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So, miracle does happen xD

Okay so my laptop was announced kaput the other day, but because I believe in miracle (xDD), I decided to try to switch it on the next day and guess what? 


Woohoo! So I better blog as often as I can now before my dear laptop go kaput again soon (touchwood la) :p
And don't worry, I din't punish Aden for doing this, of course I reprimanded him a bit but my intention is to let him know this act is a big No No. 
In fact, I blamed myself for being not careful enough, but then, accident does happens no matter how careful we are, right?

Ok, so I mentioned we went to zoo Taiping on the first day of CNY and here are some photos taken!

Normal entrance fee is RM 16 for adult and RM 8 for kids above 3 years old. But I heard if you're Perakian, you'll get additional discount ;) You may visit their website HERE if you wanna know more!

The main purpose of the visit is to let Aden to expose to all sorts of animals on the planet, haha!

Took quite a while to spot you, Mr Alligator

The lonely orang utan

Some sort of jungle cat?

Sorry Aden but the deer behind you is so much cuter!! :p

Aden: What is inside?

Oh, it's you, Mr Otter ^^

The lonely curious bear

Supervisor supervising........

Again............ xD

tai siu yeh on the move, need to fan him somemore :p

Cute rabbits~


The giant hippo

Daddy loves kissing him like this, haha xD

Aden and the cute wallaby

Not to forget the lazy tiger......

Of course, these are just part of the animals in zoo Taiping. Din't manage to snap a lot of photos cause was busy looking after Aden, plus it was really a HOT day!!

We spent 3 hours there and everyone were like a dead fish when we got home. Despite the tiredness, it was still a happy and fun trip for all of us!!

By the way, some people say zoo Taiping is better and bigger than zoo Negara? Well, I haven't been to zoo Negara so I cannot compare.... But I can tell you zoo Taiping is really huge itself and it's packed with people during the weekends, not to mention public holidays la! The car park is almost full whenever I pass by it during weekends. Guess it's quite famous among Malaysian eh?

If you haven't been to zoo Taiping, I would say it's a worth a go la!


  1. Been there once but it is too far for us. Laughing at Aden ! He loves to walk with his both hand behind ! So cute.

  2. hello Hayley, glad that you are back to the scene so quickly.. not having MIA for one whole week lah.. hahaha!! happy to hear that your laptop is working now already..

    1. errr, maybe not really miracle lah.. i think the laptop didn't kaput but because that day you were trying to switch on while there is still water in it mah.. so after a couple of days, the water vaporized under such hot weather, all dry already and the laptop is back to action again!! but whatever lah, as long as it comes back to life and you can still use it to blog, who cares~~ :D

    2. i don't know if Taiping Zoo is bigger than Zoo Negara, but i always heard it is better and has more thing to see than the latter.. and only RM16 is a lot cheaper also.. and very true with what i see from the photos lah, it really does seem to be more interesting leh.. but the last time i visited the Zoo Negara was like more than 20 years ago, whether they have improved i do not know lor, hehe!!

    3. no lah, Aden is cuter than those animals lah.. you tell him the deer is cuter?? did he cry?? haha.. and he still likes to walk with his hands behind huh?? i think he was imitating the adults, or was it the other way round?? haha.. the daddy so 肉緊 wanna kiss him like that, but it seems like Aden does not like that at all?? or when Aden drools means he likes it?? :p

  3. 还好电脑没事了!谢天谢地!我的还在抢救中LOL 我没力了>_<
    小孩子去动物园一定很开心的!他们很喜欢看动物!我一直计划着带佟b去farm in the city但是一直找不到时间,不想再weekened去,等天拿假带他去好了,嗬嗬!

    哈哈!!!aden真的是大少爷!!OMG!!那个手插背后的是学爸爸,过后自己也这样走还要爸爸扇风,tai siu ye哈哈!!!可爱!!

  4. You are BACK! That's good news! I thought it might take you weeks to return to blogging. Computers are kinda siao sometimes, they are so unpredictable like mother-in-laws! LOL

  5. Aden so so cute!

  6. I love to visit zoos sometimes but those with miserable cages made me sad to see the poor animals being confined within small space. I hope all the zoos would follow those in overseas where they do away with iron grills and used natural trees and slopes to confine the animals in natural settings and plenty of space to roam about. Of course talk is easy but $$$ need to come first.

    I love that photo of papa kissing Aden!! So funny!

  7. 我很久没去Taiping zoo了。

  8. 我们家的小孩也有把水倒在laptop的经验,只要一中水马上关电,等电板完全干透后才开电,“基本上”应该还好,呵呵~~


  9. 电脑没事就好。你好lucky!!

  10. So long I havent been inside the zoo.. .since my kids very small... nice for kids though... now they are big, they dont want to go under the heat.. hahaha.. .
    Your son really looks very cute.. walking like a Small Big Boss! hahahaa...

  11. Aden就是有种说不上来的chubby,圆嘟嘟的脸,无辜的眼神,非常讨人喜欢,真的!^^

  12. I used to take my kids to the zoo. Nice to see those animals again. I'm sure Aden enyoyed his trip there.

  13. Yeah, many commented that Zoo Taiping is much better than the Zoo Negara. I'd been to both, er, don't really see any diff.

  14. I disagree. I say Aden is cuter than the deer in the photo. :)

  15. It has been almost 20 years since I last been to Zoo Negara so I don't know how it is now. And I did not even know that there is a big Zoo in Taiping. Thanks for sharing.

  16. hahah! why he walk like that wan?! Like taukeh. its very funny!

  17. Good to hear. No wonder can blog hop already. yay! :)

    Aden so cute...follow antics of the adult. He is a little man now

    1. Lovely walk at the zoo. He sure like to see all the animals ya

  18. hahaha.... the supervisor walk is cute. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Mei!

  19. So cute, father and son same pose haha

  20. I've been to Taiping zoo many years ago and must say that it's really nice and well-maintained.

  21. That's good for you, glad to have you back!!! =]


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