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Pictureless Tuesday

Let me tell you a story which happens just 30 mins ago. 

I was at the living room talking on phone with a banker just now, and I din't realise that my smart boy Aden pushed a chair from the living room to my computer table, climbed onto it, reached my water tumbler, tried to drink from it (I guess), then spilled the water onto the whole place. That's what I saw when I entered the room :'(

So, my laptop is all wet and it is in the still mode right now with no response at all. I m blogging from phone now and man it's so inconvenient!!

So, I guess I will need to stay MIA for the next few days, without my laptop.... 

Guys and girls, don't miss me so much..... :(

That's all, not in the mood to blog already...........


  1. Oh dear...but nevermind, if Ayden did not give mummy job to do, mummy will be very boring ! haha

    1. And Ayden is hinting to you.....'old don't go, new won't come'. Mummy, you may buy a new laptop already. haha

    2. Jokes aside, hope your laptop is up again so u can come back to the blogging world soon.

  2. Oh no!!看来你要休息一段时间,电脑送去维修吗?能抢救的了吗?所以我把书房的门锁着还算明智的,我一直在预防这种事情的发生。。。但是意外往往就在预防以外才发生不是吗?:(

  3. OMG!!!! >_<
    aden是要帮妈咪换新电笔吧!不能怪他,小孩子不知情,可以罚他拉耳朵 xD


  4. haha, is there such a trend called Pictureless Tuesday?? you started this?? i only heard about Wordless Wednesday.. hmmm, maybe you should take photo of your wet laptop and then post it here, rename your title to "Angry Picture Tuesday"~~ haha!!

    1. aiyoh, this Aden really need 24x7 monitoring huh?? you were just on the phone for a while, and he already made a mess out of your desk and laptop.. hmmm, lesson learned - do not place any liquid next to your laptop.. or at least not to the reach of that boy..

    2. not bad also mah, you manage to blog and publish this post using your phone!! consider good lah, though i have no idea how much time you spent to "tuk tuk" and also to correct your typo errors, haha!! well, hope your laptop can be repaired and nothing terrible happen.. else, this Aden boy really gave you a good excuse to change for a new one for the new year lor~~ :p

  5. Mayb it's a hint for u to get a new laptop...

  6. Hope it will get recover very soon or maybe get a new one....

  7. Wahhhh!!!! Your boy's getting bigger, smarter now. Have to keep one eye open, all the time - you'll never know what he'll do. Never mind your laptop - his safety is more important - can push chairs and climb up already. Of course, anything can happen but it sure pays to be a little vigilant and careful. I am sure as his mother you will agree on that.

  8. Cheer up 旧的不去新的不

    I also lost my laptop last year

  9. I also don't like to use phone to blog but no choice if i am on the move

  10. oh no..this is a nightmare... yes, phone is difficult to blog but still better than nothing at all.. hope your lappie will get well soon...

  11. 我的就是这样被Alicia摔坏了~~

  12. Look at the bright side, he did not fall from the chair. Quite a dangerous thing he did there...

  13. Silver lining is = time for a top-of-the-line laptop after this! ;)

  14. 不要难过!就得不去新的不来,这样想来安慰自己吧。

  15. Oh Mummy, your Aden boy is growing up so fast! He is smart!

    Don't be upset lo, after all he has brought you so much joy and happiness.

  16. It's Ok. .. and always keep a close look at your boy. He's very active now.

  17. 小孩子就是这样,我在家的时候每次看到小孩靠近我的东西就飞奔似的冲过去,有时候也不是每次不让他们碰,就是很害怕东西会坏啊~

  18. Hope your laptop is ok and you will be back blogging soon but then Aden needs to be monitored all the time now so you will be one busy mother!

  19. Oh dear! Not a great day! Cant blame Aden, kids are like that. Hope you feel better and your laptop is not kaput!

    Cheers up!

  20. wait for it to dry up. maybe will be okay leh.

  21. Sorry to hear that. Me too after all the sueyness thingy..I ve no mood to blog too.

  22. Cheer up dear, think positive and the new lappy will come to you soon ;)

  23. oh, don't scold Aden. it just happened and he didn't mean that too.

  24. 往好的方面想,笔电还可以维修或买过一个,庆幸的是Aden没事,试着心情平复后再跟他讲道理吧,毕竟他也不懂他犯错了呢!

  25. oh no~~ hope your lappy will be fixed well...or maybe a new lappy for you :)

  26. Pity you.. I can totally relate to you too. My 20 months old daughter crashed my Ipad a week before Christmas 2013. Crashed like, glass monitor all shattered. My heart sank so deep, I was so mad and sad at the same time, I just broke down in front of her.

    I hope your lappie is going to be ok.

  27. Hugs...

    things always happen for a reason..but as I read earlier...everything is fine now:D


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