?

Tada! My lovely ex colleagues whom some of you might be familiar with..

It's been so long!

Hmm, I think they lost some weight now, must be very pressure working under Japanese! :0

Especially Yvonne! She shocked me when she entered the restaurant, it was so obvious that she lost weight!

The lovely Tan sisters ;)

With Angeline who is also very busy these days...

I think we won't have much chances to meet up already since all of them are very very busy. But I still look forward to the next gathering though I don't know when..... =)


  1. Friends cum bloggers too, I can see :) In my office, I have only one colleague blogger.. the rest are facebook addicts.. hahaha...

  2. What can be better? Great friends and great food, all in one.

  3. 能和一班交心的朋友聚会是一件乐事,感觉上我好久没和朋友聚会了,好想念 T_T

  4. 捞生!

  5. Get togethers are always nice. :)

  6. Wishing you and family HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. May the new year bring you lots of good health, wealth and smiles :)

    More travels this year?

    PS: Sorry, I have been blog hopping less, my own blog also abandon. Will still read updates as and when I am free.

  7. Wow...pineapple prawns sounded so delicious !

    So nice to have ex-coll cum blogger friends.

  8. What a nice gathering with Good Food and Good Friends!

  9. 你的朋友真多!!常有聚会!

    我现在看到这些中餐都怕,一次立刻呕吐>_< 我想baby应该跟我一样崇洋吧 xDDD

  10. 现在看到年菜还真有点害怕。。。。

  11. nice to have good companions. I suppose all of you must have fun.

  12. Miss Angeline, see that she seldom blog these days...

    1. Yes, Sharon I'm still busy with some matters in the office - The unpredictable one - more tasks to handle. Seldome bake and cook too. But we can still chat at whatsapp right?

  13. 和好友聚餐其實食物對我來說是其次。說笑談心比較重要⋯羨慕你常常有一大班朋友聚一起。好熱鬧。

  14. NIce food, nice friends... what a new year! :P

  15. I can recognize 3 of them from their blogs - Yvonne, Yan and Angeline. Good food - the chicken soup really looks nourishing without much oil in the soup. Must be a very happy gathering until everyone forgot about the dessert. :)

  16. aiyoh, i want to complain about the hot weather again lah.. though it did rain a little in the late afternoon just now, but then still so warm and i am still sweating like hell even after shower!! then some more you let me see so many pretty ladies, i get even hotter!! muahahahahaha~~ :D

    1. wah, i think the food surely very nice lah.. because whenever Hayley blog about gathering hor, she will talk about the food last and usually she will say "mediocre" and has nothing much to say but just 省略帶過, but this time, see, she talked about the food first, and also praise them being so delicious.. i give you 4 words for this post lah, maybe you want to consider this new title for the post - 秀色可餐!! muahahaha~~ :D

    2. i also agree lah, this time round the food looks nice to me.. especially the toufu and also the sea cucumber dish with bamboo clams.. that pineapple prawns also quite special leh..

    3. yeah, Yvonne really lost weight a lot, i think easily 10kg?? haha, sorry ah, i actually have not met her in person before, so just hantam a number lah.. she cuts her hair and i think this new hairstyle looks good on her.. and Yannie and Angeline, they look as beautiful as they have been also, the other two i don't know them lah but they also pretty lah, haha.. all the stunning blogger mummy there, wah, sure a lot of guys all eyeing on your table in that restaurant lor??

    4. BTW, only two kids followed?? i see Calvin and May only.. where were Hebe, April and Aden??

    5. April went for tuition, Hebe and Aden stayed at home. hehehe.
      SK thanks for your compliments.

  17. okay这个时候,给我看到那么多食物

  18. 我回来了 =)~~ 其实都有看你们的文,只是没空留言


  19. Hayley will refund the dessert fund to you when we meet again. Lol.

  20. 趁着过年跟好姐妹聚会吃大餐,这是让人开心的=}

  21. Everyone's looking great! Slim n fit for this new year ;)

  22. Ah, that's wonderful to catch up with friends who are also active bloggers. =D I know there are a handful of friends who blog, but they have been rather inactive lately....

  23. 每次看到博客聚会都会很开心呢,另外三位真的很少出文了,应该大家都在忙吧!!! =]

  24. Fun times with friends! Love those moments.

    The chicken soup looks yummeh. Am craving some after looking at the picture a few times.


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