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Happy Labor Day 劳动节快乐

No photo today, just wanna wish everyone a happy labor day!

I know we don't really celebrate this day but then, I am sure everyone is a labor for something.... Like me, I am a labor for my son, and my hubby, hahaha xD
So we all deserve a break once a while right?

I am not going anywhere, nor I got any special plan, just a dinner gathering with my friends and kids tonight.

What about you?

Hatyai giveaway winners

Hello!! How's your Tuesday so far?
Thank you for participating in my recent giveaway!
Here are the eligible bloggers: 1. ~仪仪妈咪~ 2. Princess Ribbon 3. Angeline BK 4. 美云_小雨 5. SK 6. Somewhere in Singapore 7. 珊姑娘 8. J-Mei 9. mun 10. reana claire 11. J Sky 12. Yannie 13. ahlost 14. 小影 15. Rose 16. Libby 17. Canice Gee 18. chiewmeiwong 19. mNhL
Again, I am using Pick Random apps to determine who are the lucky 2 winners!
First, Rose!
Second, J Sky!
Congratulations to Rose and J Sky
Rose, I already have your email address so just wait for my email ya? J Sky, please leave your email here so that I can contact you!
By the way, I will also post 2 more gifts to another 2 regular commentators of mine, as a token of appreciation of supporting my blog! Will contact you personally ;)
Til then, have a nice day ahead!


Had a simple birthday celebration for my brother earlier this month. He is a health freak hence he prefer to stay home to enjoy mum's yummy meesua soup, and the small birthday cake ;) Oh yea many people commented we look alike ^^

And I bet you know this is my daughter son whom I mentioned he is terrified with haircuts! It's been more than a month since his last quick haircut and I really beh tahan with his long hairs, he sweats easily and I feel hot for him! :p

So after recommendation from a friend that her hair stylist is able to handle tricky toddler like this, I brave myself to visit that hair stylist.  End up, Aden still cried terribly during the haircut.... =_= But luckily that hair stylist is strong enough to hold Aden's head and quickly trim his hair.... In the end we managed to trim Aden's hair quite a lot compared to previous time...... 
I hope this can last at least 2 months, before we go to war again, haha xD He looks like a big boy with this new haircut, a…

Short trip to Hatyai

Sawadeeka from all of us! ;))
For some of you, you may recognize Yannie and Yvonne in the picture. 
Yep, I went for a short trip to Hatyai with my ex colleagues (and their kids) last weekend. I was surprised by Yvonne's whatsapp asking me if I'm interested to join them to Hatyai. Was hesitating a bit in the beginning cause of Aden, but thank God that MIL is willing to look after him while I am away.
So we stayed at Regency Hotel for a night. No photos of the room cause it's very ordinary, nothing to shout about, haha xD
Us inside the tuk tuk!
Weather was scorching hot when we were at Hatyai! But we were thankful that it din't rain at all, trip will become much more inconvenient if it rains, as we needed to walk a lot in Hatyai

Love the night life there, so many things to buy and eat! The crowd was kinda crazy, which is within expectation.... 
Must not forget to take photo with Mr Ronald Macdonald who greet us just at the entrance of Lee Garden Plaza ;)
Hatyai din'…

Aden's Tai Chi dance

Hi guys, my apology as I'm still busy and couldn't blog properly! But I promise to organize a giveaway within this week, and also to share my latest weekend trip. Thanks for still supporting me and comment! <3
Meanwhile, let my son entertain you with his slow mo dancing ^_*

(That's the MV in the HK drama Ruse of Engagement, 叛徒,which has ended last week)

Just to say Hello!

Hello fellow friends, how's your Monday so far? I just got back from a short trip with some friends and man it was tiring! But a fun one I'd say. Still have lotsa unpacking and laundry to do, so shall do a proper update soon! ^_*

Just a short note of saying thank you!

