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Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

From imdb
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci
Same director, but a total whole new casts, that's something which makes me not so keen to watch this installment (though I love all the previous installments), but I watched in anyway, since someone paid for the movie tickets to accompany my boss ;)
(sorry for the spoiler ahead but I decided to post them anyway :p)
1. I love the transformation of the Autobots (from car to transformer and vice versa), I always love to watch how they transform, of course all are assisted by CG and technology but I just love it! ;) 2. I'm surprise to see some familiar Hong Kong celebrities as guests appearance towards the end. 3. The movie is too lengthy (almost 3 hours). I can see lots of patrons walked in and out during the show time (for bathroom trips I guess). 4. Fighting scene is a bit messy and confusing.  But there're a lot of different autobots and transformers in this installment, my favorite is still Bumb…

Our Friday

Drove Aden around town as usual............ 

.... and end up having brunch at Sushi King. This boy was so naughty playing with the sauce and left the table so messy and dirty! I hope the management won't blacklist us next time :p

Ordered a kid set to share, as well as some other rice-based sushi (not in the photo) 

Itadakimasu, but first let us take a selfie :p 

After the brunch we walked around Taiping Sentral mall and saw this play area for kids.... Paid RM 5 to let Aden played for a while... 

Aden loves ball! 

And today we welcome home brother-in-law's newborn princess! Now Aden has a cousin sister to play with already ;) 

And now, time for a nap, wishing you guys a happy weekend!! See ya next week~

L'Oreal men expert BB moisturizing gel

(Yep another skin care-related post :p)
I received a tube of L'Oreal BB moisturizing gel 2 weeks back and asked hubby to try it on the very same day ;) You see, hubby is not very keen on skin care but I have been pestering him to at least use a facial foam to remove all the dusts and dirts from the skin, as he works outside everyday. 
I think skin care is not limited to just woman these days, I can see lots of men have started to get serious on skin care and I actually find it important, as all of us aged (no exception), and the environment these days have bring lots of hazard  to our skin. More over, there're lots of skin care brands which sell men products nowadays!
And now with this moisturizing gel, hubby has another step to do everyday after his shower xD
It's said to be an instant skin fixer!
Comes with detailed information and instruction
This is how the tube looks like, black in color, cool huh? :p
Each tube is 50ml, retailing at RM 35.90 at major pharmacies, very…

Osmanthus eye mask

Basically I love any beauty products, for the face, skin and even the eyes. 
I am always aware about the importance of eye care thus it has become part of my skincare regime which I carry out daily. Apart from daily-use eye cream, I do invest on eye mask. There's no specific brand which I love, simply because I love trying out different types of eye mask.
This is the latest eye mask I have tried, and am still using.  Osmanthus natural eye care, it has a total of 60 pieces.

Labels are in Chinese and Korean, each piece is for one-time use only.
If you look in the bottle, there's lots of essence and small petals of Osmanthus (金桂花)
And this is how the eye mask looks like, every piece of the mask is soak in rich Osmanthus essence, and is very thin which the essence can penetrate deep into the skin!
Helps to reduce eyebags, fine lines, dark circles and at the same time, sooth tired and dry eyes

And you know this mask is suitable for both man and woman, it's totally affordab…

Happy weekend/周末愉快!

Wednesday 18th

Nothing special is happening lately so you will probably read a lot of random posts like this, from me ;)
How was your Father's Day? I din't managed to celebrate with my daddy, nor celebrate for hubby as I was sick that day :( But I managed to snap some photos of father-and-son's bonding fun.
Aden likes to kacau his daddy whenever he sees daddy playing with iPad. I asked Aden to kiss daddy here but he just din't bother =_=
Later, I snapped this, seems like 2 good friends playing iPad together xD
Well, no kisses for the daddy but at least he's willing to share his small piece of bread with him, while sitting on daddy's tummy playing horse ride, LOL!

On a side note, I am feeling much better already but still with mild cough. Thanks for the concern you have left previously, everyone must take good care too ya! Weather is getting terrible!
But poor Aden is down with fever and runny nose :(

Hmm, despite being sick, he's still that active and naughty, look at hi…

Getting better.........

Hello guys!

