Friday, May 9, 2014

A simple birthday celebration for Aden

We celebrated Aden's first birthday at home last year, invited some close friends and their babies along.

This year, we decided to be a bit low profile celebrate outside, just a simple dinner with the families. Reason being is to avoid the cleaning haha xD 

Anyway, went to Penang on Monday and before my brother boarded the flight to Singapore, he treated Aden and us lunch, and a birthday cake for Aden ;)


Aden: Erm what's going on?

Aden: Eh is that cake for me?

Aden: Oh so it'y my birthday today? Yay!!

My parents and the naughty Aden

The Japanese lady sitting next to us offered to take this photo for us ;) Arigatou~

Time to blow the candles!


Aden: Well I think the candles light are too pretty, let's just leave it like that la!

On the actual day, FIL treated all of us dinner.

I ordered an 1kg chocolate car cake for Aden. Wanted to order a 3D one but in the end, decided to go with the normal one since Aden is too young to differentiate normal and 3D, LOL!

Specially for my birthday boy~

Cheeky boy!

With my loved ones~

With the in laws~

Aden and his new friend, the boss's grandson

Sang song for him and he seems to enjoy that moment very much!

That's our family tees I bought last year from Bangkok

Time to slice the cake and feast on it! Yumz~

Although it wasn't any fancy and grand celebration for the little one, I am thankful enough, as we got to celebrate this day with our loved ones. Living simply makes loving simple!



  1. Lovely post for Aden, Hayley! Happy family gathering is the best...

  2. So far I never plan for a birthday party for my both kids too..Always opt to go for family dinner.

  3. Happy weekend Hayley. Happy Mother's Day to you too

  4. It is nice to know our bloggers are happy and healthy always. You are always sharing your happy travels, shoppings and gatherings with family & friends. Everyone will love to read your blog postings!

    I do miss my childhood days now. My parents never posed so loving with me on my birthdays. So old fashioned - wakakakaka

  5. 看前面几张,真的觉得他长大了!

  6. so fast it's two years and Aden is now 2 years old!! wow, i think i kind of 看著他長大 also lah.. because reading your blog i can see him growing from a baby to now a happy toddler.. am 榮幸 that i also share his growing up with you, though it's kind of virtual but then feels so real also because seems to be seeing Aden on your blog often :)

    1. and his new hairstyle seems kind of suits him lah, this 新潮冬菇頭 makes him looks more cute leh.. and the photos of him with the cake is so adorable dei, Uncle SK like and so want to hug hug him and cubit his cheeks, haha!!! but of course Uncle SK is not 壞叔叔 okay~~ haha!! :D

    2. haha, so cute Aden knows it's his birthday when his uncle bought him the cake with two candles.. hmmm, SR Chocolate Indulgence that is?? that's one of my favorite also leh.. sometimes i passed by the SR kiosk at LRT station, i cannot resists and sure walk over the counter to look at those cakes, fuyoh, very dangerous you know because i love cakes and they all look so good.. but glad that everytime i am able to control myself from buying.. i must tell myself two things : wah, RM10 a piece so expensive and eat already very fattening woh.. this works for me, haha!! :D

    3. haha, yalor, no need to buy expensive cakes lah.. this cake is nice enough though when you mentioned car cake in the previous post, i expect you to get him a real 3D car cake leh.. but you are right also lah, he is still too young to differentiate 3D and 2D, this one nice lah.. last time if i could have this kind of birthday cake, i happy until cannot sleep already and 不捨得 eat also lor, haha!!

    4. nice celebration with family and loved ones lah, actually no need to 大搞, and especially don't do it at home because you will end up being so exhausted doing all the preparation and especially the cleaning up, fuyoh!! 一次過後別搞我了.. go outside one family eat together, sing song together already nice lah.. somemore you are wearing the 親子裝, so nice~~ :)

    5. i like photo #2, #3, #6, #7, #8.. :)

  7. Ooooo....he's so so so so so happy!!! So delightful, makes on feel so very happy just to see the joy on his face. May God bless him with happiness each passing day in his life!

  8. So cute!! I mean the three of you...wearing the same shirts! hahaha.. I like that.. this is what I call Family.. Father, Mother, I love you.. :)

  9. Eh, no picture of the sliced cake ahh? The chocolate cake must be delicious, yummmzzz.. He is a cutie pie, and a lucky baby too, coz mummy doesn't work and takes care of him full time :)

  10. Aden长大了!!!boy boy了!

  11. Hen CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love his smile, look so happy n wanna hug him!!!

  12. Such a happy boy enjoying his celebration. I prefer simple party with family members too......enjoy him while he is still cute and innocent.

  13. 切那么多次蛋糕,好开心的小朋友!

  14. How nicw to see Aden enjoying both the celebrations for his birthday. Simple but very meaningful. Did he eat a lot of cakes for both cakes?

  15. Happy birthday Aden ! So sweet !

  16. He's so cute, happy bithday to him again!!! =]

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Aden. He is getting cheekier and cuter :)

  18. Happy Birthday to Aden. Lovely family Tee that you guys were wearing .

    Happy Mother's day to you, Hayley.

  19. Happy birthday to Aden again! :)

  20. Happy happy happy birthday Aden! :)

  21. Happy Birthday Aden and Happy Mother's Day to you pretty mommy !

  22. A nice birthday celebration. Aden was so happy! :)

    Happy Mom's Day to you too!

  23. 长颈鹿亲子装很可爱!!
    Aden 生日快乐!!

  24. Aden小帅哥 生日快乐!迟来的祝福,祝你快乐长大喔


  25. Happy belated birthday to your little prince. I love to see his priceless smile.

  26. Happy birthday ke ai de aiden!!! So fast! Still remember last time read bout his 1st birthday! Now 2 liao


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