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Thanks to mummy lina, I get to try method products! Have been reading and hearing many reviews about it and now I get to try them for free! ^^

The person in charge Julia is nice and we have been emailing each other on the details regarding the review.
Few days later, I got these 2 lovely boxes delivered to me!

There's a booklet about the brand and it has a wide range of product cater for hands (gel hand wash), body (body wash), laundry (detergent), bathroom (daily spray and cleaner), kitchen (dish pump), floor, surface (glass + surface cleaner) and specialty (wood, steel).
Definitely an ideal brand you can consider for the entire house whole!

And here's what I got from method

juicy pear foaming hand wash

waterfall hand wash

pink grapefruit hand wash

french lavender foaming hand wash

At the back of every bottle is information about the product. method products are non toxic, biodegradable and with no animal testing!

Aden is as happy as his mummy! ;)

I am a clean freak so I am training my son to be like me xD
I make it a habit for him to wash his hands whenever we came back from outside, or after playing his toys, and before bed time. Never underestimate this simple step as a proper hand wash can eliminate germs which will make us ill! 
So I am indeed happy to receive these hand wash as I use hand wash daily!

Rub rub rub...

And wash!

Another thing I love about this hand wash is we only need a small pump and it can create lots of bubbles already! I think a bottle can last very long! =)

And not to forget, the hand wash smells nice! It leaves our hands fragrant too! ^^

You might think great products like this cost a lot but in fact, each hand wash I received above cost less than RM 15!!
Definitely something worth buying!

Now, I am eager to try other method products, I am sure they are good too!

Thank you method Malaysia!

Here's how you can find out more about method:
+603 2094 5655


  1. Replies
    1. You can buy from method Singapore website

    2. Yea, can buy from there!

  2. Next time I am in JB, I try to look for them.

  3. oh, so lucky of you to received two boxes of Method products, and now you have 4 different bottles of hand wash!! wow, juicy pear, waterfall, pink grapefruit and french lavender.. all sound so interesting!!

    1. i received a bottle of handwash and bodywash too from a giveaway competition.. and oh, how i love their packaging, so contemporary, simple and yet colorful.. the bright colors of the products already make people feel like using them!! unlike normal handwash which are mostly white, so dull and boring..

    2. not only 睇得 but the products are also nice to use.. love the scent leaving behind and they are actually quite concentrated meaning just a little bit is enough to clean your hands or body.. ah, very good, save money while everyone enjoys using them because of the scent too.. look at Aden, he must be really enjoying the wash, so that actually gets him to wash his hands more often, more willingly too :p

    3. Yep, all looks nice, cannot wait to try all of them!
      Correct, packaging is important these days, can sure determine the business!
      Aden enjoys washing hands, cause at the same time can play with water, hoho!

  4. Hahahahaha!!! Aden is so cute. Should audition to appear in commercials.

  5. 我们家的小瓜出外回来后就会跑去冲凉,不是我 train 的,我也不知道为什么他们这么喜欢冲凉 =.=

    1. 我家的小侄女也是这样,一回家就要洗脚洗手可以的话就冲凉,但是二侄女就叫她冲凉好像在对牛弹琴这样,总是要骂过才会动画,两个都没有训练过,不知道为什么会差别那么大!!!

    2. 哈哈,这样也很好啊!训练他们爱清洁嘛!

  6. So cute! Aden looks like he really loves the smell!

  7. I'm currently still using the multi-purpose cleaner, very nice.. The hand wash and body shower finished liao.. Hubby also says nice to use :)

  8. 除了好用罐子也很美叻哈哈!

  9. 包装很美,很吸引我!

  10. I can smell the nice scent from the look of it...

  11. I always wash my hands as germs on my hands can make us sick and ill, I am very cleanliness conscious

  12. Looks good. Thanks for sharing though.

  13. Lol ...method again ! Guess you really like the products. Ask Aden to blow bubbles with his soapy hands.

  14. Good products and very safe for small kids

    1. Next time do try the body wash . they have lovely scent

  15. non toxic, biodegradable and with no animal testing!

  16. You are definitely using the best cleansers for a healthier and safer lifestyle now. You will get addicted like me to METHODS! Bagus!

  17. Can smell from here, hehehe...So kua cheong!!!
    I always love the scented smell from lavender... Thanks for sharing METHODS.

  18. How did you get to try them for free? I'm curious. :)

    1. Recommended by a blogger friend lina.

  19. the bottles are so niceeeeeeee... okay.. gonna visit their website now !!

    1. Hope you found something for yourself!

  20. Heard so much about this but never try before....... The bottle very nice and Aden is such a cute model.

  21. Love the Method hand wash too! Milk to the skin but does a lovely task of washing off the oil or smells.

    1. Their hand wash is really good, price is very reasonable too!


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