If you read my previous post, I mentioned that weather is super hot here in Taiping, everyday it's more than 38'C, no kidding! And with this kinda weather, people with poor immune system (like myself) fall sick easily!

So, I had a terrible terrible sore throat, fever and flu on Saturday evening, I guess things started to become worse after the shower I took on that evening, as I was feeling ok during the day.
I got no energy to do anything but just to lie on bed.
It was late at night when I finally able to get up and visit the clinic, thank God I can still find one which is opened!

Doctor said I had a red and very swollen throat but he said it's not tonsillitis. Prescribed me some medicines and asked me to drink lots of lots of water.

I was bedridden for almost 2 days, in fact I think I sleep the most these 2 days, haha! Thanks to the in laws for looking after Aden and brought him out.

Now, I am recovering. Fever subsided (I hope) and still with mild sore throa…

So hot!

Weather is so hot and stuffy at Taiping these few days, so scorching hot that I feel I discover that I get sunburn through the car window!!
I realize that Taiping's weather is kinda crazy, when it rains, it rains everyday, but when it's hot, it's hot everyday! Can easily tell by looking at the water level at lake garden =_="
Was Google-ing something and I found out there's something called the heat jokes: 1. Which is faster, heat or cold? Heat, because you can catch a cold!
2. How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it!
3. What are the 2 seasons in Arizona? Hot, and hotter.
So hot even Aden prefers to sleep on the floor!!
Anyway, this kinda weather makes me really sleepy and don't feel like doing anything... I might just rest now :p
Wishing you guys a great weekend!

Stay fit and healthy!

Are you an exercise-person? I know a few bloggers who loves exercising, like lina, Yannie and ChrisAu. Some do it with a purpose to lose weight, some do it because it's a hobby ;)
Actually I am an exercise-freak, I enjoy almost any kind of exercise, but my top favorite are Yoga and jogging ;)
When I was studying last time, I used to go jogging very frequently, I din't run fast but I jog for long, about 40-60 mins non stop. Heart beating fast but I love this kinda feeling.
Before I resigned from my job 2 years ago, I made sure I attended Yoga lesson at least twice a week, I would speed on the road and rush to the Yoga center even though I was late, because I just don't feel like skipping it.
And when I was pregnant with Aden, I went for evening walk at Taiping lake garden 4-5 times week (sometimes depends on the weather also la) even though the baby bump was growing bigger, and some said it was kinda dangerous since I went alone, but I would feel uncomfortable if I don'…

Short weekend trip down South

Ello! How are you guys doing?
I was away to KL during the weekend-holiday, intended to recharge my battery but end up, I became more tired due to the lack of sleep and the driving, LOL!
Anyway, we did enjoy this short trip. 
Brought Aden to Mid Valley to see Transformer..
But looks like he wasn't so excited with them.... =_=
But his mummy loves this Bumble-Bee a lot!! Malls were super crowded la~
It was so hot over there at PJ! After our shopping we still have time in the evening so I brought Aden to the swimming pool at brother-in-law's condo.
Din't pack his swimming suit along so have to wear his usual pant ;)
He enjoyed this dog ride~
Looking excited with his new fedora ;)
I did very little shopping this time, mostly are for Aden. But I did something which I have long for......
... Saturday night out at Movida, Sunway Giza ;) Thanks to the in laws for looking after Aden while hubby and I went out.
That's all for today, got to resume my duty as a mummy now~

Hand washing, the method way

Remember the method products review I've blogger about HERE? Well, this is a short additional blog post to that post, mainly to show the difference between the foaming hand wash and the derived gel hand wash.
Juicy pear foaming hand wash
When it's pump out, it's already in foam type
Whereas for the naturally derived gel hand wash....
.. is in gel type. Of course both are equally good to me, anyway I think Aden prefers the foam type as it creates more foam and bubble when washing hands, he sure loves bubbles!
method Malaysia is having the clean happy contest! And it's very easy to enter: 1. Share this post. 2. Share you messy kid story and post a photo of your messy kid on their FB page.
They'll pick 5 of the messiest as winners and reward them with a method Clean Happy kit (worth RM 50) to help clean up the mess. Contest ends 6th June, so hurry! ;)
Here's how you can buy their products online, Contact number: 603 2094 56…