Monday, March 31, 2014

Aden the dancing boy (edited)

(Sorry for the earlier mistake, hope this one is able to view~)

Just a video of my silly boy, to welcome the new week! ;)

Friday, March 28, 2014

守业者/Storm in a cocoon

不懂大家有没有看‘守业者’这部香港连续剧呢?我从一开始就追看了,因为有帅哥马俊伟 xD

Do you watch the HK drama showing on Astro On Demand now, storm in a cocoon? I enjoy the drama very much and the story is getting more and more kan cheong now!
Unlike Korean/Taiwanese drama, HK drama is always much shorter (about 45 minutes per episode) and this is why I prefer to watch HK drama. Of course, most HK drama has almost the same storyline and the similar faces, haha xD

每晚8.30pm肯定守在电视机前!上几个月前装了Astro On Demand所以不用再上网下载了!;)

总觉得潘家杨(马俊伟)和唐冰冰 (杨怡) 这一对情侣好衬!
They are the 2 main actor and actress, Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung. I just feel that this 2 make a perfect lovely couple!

虽然马俊伟在戏里的打扮没什么改变过不过我觉得他穿这样好帅气!虽然我不是他的头号粉丝不过我一直以来都觉得他的戏很不错看,最有影像的就是‘铁血保镖’(对,是N年前的剧了 xD 会对这部剧特别有影像是因为当时我还在读着大学,记得我是和友人借了VCD放假回家等着每晚跟‘男朋友’一起看的,哈哈!). 
I especially love watching Steven Ma, I think he is very good looking ^_* Of course, his acting skill is very good too!

当然杨怡也是我看这部剧的其中一个原因~ 虽然艺人的绯闻很多(说她有整容什么的)不过我从来没去理会~ 只要他/她演技好/自然就可以了!我觉得杨怡的哭功一流!真的很佩服她的专业性!
Tavia Yeung is one of my favorite as well. I always love her movies, I feel that she is very natural and good in crying! :p
Though there're many rumors saying that the actress herself underwent several plastic surgery but I don't really care la! As long as he/she is really capable and professional, I will sure support~

The plot is getting more exciting and it'll be ending this Sunday! Can't wait can't wait!! Imma stick to the TV this Sunday night :p


(All photos taken from HERE)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Modbox blogger kit

Well, this is another sponsored beauty box =) 
I know I am indeed lucky to be able to receive several beauty boxes lately, many thanks to blog world as I knew this through a blogger.

Who doesn't love freebies right? ^^

Let's take a look at what's inside the box.

The box itself is small and cute!

And packed with some fabulous samples!

With some information about the samples and price, also discount codes! <3

Aqua peeling face from Rescare, 150ml (RM 78), a product from Korea. Get rids of dead skin cells and giving you radiant skin!

The product is in liquid form

If you look carefully, those are some dead skin cells on my hands!

Acne patch from miacare, 3 patches (retailing at RM 9.90 for 12 patches). Comes with information and instructions. I believe this will be an useful item to cover up those ugly acnes, it can also works to absorb all the icky pus for lighting-quick healing

Plus white nighttime toothpaste from Dentiste, retailing at RM 25.90 for 160g. 

Use it for fresher morning breath, healthier gums and cleaner mouth

Another product from Dentiste', oral rinse. Retailing at RM 25.90 for 380ml. Not sure about you but I am firm believer in using oral rinse, I just love the minty and fresh feeling everytime after gargling! 

Last but not least, fragrance free dry shampoo from Shaire London. Retailing at RM 35.90 for 60ml. Just spray it evenly on hair and scalp and you're done! Used it once and I love how the fragrance stays on my hair for hours!

Modbox has a varieties of brands for skincare, make up, aromatherapy, bath & body, hair care, fragrance and etc, all at a very reasonable price! They even offer free shipping for orders above RM 100.

Head on over to their website to know more!
Or email them at

Thank you Jess for the lovely surprise! ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014

第一次的刮痧/Skin scraping


每次帮我按摩的是一个专业马来aunty, 力道够,人也很nice,而且价钱对我来说还算公道!不过由于近来她很忙所以一直约不到适合的时间。不过我的腰实在顶不顺了所以就帮衬另一间按摩中心,帮我做的是个中国阿姨。她一按到我的背就说我很累,肌肉紧绷!所以建议我做刮痧~ 

不过这天我却有胆量说ok! :p

I enjoy my monthly body massage with this professional malay aunty but this time around, she was too occupied and we couldn't find a suitable time for a massage session, but my backache is killing me! So I visited a Chinese massage center at town.

The massause said I have very stiff shoulder and back once she massaged my back, and recommended me to do gua sha (skin scraping). I always say NO to skin scraping cause of the pain, and most importantly the red marks and blemishes that appeared after that! But this day, I've actually decided to try, for the very first time ;)

End up.......




