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Ming Ji's Cuisine (明记美食馆)

Friends and I had a yummy dinner at Ming Ji's Cuisine on Labor Day's eve.
This is my first visit to this restaurant after it's being renovated and honestly, food and environment had improved which makes me worth returning!

(First two photos taken from HERE)
It's a shoplot located opposite the famous Taiping's Siang Malam, which is also located strategically at town area.

Ming Ji's Cuisine serves not only western but also Chinese food, they even have set lunch and other promotions.

Opps my boy looks sleepy here :p

And these are our companion that night~

Cheery and her family

Elie and hers

Annie and hers

Karen and hubby

Now let's take a look at their food shall we?

Fish n chip

Club sandwich

Fish Florentine

Chicken Honolulu

Thai grilled chicken

Chicken Italian

Monte Cristo sandwich

Ming Ji's lamb chop

Black pepper chicken chop

Chicken Parmigiana

Oh this is surely not on the menu, haha xD

Food price range between RM 12 to RM 18 which I think very reasonable. There are still lots of other food which I wish to try!
Service is quite fast, and the boss is pretty friendly too~
Definitely will go back again~

Ming Ji's Cusine (明记美食馆)
36, Market Square, 34000 Taiping, Perak.
Facebook page:


  1. Wow! Lotsa yummy food.

    More visits there in future? :)

  2. I love aden's new hairstyle ! So cute

  3. I like the chicken chop the most!!! =]

  4. looks like a cool place..must look out for that next time.

    1. Yes, must bring your mum there!


  5. Wow ..the food looks really good !

  6. Aden is adorable with his new hairstyle. He sure looks sleepy. What a nice children friendly gathering. The portion of the food looks quite large. RM 18 for the lamb chop is really worth it.

  7. 哈哈,大家的小孩都有留海了!我真的很喜欢看留海的小孩 ^^

  8. Woooahhh.. i miss gather with my friends lor.. but everyone is busy with their own lives so.. only can update from their blogs or some from social media like whatsapp and LINE. still, better than no update at all.. hehehe.. i see good food there <3

  9. I've bene there twice jor. I find the food is very yummy... Some said it is expensive but for me the price is worth it with the fresh dishes they served.

  10. OMG, all the food looks so yummy.. All very ngam with my taste.. Especially the fish florentine & thai grilled chicken.. What sauce is that? I mean that thai grilled chicken? I love creamy sauce, and I think I can wallop another chicken chop too! Teehee..

  11. Not reasonable la the price...if in kl , it will consider as cheap lo. Food so nice presentation. Makan also happier

  12. Aden sure very hapy. Can see his teeth. Straight. Will grow to be very hensem :)

  13. oh, this restaurant looks really new.. errr, i dunno lah, because i have not been to Taiping before and what I have in mind about Taiping are only two things: (1) beautiful and sexy blogger mommies and (2) very old buildings in town from photos I see on FB.. that's why i say i was impressed by this very new, modern and colorful building, call me jakun~~ :p

    1. so nice meeting up with friends.. and all very 幸福 lah, one pair one pair and all with kids (of course except one couple, whom i guess must be always kena 催 by you all right??), sure the whole night chit-chatting about parenthood and the kids right?? of course, shouting and chasing after the kids are also inevitable also i guess :p

    2. wah.. all went for western dishes huh?? so many plates, i guess each one of you ordered a different one from the menu and probably you covered most of the choices available?? i would like to try that Honolulu Chicken, saw the ham and pineapple and they attracts me.. but would be even nicer if they have the pineapple ring grilled, after grilled sure sweeter and nicer :)

    3. yep, i agree, price range RM12-RM18 is reasonable not expensive.. but i protest Aden is not in the menu!! hahaha.. i would like to pick him and then play with him, and then feed him mum-mum~~ but i am not 壞叔叔 okay?? just think he is so cute and i want to play with him only lah~~ haha!! :D

  14. 你真的很好笑,我在那边很认真地看食物,结果看到Aden,哈哈哈!、

  15. I like the Club sandwich. Looks like a big portion but I can finish that.

  16. The foods looks good and also reasonable price...

  17. 最近很爱吃面包,Club sandwich很吸引我哈哈~
    那个Monte Cristo则看起来太简单了啦,ham更多更好 =D

  18. Aden's fringe is getting much shorter, looks cute! haha..

  19. Great food, great friends and nice place

  20. 美食看起來就很好吃的感覺。
    尤其是club sandwich!吸引我 XD

  21. Aden是不是剪短了浏海呢?你的样子更韩味,oba!!!

  22. Ahhh! Another new place to explore! Good to know there are more food choices in Taiping! :)

  23. 食物看起来很不错,而且价格也很大众化~~

  24. Club sandwich! Think that is one sandwich that makes its way into many menus!


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