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Friday in point form ;)

1. Received the multi action cleanser free from Quantum Energy as I've shared my experience using the products few weeks ago, it's worth RM 190 ;)
早前分享了Quantum Energy 心得所以赢得了一支 cleanser!上礼拜才收到的~

2. Collected these samples from Gurney Plaza yesterday and I was so happy! OMG I sounded so much like a auntie already! xD
Anyway, I went to Penang yesterday with my parents and Aden and we used the new Penang second bridge for the first time. Well, nothing special about the bridge also, wonder why people go there and take photos on purpose during the opening early this month? :p 
昨天载了爸妈和去槟城一趟,虽然我们是想去Gurney 一带不过因为有了新的第二条桥所以还是在新桥留了轮胎印,哈哈!结果,还不是一条桥罢了,没什么特别。。xD
Anyway,这趟槟城trip主要是为了换取以下的美容产品(师奶上身).. 一共换取了5个不同牌子的产品!^^

3. Hubby traded in his old car and bought this few weeks ago ;) He said it's for me so I considered this my belated Valentine gift, LOL! 
感谢老公迟来的情人节礼物!(哈哈到底是不是情人节礼物只有我知道 xD)

4. Was Whatsapp-ing with my Uni mates the other day we are planning a meet up at KL next month, hopefully the trip jadi la! It's been more than 5 years since we last met!! Then I browsed through my old albums of us spending crazy time together...... 
(Taken at Genting in 2007, our graduation trip)

(Taken in 2005 in our Uni, I couldn't believe I was so chubby that time =_=)

(We spent most of the times in our hostel room, eating chatting watching dramas and all... What great memories!!)
(相信吗?我们住宿舍共3年!就是说从一开始到毕业我都是住宿舍。。Erm, 其实也满闷的不过没办法啦!宿舍是在太靠近学院了!)

5. Last but not least, I must go rest now! I was feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday so I quickly made a trip to the clinic, as I don't want Aden to catch the sick bugs and I must recover by this weekend, since it'll be busy weekend for us, it's bro-in-law's wedding! ;)

That's all for today! Have a nice day ahead and enjoy your weekend!


  1. car nice.

    I was sick too last week. Seen a doc and was on antibiotic. Hope you gets well soon.

    1. Gathering with friends are so fun ya. And looking back at the old photos sure brings back a lot of memories. U look the same when u were a student ! Not chubby la.....still slim and pretty.

    2. How you feeling?
      Me ok already, hehe~

      Huh, I was so chubby leh!! Cannot accept, LOL!

  2. 早日康复!

  3. Ooooo....Volks! My daughter's favourite car! If only I can strike TOTO, would get her one.

    1. Then wait til your daughter working next time then can buy already~

  4. 家里办喜事。。要尽快好起来,顺便扮美美!

  5. Get well soon ok... Was that the car I saw that day at your mum house? The best gift ever right.

  6. WHat a lovely belated Valentine's day present. ;)

  7. volkswagen情人节礼物!!这个太过份了!!!!!!

    好呀!以后开来KL shopping哈哈!!

    1. 没那么夸张吧?不过你老公整天带你们飞这边飞那边,也很好啊!

  8. What a nice belated valentine day's present from your husband!

    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling very well. Hope you will get well soon and have a great time at your brother-in-law's wedding.

    Hope the plan for a gathering in KL to see your friends work out. The photos must have brought back many good memories of Uni days.

    Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks mun! Was still feeling unwell during my BIL's wedding but glad that it was over now~

  9. 早日康复,我觉得你的样子都没有变咧!!

  10. wah, so good lah, you received samples to 扮美美 again!! and all the way to Penang to collect the goodies, errr, why didn't ask them to send to you directly?? but then going to Penang from Taiping also not that far lah, you also have the chance to leave your 輪胎印 on the Penang 2nd Bridge, 歷史的印證!! haha~~ :D

    1. Hehe yea, oh they allow only self-collect so have to go there and redeem lo! If not I also no need to go myself la! But then from Taiping to Penang really not far la, 顺便bring my parents go walk walk lo~

  11. aiyoyo, so sweet dei.. your hubby bought you a new car.. and it's VW woh, so what model is your new car actually?? actually any car also will do lah, as long as it's a free car, right?? so you can always go 街街 with Aden with the new car lah, the air-cond sure nicer right, what a nice idea for the hot weather hor?? :p

    1. Hehe it's Passat.
      Haha yea, new car sure nice eh :p

  12. Hayley, how could you??!! you look exactly the same and no change at all after so many years!! 2005 till 2014, and that's 9 years leh.. you really 駐顏有術 lor, somemore you married and gave birth to a child in these years.. must be because you 天生麗質 and then with the help from all those beauty product samples lah, haha..

    ah, how mice looking back at those old photos right?? and i think you must be laughing at your 打扮 back then, and also you very silly "James Bond gun under the chin" pose right?? muahahahaha :D

    1. Haha where got la! I was so chubby back then! Really cannot accept la!
      Yep, it's funny to look at those old photos, but at the same time so miss the moments!

  13. aiyoyo, must be the weather that made you under the weather lah.. get more rest during these two days lah, and drink more water!! get well soon, and this weekend you gotta be very busy lor.. wow, two weekends berturut-turut you are busy with weddings!! SIL and BIL wedding how come so near to each other geh??

    1. Haha no choice, BIL's wife preggie already so have to omit those pantang larang and get married faster lo!

  14. 我也觉得拿了sample会很开心,可以试试看嘛。今天拿到herbal essence最新的玫瑰和薰衣草洗发水样品,开心一下,呵呵

    白色的volks很美,那白色很适合女孩~ 幸福的靓妈咪!=)


    1. 呵呵对,凡是美容产品我们都开心对吗?;)


  15. Seems you come to Pg quite often eh? Didnt patronize the big bad wolf book fair at Times Square?

    White volks is nice! Such generous and capable hub you have, congratz!!

    1. Nope, just go shopping only, haha!


  16. Hi hayley my dear blogger fren you must get well soon ok and sorry for not visiting your blog recently and LOL about sk's comment about the gun under chin pose

  17. So nice to receive sample products if me i will be very happy also

  18. Looking at your old photographs i must you are getting more and more pretty even wearing specs you still look good

  19. wow, new car! congrats!
    take care..the heat is terrible!

  20. Heee! heee! You sounded like Aunty? I thought once a mummy means an aunty too! You still look like a college student sometimes, depending on your dressing.

    Some bloggers looked like grandmas and grandpas too! I am talking about myself la.

    1. Haha yea also la, become a mummy means becoming an aunty already, even my friend's kids also called me aunty already but I don't mind la!

  21. I am very scared of taking western medicine and would do anything to avoid them. I know my liver has problems now for taking too much western medicine in the past. I would prefer to for for massage, drink black bitter tea and foot reflexology to stay healthy. It is actually so easy to fall sick but also easy to stay healthy. We just need to have a balanced life and think smart. You are definitely a smart blogger! (I am not joking)

    1. Haha thanks for the compliment! But I feel that my immune system weaken ever since gave birth =_=

  22. Wow! You had a wonderful week last week. Look at all those beautiful gifts.

    You still look beautiful and young. No worries. Not like me, getting old and wrinkle. ^_^

    1. Thanks Rose!

      No la you still look good!!

  23. hope you are better now.

    Phewitt! new rides...cooll!

  24. Weather is playing havoc for everyone. I finally succumbed to the flu bug. *ahchoooooo*


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