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Stay fit and healthy!

Are you an exercise-person? I know a few bloggers who loves exercising, like lina, Yannie and ChrisAu. Some do it with a purpose to lose weight, some do it because it's a hobby ;)

Actually I am an exercise-freak, I enjoy almost any kind of exercise, but my top favorite are Yoga and jogging ;)

When I was studying last time, I used to go jogging very frequently, I din't run fast but I jog for long, about 40-60 mins non stop. Heart beating fast but I love this kinda feeling.

Before I resigned from my job 2 years ago, I made sure I attended Yoga lesson at least twice a week, I would speed on the road and rush to the Yoga center even though I was late, because I just don't feel like skipping it.

And when I was pregnant with Aden, I went for evening walk at Taiping lake garden 4-5 times week (sometimes depends on the weather also la) even though the baby bump was growing bigger, and some said it was kinda dangerous since I went alone, but I would feel uncomfortable if I don't sweat. It feels like something is missing.
And I don't mind to go up and down the staircases too!

And now, though I said I am busy looking after Aden, and that I am feeling tired almost everyday, I'll still attend the Yoga class 3-4 times a week (Thank God I have a very helpful mother and mother in law to look after Aden while I go Yoga).
I also enjoy doing daily house chores no matter how tired I am. I just love the feeling of sweating!!

Did you know apart from staying fit and losing weight, exercise can helps reduce stress, boost happy chemicals, alleviate anxiety, boost brainpower, sharpen memory, increase relaxation and improve self-confidence?

So what's the excuse to say NO to exercise? :p

Time for Yoga now! Namaste~


  1. i'm no gym freak but i do like dancing & taking walks in gardens (((:

  2. 我从小到大一点都不喜欢运动
    不过我现在最多也是跑30分钟跑步机而已 =.=

    1. 呵呵,真的,不管喜不喜欢,为了健康,还是得去尝试啦!

  3. No excuse. Lazy only, hehehe so I never exercise. Just do normal walking around the mall. Hahaha. Not consider exercise hor. My email address is zhengmun2 at gmail dot com.

    1. Haha, that won't burn so much fats la!

  4. Good that you like to exercise. Do keep it up!

  5. Keep it up... stay young and healthy! :P

  6. Yes, exercise has a lot of benefits and you mentioned that already. To me, most importantly, it makes me feel good! In fact, I have been working out non-stop since last monday , except sat. Not a freak but I just ...hmm..addicted to the feel good feeling. :)

  7. 我觉得走楼梯是很不错的运动,至少没有时间特意去运动也可走楼梯当作小运动~运动流汗的感觉很好!我现在只能原地运动而已啦哈哈。

  8. Good for you. :-)

    I don't think I can ever call myself an exercise freak. Too lazy! Lol

    1. LOL, you are too humble la mak lina!

  9. I am too lazy to exercise but I know exercise is good for health

  10. 我要面壁了。现在都没有运动了,以前还会去瑜伽的😖

  11. yeah, i think among the bloggers i know.. Lina and Yannie and ChrisAu are probably the more active ones huh?? Lina runs outdoor races, Yannie runs on treadmills in the gym and ChrisAu works out in the gym.. and actually you also go Yoga class mah right??

    1. yes, it's definitely good if we can maintain regular exercises in our daily routine.. i have always read from articles and heard on radio, we don't necessary have to do intense exercise, but light ones also would be sufficient.. for example, stroll for 30 minutes a day is already a good exercise.. but of course, if we can do more intense ones, that would be even better.. :)

    2. i think besides yoga, taking care of Aden is one intense "exercise" for you also huh?? hahaha.. i wonder if you have to always run to chase him or stop him from doing something?? or at least you have to carry him, then do housework etc etc at home.. those are all exercise lor.. hmmm, no wonder so 苗條 lah~~ haha!!

    3. by the way, i think the most important thing about exercise is to stay healthy and stay fit lah.. don't think too much about being slimmer, losing weight that much, because if you keep thinking about these two things, you get yourself more stressed up only, haha!! so, we exercise for our health, that's it.. happy exercising everyone!! :)

    4. Yes, I attend yoga class weekly.

      Exercising is indeed important.
      LOL, yes looking after him is also a good form of exercise, but that kinda sweat is different from the sweat from Yoga de, the latter one is more satisfied and, proper, haha!

      苗条? Where got la!!

  12. When I was pregnant with Ethan, I go for daily walk twice a day. With Ayden I went swimming weekly. Until today, I'll make sure I get my daily walk in the park with Ayden tagging along :)

  13. SK and I are very regular to gyms but too shy to brag. Just look at SK's muscles and our eyes will go big. We used to hit the same gym but never talked cos we only met once. Now I have crossed to another FF chain of gyms, we talk more.

    I am a staunch supporter of healthy lifestyles in anyway be it running, swimming or yoga. However I think yoga is the best as it helps to unwind & untangle all our internal organs which is very important to prevent many deadly sickness and stress. You should blog more about the importance of yoga to create awareness.

    1. I know you are like that, from the way you blog, haha!

      Importance of Yoga? Hmm, I did that before, but may be will blog again, hehe!

  14. Hmm, didn't know you are an exercise freak wor.. But I know you are into yoga la, heard you mentioned a few times already.. I'm not an exercise person.. If I've gained some weight, I will starve for a few days, haha.. Ya I know not good, and not the correct way..

    1. Hehe, I enjoy exercise, it feels good ;)
      Huh? Like that memang no good leh!

  15. 我是年纪越大越懒惰!!!

  16. excuse. Just lazy...and always online. Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. I can say too that exercise made me happier! Especially Zumba! Too bad I haven't been to a Zumba class since I left my last job... :(

  18. 自从上次骨痛热症很严重时,我老公叫我不要去跑步(担心草场有蚊子),所以我都停止了运动,希望很快可以再运动啦!

    1. 好的,希望你如愿以偿啦!

  19. it has been years i never do exercise...

  20. Yay! High 5 to you, Hayley. I love sweating all out every day. If i have time, I don't mind exercise twice a day. For eg. swimming in the morning, running in the evening, or running in the morning, hiking in the evening. I just feel good when body get warm out and drench totally in sweat.

    I agree exercise is good for health, look and mind too.

    1. High 5, I know we both love exercise!

  21. Nowadays I try to do some aerobics via youtube...yesterday did half an hour and was sweating profusely for the first time this year!! Lol.... And last night I slept throughout the night peacefully...i thinki I shoukd make it a point to do it two or three times weekly... (Hopefully)

    1. Hope your wish can materialise!!

  22. i've lost 7Kgs...and keep going :)

  23. 我把每天把来回car park及家的路程当运动 :P *是啦,我就是懒 :( *

  24. me? no excuse...saja lazy ....LOL

    It's good that you are staying fit

  25. I love the serenity and calm of yoga but my body is soooo stiff! I can't even touch my toes!


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