问我还做不做刮痧?Erm, 应该会!;))

A good skin scraping is able to improve circulation and expel toxics, at the same time relax the muscles. Guess I have lots of toxic inside by looking at the photo! :0
The process is a bit painful but I am glad I tried it. Can feel my backache improved a lot these few days! Will sure try skin scraping again, if needed ;)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday in point form ;)

1. Received the multi action cleanser free from Quantum Energy as I've shared my experience using the products few weeks ago, it's worth RM 190 ;)
早前分享了Quantum Energy 心得所以赢得了一支 cleanser!上礼拜才收到的~

2. Collected these samples from Gurney Plaza yesterday and I was so happy! OMG I sounded so much like a auntie already! xD
Anyway, I went to Penang yesterday with my parents and Aden and we used the new Penang second bridge for the first time. Well, nothing special about the bridge also, wonder why people go there and take photos on purpose during the opening early this month? :p 
昨天载了爸妈和去槟城一趟,虽然我们是想去Gurney 一带不过因为有了新的第二条桥所以还是在新桥留了轮胎印,哈哈!结果,还不是一条桥罢了,没什么特别。。xD
Anyway,这趟槟城trip主要是为了换取以下的美容产品(师奶上身).. 一共换取了5个不同牌子的产品!^^

3. Hubby traded in his old car and bought this few weeks ago ;) He said it's for me so I considered this my belated Valentine gift, LOL! 
感谢老公迟来的情人节礼物!(哈哈到底是不是情人节礼物只有我知道 xD)

4. Was Whatsapp-ing with my Uni mates the other day we are planning a meet up at KL next month, hopefully the trip jadi la! It's been more than 5 years since we last met!! Then I browsed through my old albums of us spending crazy time together...... 
(Taken at Genting in 2007, our graduation trip)

(Taken in 2005 in our Uni, I couldn't believe I was so chubby that time =_=)

(We spent most of the times in our hostel room, eating chatting watching dramas and all... What great memories!!)
(相信吗?我们住宿舍共3年!就是说从一开始到毕业我都是住宿舍。。Erm, 其实也满闷的不过没办法啦!宿舍是在太靠近学院了!)

5. Last but not least, I must go rest now! I was feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday so I quickly made a trip to the clinic, as I don't want Aden to catch the sick bugs and I must recover by this weekend, since it'll be busy weekend for us, it's bro-in-law's wedding! ;)

That's all for today! Have a nice day ahead and enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Family portrait 2014

Our first family portrait was done in April last year (click HERE), few days before Aden turned one.
This year, we had another family portrait, also done by the same photographer and this time, it's FOC! =))

Reason being is, the photographer, Bayz, said that the previous family portrait wasn't a real satisfied one since Aden was quite cranky that day (cause it was near to his napping time). So this time around she actually offered to take the second family portrait for us, for FREE!
She is such a sweet and nice photographer!
(Visit here FB page HERE)

We have taken about 40-50 photos altogether and I've filtered some to share here....



这次,我们选了傍晚拍摄,我make sure Aden 睡饱饱吃饱饱才出门。结果他很合作,嘻嘻!

1. Venue of shooting is at the beautiful Taiping lake garden, photo shooting done in less than 2 hours as Aden was in a good mood that evening, good boy!

2. 跟上次的拍摄一样,我们并没有打扮得很漂亮,我也没化妆(不过有涂防晒 xD),因为我觉得亲子照就是要看到最自然的一面!这次也没准备什么道具~

3. Din't really prepare an props, nor wearing very nice clothing as I want the photos to be as natural as possible.

4. I even din't put on any make up (except for sunblock :p)

5. 不过这时我的头发好乱好难看(看了照片才发现 =_=) 


7. But I did had a color theme in mind, RED!


9. Happy carrying his Doraemon bag~

10. Aden was pulling his daddy's hair, haha!


12. 这天下午其实下了一场雨,不过拍摄过程还是很热,我都满身汗!



15. Aden: Mummy I want kiss kiss too!

16. 开心的笑~




20. 忘了说,拍摄地点是太平湖!是太平人的骄傲~


22. After shooting in lake garden, we moved on the McDonald....

23. 时间还早所以摄影师提议到附近的麦当劳继续拍照~

24. He loves this small playroom!

25. Aden最爱来麦当劳了,因为除了可以吃还有得玩!

26. Coincidentally no one was in the playroom that evening so we sorta occupied the whole room by ourselves!

Well, this is sure another memorable family portrait to keep and show to Aden when he grows up!
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

怎样?还不错啦hor? ;) 这个就当这是Aden两岁的亲子照咯!哈哈 (是我自己的想法 :p)