This blouse and 2 sachets of coffee is from wenn, who came back from Italy not long ago
She requested me to show her the blouse so here you go wenn! It fits nicely, thank you once again!!
Candies and keychain from Rose, sorry I was too busy I missed out about it! But thank you again, those candies are nice~
That's the wonder of having blogger friends! ;)

And to my dear readers, stay tune as I will be organizing a giveaway next week! Do keep the comments coming! ^^
Have a great day ahead~

Biomedics 55

I have been a contact lens user for more than a decade now. And all these years I have tried numerous brands of contact lens, Acuvue, Freshkon, GEO, Air Optic, Softlens and other not-so-popular brands, and my experience includes wearing those daily and monthly lens.
For once, I was in love with those colored lens too! I think those lens are very useful cause you can skip the whole make up thing and still looks good! But after reading some articles about how the colored lens are made, I've decided to switch to clear contact lens. I don't want to make any judgement on colored lens, but I  just wanna say I believe the clear contact lens are much safer to wear.
Few months ago, I was exposed to another brand of contact lens, Biomedics 55. Tried a pair and I can feel the difference, compared to those previous brands. It's much more comfortable and less dry to the eyes. I can wear for hours without feeling any discomfort or itchiness or dryness, even in air-conditioned room.

Norton 360 Multi-device

I am sure everyone knows the importance of anti virus protection on computer these days, actually not just computer but also our smartphones and tablets. There're just too many harmful and unexpected dangers lingering around these days.
Well, I am lucky enough to be one of the winner for participating in missyblurkit's giveaway back in January. And I got this Norton 360 Multi-device antivirus CD for free! ;) (Comes just at the right timing since hubby's computer's antivirus crashed few weeks ago)
This is a patented antivirus protection which can also locate lost phones and devices, with 25GB of online backup
Comes with detailed installing instructions and the product key

Basically this is how Norton 360 multi-device protect our devices: 1. Extended Norton protection we can trust. 2. Repels online invaders. 3. Protection from today's and tomorrow's threats. 4. It's never lost!
Again, this is not just for computer but also for smartphones and tablets, it'…

开箱: Michael Kors Navy Tote Bag

Thanks to my generous sponsorship, I got my first Michael Kors tote bag ;) Been eyeing on this design and this size since the last time I saw it at the display cabinet...  近期给自己添了个新包包(谢谢老公 ^^), MK jet set navy small travel tote. 其实也算是一见钟情的包包,尤其是这个深蓝色!我觉得很耐看~我一直都是蓝色爱好者~ 
This is consider the small sized tote but already is large enough for me, the large one seems a bit too big for me. And according to the sales person, this navy color is their best seller bag. 最终决定选小咖的,店员说就只有大咖和小咖两个size,大的我觉得有点太大了,所以还是选了小的,低调点,呵呵~ 而且这个深蓝色也是最好卖的款式~
Love their hanging MK circle logo charm! Made with golden color hardware. Actually I got to know about this US brand through magazine, and ever since then I can see many MK bags walking on the street already, guess this brand is becoming popular in Malaysia~ 很喜欢这个MK雕饰品,就是MK包包的signature~
There's also a key holder inside the tote bag 包包里头有一个钥匙圈,不怕找不到钥匙了!
Inside, there's a zip pocket and an open pocket, with the gold hook 然后就是两个内袋,一个有拉链一个没有,接着就是一个小小的金扣子…

Aden boy: 23 months old

Aden will turns 2 next month, how time flies!! I really miss the newborn him *emo mode on* Anyway, I shall do a quick update on his progress before he turns 2!
1. Aden likes to mimic whatever we do, and by now can understand more instructions like 'cover your ears' (he likes to do this now). We also got him to clean up his toys every time after playing, though sometimes he do it halfway only but I won't give up in involving him to do chores ;) 转眼间Aden就快要两岁咯!虽然很开心看着他一天比一天大,不过心里却很希望他永远是新生儿,乖乖的,呵呵~(当妈妈就是那么矛盾吼?) 最近的他已开始学会了很多新东西,很会模仿我们,很爱跳舞,也开始能够讲更多话了~

2. Likes to play dress up, like wearing our clothes and glasses. He gets very action when he put on the glasses, and whenever we took a photo of him, he'll want to see the photo after that... His vocabs widen quite a lot lately, by now he can recognise all of us and will greet us. He also has good memory of certain things, like the fruit shop we used to go, where the toy machines are in Tesco, where I keep his snacks, even c…