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First visit to Zoo Negara

So we brought Aden to Zoo Negara last Monday, picked a weekday on purpose to avoid huge crowd...  Here's some photos taken~
See, not many people, no need 'pack sardine'! :p It was about 12pm, the hottest hour!! 
After getting our tickets and map, it's time to start our 'sun bath' session! Let's go!
First stop, butterfly garden/insect center. Very nicely maintained!
Big and small and all kinds of butterflies flying freely!
Aden is sure the happiest person that day!

No tripod, no other people around, so cannot take a proper family photo... 
Giraffes in the Savannah Walk, very big size!
Then we came to the Tunku Abdul Rahman lake where we see hundreds of storks! Some looks quite scary though (like this one)
The man who sponsors the trip, my dear brother <3 (Aden took this picture, by the way ^^)
Yes, since the storks are running around freely around us, Aden was kinda scared by them....
But luckily they are not aggressive.... They even made way for us to w…