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Random Saturday

1. Received a gift from Eve as I was the winner of her recent giveaway. Doesn't this looks like a beauty box?
I was indeed happy when I opened the box, cause I love beauty products!

2. Also, received a Rilakkuma file and postcard all the way from Singapore, thanks Libby.

3. My mum's neighbour's dog gave birth to 5 super cute puppies lately! 3 black and 2 brown, soooo cuuuuteee!! Aden likes them as much as I do! How we wish we can bring one back home! ;))

4. Lastly, kisses from Aden and I to you, wishing you all a great weekend ahead! This weekend we got no major entertainment (movies and KTV) here as a respect to our late Perak Sultan, so perhaps will just rest at home la!


  1. Ooooooo, sweet photo of kisses from pretty mommy and cute Aden. You have a good weekend too Hayley!

  2. Hope you like the file and postcard, hee hee!

  3. I love puppies, they are so cute!

  4. I ever used that brand of facial masks before, not bad.

  5. Mintak from your neighbour one, can? Do you have time to care for a pet? If yes then it will be great to give Aden some sense of responsibility of taking care of a pet.. But I wont la as I'm not a dog/cat person.

    1. I just wish, but I don't have the time la, so better not take..

  6. Oooooo....the cute puppies!!!! So small, so nice!

  7. hello Hayley and Aden, hehehe!! 好像和你的兒子很熟那樣.. wah, saw you spamming comments at late night, hehe, are you a 夜貓子 or 貓頭鷹?? but i understand lah, you just have to wait for Aden to go to bed before you can have your personal time doing things..

    1. #1.. wah, this is indeed a very nice gift from Eve!! i believe every woman who received this would scream when they open the wrapper.. i mean this box stuffed with lots of beauty products is just awesome right?? and all in sample size, good for try out, anything that you find suitable and good, you can just go to get one normal size out there.. hmmm, actually you 大大話話 also got a lot of these beauty box huh?? haha, so you tried a lot of products leh.. :p

      #2.. oh so nice of Libby to send you a postcard, and the Rilakkuma folder is cute too, but too bad, it's in pink, hehehe!!

    2. #3.. hahaha, Aden so cute in this photo leh.. he was showing 老鼠牙 as if he got some thoughts in his mind about those cute little puppies.. eih, you didn't ask the neighbour if she wanted to give one to Aden?? aiyoh, would be nice to let a pet dog growing up with Aden leh.. i remember last time i got a puppy at age 4 or 5 like that, i always played with him and then he grew up with me de.. my dog died at age 17, i was so sad.. 17 for dog is like 100 years in man's age leh.. but then think twice if you want a pet dog lah, make sure you are able to take care of it for its entire life.. my thought is just simple, to let Aden have a playmate only, or better still you give Aden a brother or sister!! kekekekeke~~

      #4.. you have a great weekend too.. errr, i think if your weekend is spent with your loved ones, no matter what you are doing also consider a good time right?? cannot go for movies of KTV, then go Taiping Lake Garden lah~~ :)

    3. Haha, both also not :p
      Yala, have to wait Aden sleep then only can blog..

      Haha yep, I received quite a lot of these beauty boxes, and don't mind if more is coming ;)

      Hmm, don't want la, in laws here got 2 dogs already, cannot afford to keep more, see enough ;)

  8. 这礼物打包得真棒!!!

  9. Loves the puppies, they are soooooo cute...

  10. Wow ada present.. hehe.. nice weekend ya! :)

  11. 哇,礼物很丰富一下哦!!
    周末很快就过去了,明天又要做工了 ><

  12. Wow .... what a lucky day for you !

  13. Ahhh love that photo with Aden looking super cheeky with the puppies!!!

  14. Eve给你简直就是beauty box嘛!好棒哦!

    1. 我还担心不是很大方呢!!谢谢哦!

    2. 不会啦,很大方咧!

  15. 可以媲美市场上的美妆盒,这份礼物应该称之为Eve box。

    1. 哈哈,Eve box! 赞!!!

    2. 哈哈,Eve Box, 不错哦!

  16. 哈咯,終於回來看你的更新了,哈哈。

    1. 回来就好,呵呵~



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